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Limited Edition Evangelion Fender Guitars

Fender really knows how to give otakus a treat as a set of limited edition statocaster and telecaster electric guitars with the enigmatic Rei Ayanami painted over them goes on sale a few days ago via auction. The price tag?
$85,000 for the all to famous telecaster and $100,000 for the stratocaster. I’m pretty sure having seen this, most Evangelion die-hard fans simply stopped and drooled (including me of course).

These beauties were built by Fender’s Senior Master Builder, Yuriy Shishkov. My hat’s off to him as these are simply two of the most beautiful (and pricey) guitars I’ve ever seen.

Now if the telecaster or the stratocaster (or their respective prices :D) aren’t your taste, then maybe this cute haruhi guitar is for you!

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