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StarCraft II’s Epic Teaser

I’ve been a Starcraft fan for the longest time, and the screenshot below is one of the most breathtaking (I’m a zerg player btw) scenes I’ve seen.  Stuck on a defensive ledge with limited

Sega unveils a new Phantasy Star Portable Trailer

Sega’s upcoming, PSP-exclusive Phantasy Star Portable is the next iteration of the Phantasy Star Series, one of the rare RPGs that developed quite a following.  It’s a direct follow up to Phantasy Star

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.59 map (with DoTA 6.59 changelog)

Official Dota Allstars 6.59 Released : January 28, 2009 Filesize : 3.22 MB There’s been a massive overhaul in DoTA 6.59, so be sure to read the changelog. Download links and Changelog after the

PSP going for Carnival Colors

The previous announcement of two new colors for the PSP, Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue wasn’t the last of it. Sony has just announced two more colors for it’s limited edition line.

Console prices to drop in 2009: PS3 and 360

A market prognosticator of the Video game market Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan sees a 360 price drop and ps3 price drop this 2009 to boost sales in wake of the economic crisis. From an

PSP Games to look forward to in 2009

2008 was a slow year for the PSP, not in terms of sale but rather, the number of titles actually shelling your money out for. Aside from God of War, Crisis Core and

Rumor: DSi US release date and price

Rumor: DSi US release date and price

Yep, the Nintendo DSi has been building up a storm in Japan for quite awhile being the envy of non-Japanese speaking DS fans.  While there has been no official statement on release date from

Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide

The Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide is part of the Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide for the PlayStation Portable and a branch of the Dissidia Translation Guide.  There’s so many abilities to be listed down

Sony unveils two new colors for the PSP

Happy New Year and Sony is giving Asia a new year bash with two new colors for the PSP.  SCE Asia is set to release these units on January 15. The new PSP-3006s will come

Restaurant City Daily Food Quiz Answer Sheet

Restaurant City has been taking up most of my time like most of us wanting to do good in the game, you get a few tips to help you move along the rankings.

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