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K-On! second season incoming

Looks like it’s going to be a good year for anime. After the announcement of a new Geass project, here comes news of K-On!’s second season Although there’s no “official” announcement as of yet,

Limited Edition Evangelion Fender Guitars

Fender really knows how to give otakus a treat as a set of limited edition statocaster and telecaster electric guitars with the enigmatic Rei Ayanami painted over them goes on sale a few days

Meri Kurisumasu from Atma Xplorer

A bright and happy holiday greetings to everyone from Atma Xplorer. It’s the 25th and yes, and I know I should be resting but I’m still here answering your PSP-related problems! Thanks

Square-Enix accepting Final Fantasy XIV BETA applications

Wow! SE has opened Final Fantasy XIV to beta testers (for the PC at least).  You can send your applications to access the Final Fantasy XIV beta via this sign up page.

Install PSP Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3

Then GEN team pushes another update, to it’s popular CFW, 5.50 GEN-D3 that introduces several bugfixes from the previous releases as well as introduces better compatibility for games and plugins. Do note that 5.50

Install PSP Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C via ChickHEN R2

True to their word, the GEN Team has now released Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C. It’s an update to their existing line of 5.03-based firmwares (5.03 GEN-A and 5.03 GEN-B) that will allow you

Head to Head: PSP-3000 vs PSP Go

With a new PSP in the market you may be wondering which of the current models is a better option, hence a head-to-head: PSP-3000 vs PSP Go. Is the flash memory equipped PSP Go a

New Geass Project incoming

Looks like I’ve stuck my head with my work for too long to have passed this info for too long. A new Geass project is in coming. Is it a new series?

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