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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundles incoming

For Japan at least.

With the orient still not saturated with Monster Hunter goodness, Sony unveils 3 new PSP bundles for fans of the series who have the cash. Hmm.. another MH-themed PSP, who else in Japan doesn’t have one or at least a copy of the game (umm lol?) or even still lack both O_O. It’s Monster Hunter country. Release those damn units overseas!

The bundle will include a PSP-3000 themed in either black and red, blue and white and “Blossom Pink.”

In any case, after drooling over the black and red (or the Blossom Pink if that’s your thing lol), I have to sum it up. All three units go on sale on February 17, and will retail for ¥19,800 (USD$240).

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