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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundles incoming

For Japan at least. With the orient still not saturated with Monster Hunter goodness, Sony unveils 3 new PSP bundles for fans of the series who have the cash. Hmm.. another MH-themed

Capcom: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ships 3 million units

Capcom’s current cash cow Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (that’s the PSP version of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii) has reached an epic milestone for both the company and the game franchise.  The game

New trailer proves Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is awesome!

Was there even any doubt? This trailer fresh from TGS simply proves the point that the upcoming Monster Hunter title for the PSP will be awesome!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd confirmed for the PSP

And while we’re all waiting for the US release of Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom decided to make us fans drool even more with a press release confirming the next Monster Hunter PSP game due

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