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How to capture screenshots on your PSP

Now that you’ve installed custom firmware on your PSP, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it right? How about taking screenshots on your PSP? Interested? Keep on reading πŸ˜€


Important: Updated guide to accommodate Hen users.
Important: Updated guide to accommodate PSP Go users.

How to install Screen Capture on your PSP

  • Extract the Screencapture pack anywhere on your computer
  • Connect your PSP to your PC and check if there is a seplugins folder on the root of your memory stick.
  • If you don’t have a seplugins folder, copy the seplugins folder to the root of your memory stick as shown below
  • screenshot psp

  • If you have an seplugins folder, check if you have these 3 files inside it:
    • Copy screenshotbmp.prx from the seplugins from the folder you’ve extracted to the seplugins folder on the root of your memory stick
    • Go to the seplugins folder and open these files:
    • [sourcecode language=”css”]

    • On each file add the line:
    • [sourcecode language=”css”]
      ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx 1

    • If you have a PSP Go, use this line instead:
    • [sourcecode language=”css”]
      ef0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx 1

    • If you don’t have any of those 3 files mentioned above, just copy the ones from the seplugins folder you’ve just extracted
  • If you’re running a PSP with a full CFW (5.00 M33, 5.50 GEN-D3):
  • Turn off your PSP
  • Enter the recovery menu (if you’re not on chickHen, hold the R button when turning on your PSP
  • Go to plugins and enable the screenshotbmp.prx where you want to use it
    [sourcecode language=”css”]
    game = inside a PSP game
    pops = inside a POPS loader game/ PSX game
    vsh = on your XMB
  • Restart your PSP (either manually or using the option to restart in the recovery menu
  • If you’re running a PSP with Hen: (5.03 GEN-C, 6.20 TN-C, 6.31 Hen, 6.35 Hen, 6.35 PRO-A):
  • Press select to enter the VSH Menu
  • Select the option to restart Hen
  • Once you’re back on your PSP’s XMB. Press the note button and you should see your PSP’s screen inverting it’s colors (you’ll know it when you see it). This is the screenshot plugin working.
  • Go to Photos on your XMB and you should see your screenshot

The images below were taken with this plugin. It’s my character on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite πŸ˜€
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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  1. silkenhut Allen July 5, 2009 Reply

    great guide. I always wondered how they make those screenshots.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 5, 2009 Reply

      Thanks. For me though, I was wondering why I didn’t post this quite a while back πŸ˜€

  2. gavin-intnet RevengerX July 5, 2009 Reply

    thnxx alotttt for this tut it workk greatt on my psp 5.00m33-6

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 5, 2009 Reply

      Glad to be of help πŸ˜€ I’ll be posting some more of the useful homebrew apps so be sure to subscribe via RSS πŸ˜€

  3. abbottpotter pumice July 6, 2009 Reply

    so how can I capture screenshot if I’m running chickHEN on my PSP?
    or should I try it first before loading the chickHEN?

  4. ron.delrosario Ron July 8, 2009 Reply

    Woot, longsword user! πŸ˜€ Just upgraded to unite din. πŸ˜€

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 9, 2009 Reply

      Meet tayo para sa adhoc session minsan πŸ˜€

  5. juhdee-93 Flare Star July 20, 2009 Reply

    Hmm… This’ll be even more interesting when a video recorder for PSP appears.

  6. asdasdoi999qw782 Zeidrich July 26, 2009 Reply

    Ui sylv3rblade!!!! Mas maganda ba ang quality nito kaysa sa Freecheat na screenshot???

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 26, 2009 Reply

      di ko pa nagagamit un pero simple lang kasi to πŸ˜€ I’ve been using the plugin since I got my first PSP.

  7. asdasdoi999qw782 Zeidrich July 27, 2009 Reply

    ahh ok salamat!

  8. navin_321 iLearnEvrySec August 2, 2009 Reply

    now i fkin understand what it means by “adding the line” to vsh.. i was so confused about this untill now,, thank you very much for this..r u a girl? if u are then u must be smart..

  9. bitch_moongrrl che September 12, 2009 Reply

    hi, just would like to clarify πŸ™‚ so if im on chickHen running 5.00m33-6, i follow everything and just skip the turn off and recovery menu steps? i can go straight to L+note key?

  10. benjamin_patcho pein, October 16, 2009 Reply

    uhmm, panu po kumuha ng screenshot??

  11. slisjack slisjack November 19, 2009 Reply

    Let’s say I want to change the sub folder that the pics end up in, how do I go about doing that?

  12. zythe_sly zythe November 24, 2009 Reply

    i have chikhen an cfwenabler on my psp3000. it doesnt seem to work. i did everything in the instructions except the turning it off part. help please.

  13. shivujagga Shivansh January 6, 2010 Reply

    if sumoe has 5.xx via chickHEN: THEN DO the FOLLOWING:–

    1. Create a file named – CXMB – on the root of ur memory stick and place just the .prx file in it.

    2. create or copy the seplugins folder on the root of ur memory stick.

    3. create .txt document’sss named- game, vsh and pops

    4. write the following in those 3 folders-ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx 1

    5. 1 means that they have been enabled

    6. ensure that that the .prx file is also in the seplugins folder.

    7. when done press the note key and u will see that the picture is being saved.

    8. Note key is on the left side of select key…….

    • kathy-rollo kathy_rollo February 9, 2010 Reply

      Thanks for the useful post! Works like a charm in 5.03 GEN-C via ChickHEN R2. πŸ™‚

      For you guys out there, download this easy screencapture pack:

      Everything has already been set. Simply copy the contents of the folder to the root of your memory stick (MS:\) and snap away!

  14. chicocoolthecoolone chico May 14, 2010 Reply

    hey kathy i followed every thing u said i use chicken it still doesnot work

  15. chicocoolthecoolone chico May 14, 2010 Reply

    oh and i turn my psp off connecting in to a computer it won`t connect if i have my chicken on my version is 5.03 with hack m33-6

  16. immanjbc iL May 29, 2010 Reply

    hi, i used this plugin a long time (in capturing gameplays)…

    but i wonder if i can capture shots on the vsh itself. so it happened that i read this article and got interested.

    In the end, yes, the plugin worked on the games, but not the on the vsh. Is it i press another button or else? please help. Have the Firmware 5.03 GEN-C (FULL) via chickHEN

  17. sleepingheart14 batista February 13, 2011 Reply

    i would like to ask if you a configuration 5.03 prome? tnx!

  18. jedzz00 Jed February 20, 2011 Reply

    Hi, i followed all ur instructions but still with no good result. I’m running CFW TN Hen-C. Nothing happen every time i hit the NOTE (?) button on my PSP. I restared the VSH Menu and hit the ? button and nothing happens. Can u tell me if i’m doing something wrong. Hope to hear u soon! A gazillion thanks!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 20, 2011 Reply

      Are you on a PSP Go or a regular PSP? Please check if you have the right storage code (ef0 for PSP Go, ms0 for regular PSPs)

  19. jedzz00 jed February 21, 2011 Reply

    Hi sir, i have a PSP 2003 running CFW TN Hen – C and a prometheus ISO loader. I followed the code for regular PSP and it really didn’t work. T____T

  20. jedzz00 jed February 21, 2011 Reply

    Hi, just wanna ask if the screenshotbmp.prx is only 5kb size? Your download link is not working. I wanted to try to redownload it and it may fix the prob. Please send me the file to my email if possible. My email is [email protected]. Thanks!

  21. kadej_R kadej_R April 14, 2011 Reply

    Hi, Nice tutorial : ) cheers for that

  22. yukiruchan yukiru April 26, 2011 Reply

    I followed your instructions but the note button still mutes/unmutes when I press it and I don’t get a screenshot.

    PSP GO using 6.35 PRO-A4
    I checked all the files and they’re all ef0
    I chose RESET VSH after pressing select. I also tried restarting and running fastrecovery again.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 26, 2011 Reply

      Odd, please post the contents of the game.txt file

  23. ridho.hacker ridho013 June 11, 2011 Reply

    whoa. . . .
    thx a lot
    its working

  24. kiura kiura July 1, 2011 Reply

    I’ve been looking all over for this !! THANK YOU!

  25. drizzleofheaven Telly August 13, 2011 Reply

    Where are the pics saved?

    • drizzleofheaven Telly August 13, 2011 Reply

      I just found out that captured pics don’t appear in my PSP but they do appear when I open the ‘Photo’ folder in my computer.

      • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 14, 2011 Reply

        They’re under the Photos section on your PSP’s XMB.

  26. zerotwoeleven red September 7, 2011 Reply

    Pare d gumagana saken? I’m using 6.20 PRO-B5

    I already copied all the files in the spelugins folder into my seplugins in my PSP. I added the line ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx to every txt file (game, vsh, pops) pero wala parin eh… and what do you mean reset HEN, walang reset HEN option, ang meron lang ay: CPU Clock XMB, CPU clock game, USB Device, UMD ISO MODE, Recovery Menu, Shutdown Device, Suspend Device, Reset Device, Reset VSH… PLS REPLY ASAP!!

  27. zerotwoeleven red September 7, 2011 Reply

    forgot to tell you pare, may cwcheat pala naka lagay sa seplugin folder ko at may isang txt file nakalagay (game150.txt). tapos ko na na reset VSH, when i press the note key walang nangyari…

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 7, 2011 Reply

      ah my bad.. inedit ko ung page and hinde ko naktia ung typo. It should be

      ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx 1

      may 1 sa dulo since un ang status ng plugin. Will update the page.

      • asdf red September 25, 2011 Reply

        may space ba pagkatapos ng prx_1? or prx1 lang… na try ko po kaso wala parin

  28. macky_mk1 akocmacky September 9, 2011 Reply

    be carefull when updating pro-b lcfw. this one made my psp brick. i forgot to disable the plugin when updating the permanent patch, accidentally press the note key…..

  29. theomarangelo angelo alvarado December 19, 2011 Reply

    wow… so cool!!! pwede po ba magtanong kung compatible siya with CFW 5.50 GEN-D3?

  30. sui.getsu Chizuna January 1, 2012 Reply

    uhm..does it work on 6.39 firmware? thanks

  31. matthew57841 Chuck57841 February 24, 2012 Reply

    Works on my PRO B-8 6.39 on a PSP 1000

  32. brionesbrenda Kenshin February 24, 2012 Reply

    does this work on 6.35 Pro-B5
    PSP 3000

  33. brionesbrenda Kenshin April 3, 2012 Reply

    It doesn’t work in my XMB

  34. adit2407 rhenz April 15, 2012 Reply

    uhm sir, i’ve got a problem here…i use 5.50 M33…now, im in recovery mode, when i enter the Plugins, there’s just screenshotbmp.prx (Enable) but the instruction isn’t like that..can you help me please?

  35. sampuuhtski15 cottoncandyFRIZZ April 30, 2012 Reply

    It doesn’t work on 5.50 prome-4. Help? I followed all your instructions…

  36. ce.arnado Polly November 17, 2012 Reply

    does this work on 5.03 Prome-3? Thanks

  37. crazy.about.sakto Aviva Domasian December 1, 2012 Reply

    Works perfectly on 6.39 Pro C. Thanks! I was wondering, though, could the screenshot plugin cause a corruption of data? A few days ago I took a screenshot of my home screen and all the data got corrupted right after.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 1, 2012 Reply

      Hmm not sure but it’s better not to risk it. I’ll update this post (or create a new one) with new plugin.

  38. 123abc Wombo!LOL December 4, 2012 Reply

    Bat sakin prang matagal yung pag capture? nag biblink lng ng mabilis yung bilog sa left side. :/

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 5, 2012 Reply

      In practice, matagal talaga yung capture, makikita mong magnegative yung kulay ng screen then you have the image saved sa PSP. Will update the post with a different plugin.

  39. st3f_2294 uBlinked December 15, 2012 Reply

    is it possible to change the button for the screenshot? if yes, how?
    My note button is having issues :S
    It’s taking screenshots by itself, and sometimes my PSP freezes

  40. fajartribuana90 fajar December 29, 2012 Reply

    what about in psp E100X a.k.a psp street? there is no note button. Help please

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