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Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide & Stat Modifier Trick

Stat Modifier & Tricks

This trick will raise your stats up to 100 per materia depending on what stat you want to increase..

Ok, lets start..

Requirements for farming
Hp+999% materia= for huge amount of HP
Costly materia= deal 99999 damage depending on hp/damage limit
Adaman Bangle or Genji Armor= Accessories that breaks HP limit
Brutal or Genji Glove= Accessories that break damage Limit
Mog’s Amulet= Item dropped or stolen is always rare

All of these requirements is a must because we will fight a mission boss to do farming…

The boss can be found in mission 9-3-4

This is the Location in the Map

And this what you get for defeating it

2 adamantite (you will need 99), this enemy has a huge HP, I counted the number I used the costly punch and this is the result..

7 costly punch usage= meaning 99999 X 7= 699993 damage, this is the damage you must inflict to defeat it so that’s why you’ll need those requirements..

This enemy has a special attack that causes 45k damage, so if your HP is above that and have costly materia no need to worry, it will be dead before it uses his special attack.. ^__^

Now, we’ll proceed to Materia Fusion that modify stats..

Here I will give you example when we combine Magical Punch(MP+50%) + Zantezuken(Vit+1) =Costly Punch(MP+50%)


You can Fuse the Materia that you want, that is an example ok???

The idea here is we can change the stat that we want by using this items…

Hero Drink=Use in materia fusion for ATK+1
Adamantite=Use in materia fusion for VIT+1
Dark Matter=Use in materia fusion for MAG+1
Mythril=Use in materia fusion for SPR+1
Gysahl Greens=Use in materia fusion for LUK+1

Note: This items are obtainable in mission…

Ok, now I Will fuse the same materia BUT with one of the items I gathered…

See the difference??, well you must have a huge amount of SP to fuse that..

Now I have already that materia (because that is only an example)

Here it is

You will see that it doesnt change the stat, so here is the trick to change that to the one you’ll like..

Attack Stat

Magic Stat

Luck Stat

Spirit Stat

1.Gathered Adamantite(99)
2.Combine materia that you like then combine the adamantite
3.Change it to what stat you want by using the item above

Note:This will need a lot of Patience and Time, I only do this because I want to defeat Minerva (The Strongest Boss in the Game)

Accessories Location

Reward=Defeating the Mission Boss
Treasure Chest=Mission treasure Chest (You’ll have to search for that)

Accesorries That Breaks HP Limit

Adaman Bangle
Mission 7-3-6(Reward)
Mission 9-2-4(Treasure Chest)

Genji Armor
100% DMW (Digital Mind Wave)

Accesorries That Breaks Damage Limit

Mission 7-4-6(Reward)
Mission 9-5-1(Reward)
Mission 9-6-3(Treasure Chest)

Genji Gloves
Mission 9-6-4(Treasure Chest)

Accessory That Nulls All Status Effect Even Death and Absorbs Fire, Thunder & Blizzard Element

Genji Shield

Use the following spells on the Magic Pot (Encounter Monster ONLY) in Mission
7-6-6: Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99999 Damage, Octaslash (Pray that the DMW reels at Sephiroth, it takes luck to do that, got it in first attempt without using Sephiroth DMW Materia)

If you don’t have Magic Pot (DMW), you will get the Magic Pot (DMW), then try again you will get the Genji Shield for the 2nd time…

Other Useful Accessories

Mog’s Amulet-dropped or steal is always rare
Mission 7-6-4(Reward)

Safety Bit-Nulls instant death (useful in some mission if you don’t have genji shield or super ribbon)
Mission 10-1-3(Treasure Chest)
Also it can be buy in Nibel Accessories

Super Ribbon-Nulls all Status effect even death
Mission 9-6-2 (Reward)
Can be also steal in Great Malboro in 9-6-2

Ziedrich– Adds +100 Stats (Pretty useful for defeating Minerva)
Mission 9-5-5 (Treasure Chest)

Shop Location (Obtained in Mission)

Bone Village Commerce

Mission 7-5-3(Treasure Chest)

Mythril Mine Traders

Mission 2-4-5(Reward)

Wutai Secret Shop

Mission 4-2-6 (Reward)

The Happy Turtle Shop

Mission 4-3-6 (Treasure Chest)

Sector 7 Shop-This shop sells Mog’s Amulet

Mission 4-4-3(Treasure Chest)

Sector 8 Materia Shop– This shop sells HP UP, so if you have lots of money you dont have to steal it, just buy it.

Note: You must talk to the Shinra Manager and Secretary in the Shinra Main Hall in Chapter 6 to unlock this mission

Mission 6-2-1(Reward)

Sector 5 Materia Shop– This shop sells ATK UP, VIT UP, MAG UP & SPR UP

Mission 6-2-3 (Reward)

Sector 6 Accessory Shop

Mission 6-2-6(Reward)

Network Shop Duo

Mission 9-3-3(Treasure Chest)

Network Shop Shade

Mission 9-5-4 (Treasure Chest)

Mission Tips

  1. Always do wall hugging to avoid encounters, very useful because you only need the items in the treasure chest and the reward in mission.
  2. Equip a element absorbing accessories, this is very useful to me because it always heal me,try to learn what the monster cast in the mission that you are doing. Remember that the only element that can be absorb are Fire , Thunder and Blizzard (can also absorb higher version like firaga etc). Recommended is Blaze Armlet (Absorb Fire Element) why?, because Blizzard and Thunder is very easy to dodge.. or you can always equip Wizard Bracelet (absorbs Fire, Blizzard and Thunder Element)
  3. Got enemy encounter?, you can always run in battlefield by using Dash materia (much easy because Zack run faster), just press triangle and go outside the field of encounter. Recommended in very hard missions.
  4. Always rotate the camera when starting a mission, some mission has treasure chest behind where Zack stands.
  5. Always pray that the DMW reels to Modulating Phase

Posted with permission from sausuke of PPSP.

A lot of useful information:

  • Costly Punch + HP 999%:

    step 1
    Fuse 2 lvl 1 DMW materias with a fat chocobo feather

    Result = lvl 1 libra with hp +40%

    step 2
    Fuse the libra materia you got in step 1 with a normal lvl 1 libra materia and 99 phoenix downs

    Result = lvl 1 libra with hp+999%

    Step 3
    Fuse a lvl 1 costly punch materia with the libra materia in step 2

    Result = lvl 1 costly punch with hp+999%

  • Summon Materia Locations:

    Ifrit – clear mission 8-1-1

    Bahamut – clear mission 8-1-4

    Bahamut Fury – clear mission 8-5-6

    Odin – clear mission 8-1-6

    Phoenix – in chapter 9, talk to the boy who hangs around at the square
    and select the option to do the mystery quest 1 then check the water tower

    Chocobo – chest in 8-4-1

    Cactuar – clear mission 10-1-3

    Tonberry – clear mission 10-2-3

    Cait Sith – chest in 8-4-3

    Moggle – chest in 8-4-4

    Magic pot – encounter one in mission 10-2-3, (equip these first!: Jump, Fira, Gravity, Assault Twister) and just use the commands it specifies.

  • Full Cure Materia:
    You can get one from the magic pot in mission 7-6-6, but it is only obtainable after you got your genji shield from it 

    1st try – genji shield
    2nd try – impervious
    3rd try – full cure materia

    Another way is a rare steal from the mission boss in 9-6-5, remember it must be a rare steal so equip the mogs amulet if not the normal steal is adamantite

  • Smart Consumer Materia:
    ~Steal (Master) + Libra
    ~Steal + Dash
  • Nibel Accessories shop can be found at Mission 6-4-4: Hiding in the Wasteland in a Chest where you can buy all shock swords and preventive shields.
  • New shop: Treasure Chest in Mission 2-4-1 and the new shop is called Junon Souvenirs… there you can buy Chocobo Stump, 1000 Needles, etc
  • Easy Adamantine farming:

    Go to 7-6-4 (The Irritated Recruiter)Random battle a driller machine (yellow color) named Crazy Sword (this is also the boss for this mission) this machine will die in 2x 99999 hits. in addition, the same machine also gives BRUTAL if you steal/mug.

    Note: that in order to get these items you must have the Mog’s Amulet, if not you will only get Guard Stone from Stealing and no Adamantite.

    Beware of the G Hoplite B‘s shadow stitch skill, it stops you and hits twice damage you very much.

    Be sure to equip a Jeweled Ring when farming as it will give you 4 Adamantites instead of the usual 2.

  • Magic Pot: 10-2-3 use these as follows: Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Spin Attack
  • SP farming: mover EX at 7-6-5, it gives 8000 SP and gives Rune Amulet and Sells for 4000Gil or
  • SP farming: mission 1-3-2 and kill tigers with Mog Amulet on to farm ap+ and fuse them till you have a 999% ap+ then sp convert it.
  • Use Ben’s Materia Maker to see what combines with what before you actually try them. Pretty neat if you ask me.

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  1. silkenhut Allen April 9, 2008 Reply

    Wow! This is a great guide! I’m always getting killed in the missions 9-x-x. πŸ™

    Allen’s last blog post..Ltrics Heaven – Complete Archive of Ltrics

  2. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 9, 2008 Reply

    Hehe.. I finished the game with this guide (one of the reasons why I’m so slow with updates on my blogs) and now re-playing with Hard mode ^^

  3. misfitjuggalo16873 samuel rose April 14, 2008 Reply

    how do i obtain the adaman bangle. what missions or chests?

  4. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 14, 2008 Reply

    er you could’ve at least used the search function:
    Adaman Bangle
    Mission 7-3-6(Reward)
    Mission 9-2-4(Treasure Chest)

  5. nike_timm nikeman April 15, 2008 Reply

    Are there some missions, where I can get a lot of Adamantitte, Hero Drink, Dark Matter etc.???
    And where can I get HP UP +… I just have HP UP, so I can’t raise my HP up to 99999?!

  6. silkenhut Allen April 15, 2008 Reply

    Right now I’m farming hard on mission 9-3-1 (a third power) where I get 1 hammer punch/goblin punch per steal and 1 black belt per kill.

    What’s your materia setup btw Sylver?

    Allen’s last blog post..Catching Up Again 031408

  7. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 15, 2008 Reply

    I just got my Curaga to + 999% HP ^_^
    My setup.. err.. Just the Costly Punch, Curaga, some DMW Materia, Mug.. Forgot how to get Smart Consumer though

  8. ntimm galardo April 16, 2008 Reply

    where can I get hero drink, dark matetr, etc… are there some good missions, where I could find alot of them?

  9. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 16, 2008 Reply

    Hero drink is given as a reward is SOME missions but it’s totally random
    Dark Matter = 9-5-3 from worm

  10. biosong98 biosong April 20, 2008 Reply

    here’s what you need for a smart consumer:
    ~Steal (Master) + Libra
    ~Steal + Dash

  11. biosong98 biosong April 20, 2008 Reply

    hey, btw, you can find Nibel Accessories shop at Mission 6-4-4: Hiding in the Wasteland in a Chest. ^_^

    you can buy all shock swords and preventtive shields.

  12. biosong98 biosong April 20, 2008 Reply

    does anyone knows where to farm Zeio Nut (AP+10%) or AP Makos, AP Stones?

  13. ntimm galardo April 20, 2008 Reply

    I tried to find the magic pot in mission 7-6-6, but there is no magic pot coming… did I sth wrong??

  14. ntimm galardo April 21, 2008 Reply

    I’ve found a new shop: Treasure Chest in Mission 2-4-1 and the new shop is called Junon Souvenirs… there you can buy Chocobo Stump, 1000 Needles, etc

  15. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 21, 2008 Reply

    @biosong and galardo..
    thanks for the info. I’ll update the post and inform the creator of the guide

  16. biosong98 biosong April 21, 2008 Reply

    to everyone and sylv3rblade
    i have found an easier way of farming Adamantite ^^
    go to 7-6-4 (The Irritated Recruiter)

    random battle a driller machine(yellow color) named Crazy Sword (this is also the boss for this mission)
    this machine will die in 2 99999 hits.
    in a ddition, the same machine also gives BRUTAL if you steal/mug.

    note that in order to get these items you must have the Mog’s Amulet, if not you will only get Guard Stone from Stealing and no Adamantite.

    beware of the
    G Hoplite B’s shadow swith skill, it stops you and hits twice damage you very much.
    Crazy Sword’s Drill Attack skill, hits me once and i am always


    my HP is only 46902 while doing this mission.
    to answer my own question, Zeio Nut can be harvested from Bees, ofcourse equip the Mog’s Amulet

    try Mission 10-2-3 and using the following skills/magic on it when it asks for them: Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Spin Attack
    much easier.^^

  17. biosong98 biosong April 21, 2008 Reply

    to add another option in farmiing SP, try the mover EX, it gives 8000 SP and gives Rune Amulet and Sells for 4000Gil

    mover EX can be found 7-6-5
    im using mog’s amulet

  18. biosong98 biosong April 21, 2008 Reply

    spin attack = assault twister

  19. ntimm galardo April 21, 2008 Reply

    @biosong: I have a problem… I have no Gravity, Fira and Jump at all… do you know, where I can steal that Materia or is there any shop where I can buy that?

  20. biosong98 biosong April 22, 2008 Reply

    there are a lot of ways to get gravity
    in 4-2-5, in a certain chest
    in 8-3-2, in a certain chest
    in 8-3-4, in a certain chest
    in 9-3-3, as a reward
    in 9-4-2, in a certain chest

    it is also a treasure right before tseng was added to your DMV

    unfortunately i dont knwo any shop that sells it,nor i dont recall a monster i stole that from, what you can try is if you fought a monster that uses gravity, most likely you can steal the same materia from it, just use mog’s amulet.

    now, Fira can be bought at The Happy Turtle Shop for 3000G

    same with jump, i recall fighting a leaping monster and just use steal, or you can fuse (Power Attack + AP Up), or you can have Jump at 3-2-2 from one of the chests and as a reward in 6-1-3

    Assault Twisteris dropped by Ifrit, Genesis Baldor
    a reward in 2-5-1
    from a chest in 3-2-2 (needs to be in chapter 8)

    for your convinience, you can always refer to other guides. ^_^ google it. hehehe

  21. ntimm galardo April 22, 2008 Reply

    OK thank you dude, I think now I would manage it ^^

  22. xatm095 xatm095 April 22, 2008 Reply

    there’s a more easier way to get money and farm SP at the same time.

    in mission 6-3-5 -> Item in the Coal Mines

    1. equip Mog’s Amulet, safety-bit or any other anti-death accessory
    2. you may equip Dispel

    -kill demons. you can steal magic up++, and Darkness materia can be obtained from each demon. they are very easy to kill. however, demons cast wall on themselves, so this where Dispel is useful.

    -convert the Darkness into SP.
    darkness = 6040 SP

    *kill 20 demons (20 darkness) = 120,800 SP

    it’s much better than spending time killing Movers.

    also, there are two types of monsters that go with demons:

    -Hornet: you can steal hi-potion, and they also drop hi-potion

    -Boundfat: you can steal Crystal Bracelet, they drop SPR mako stone

    sell the Crystal Bracelet for 7500gil each.

  23. ntimm galardo April 22, 2008 Reply

    I’ve found the perfect mission for getting alot of SP: Mission 9-5-3 (Unusually Strong Monsters) there is the Mover RE, which gives you 20000 SP when you kill… if you first kill the other monster and then the jumping balls, you can get 20000×2 or 20000×3… so finally you could gain more than 100000 SP for one fight =)
    That rulezZ

  24. ntimm galardo April 23, 2008 Reply

    YESSSS… I’ve got all Genji Items (Genji Armour, Genji Gloves, Genji Shield)… and now I’ll finish the last mission.

  25. biosong98 biosong April 23, 2008 Reply

    lucky you galardo
    i have no luck in getting the octoslash reel..

    right now im finishing allmissions before i leave shinra bldg, why?? coz you get FREE pheonix down anytime, so you like have 2 lives every mission.

    oh and btw, theres some unique items i come across, the one will multiply your max hp/mp/ap max x3, cool? i also manage to steal a RIBBOn, i wonder when can i get the super ribbon from magic pot.. spoke too soon, super ribbon seems to be a reward(9-6-2). hahaha

    the figures you mention is quite impressive, however true to what galardo said, the mover RE is easy to beat than the demons plus you dont need to wear anti death, you can kill movers in 1hit. you get an item also after killing a mover so you can sell that, i think its 10000 worth item.

    to add to your guide, there is this item that dooubles the drop of a monster, so if you equop that you can gather whatever item you wish twice as fast. good for the adamantite farmiing. ^^

    you are missing the Genji Helm. lol gives you Auto Libra and 0 AP/MP consumption.
    to get it? buy it. hahahaha

    • pitchblackscreamo Zack June 30, 2010 Reply

      You do realize that the monster with 20,000 SP isn’t Mover RE it’s called Three Stars, right? πŸ˜›

  26. ntimm galardo April 23, 2008 Reply

    @ biosong: I’ve a tip for getting the Genji Shield from the magic pot… buy Octaslash in the shop “Research Dept. QMC +” one or two times, than equip and voila you have a better chance in getting the Octaslash.
    I did it in that way and after 1-2 hours I got the Genji Shield

  27. biosong98 biosong April 23, 2008 Reply

    here’s another tip if you want to be a MILLIONAIRE… ^^

    go to minerva.
    equip needed
    ~Mug or Steal
    ~Brigand’s Gloves (Grants a successful steal from an enemy)
    steal the 99x Pheonix Down and sell it to shops, INSTANT 495,000gil
    do it again and again.

    regarding magic pot locations:
    o There are 4 different Magic Pots
    o The VERY FIRST TIME you successfully give a Magic Pot what it wants, you will receive the Magic Pot Tricks (DMW).

    o(10-2-3) asks for: Jump, Fira, Gravity, Assault Twister.
    2nd+ Time = Feather Cap OR Doc’s Code.

    o(2-2-6) asks for: Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Gravity.
    2nd+ Time = Precious Watch OR Cursed Ring.

    o(2-5-4/2-5-5/2-5-6) asks for: Ultima, Triple Fire, Iron Punch, Electrocute.
    2nd+ Time = Jeweled Ring OR Assault Targe.

    o(7-6-6) asks for: Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99999 Damage, Octaslash.
    2nd Time = Genji Shield (You can get another if you equip it).
    3rd+ Time = Impervious or Full Cure (M).

    **credit goes to Absolute Steve from GameFaqs

  28. mehmeh80 brian May 1, 2008 Reply

    hi guys got another tip about getting genji shield in 7-6-6

    first have a mastered octoslash and a lucky stars then equip lucky stars 1st and go into battle, and let the dmw spin to cissnei and hope you get a lvl 5 lucky stars

    when done, unequipped the lucky stars and equip the octoslash and go find the magic pot, satisfy the 1st 3 conditions the magic pot wants and wait for octoslash to happen, if you have a mastered octoslash it will happen for you.

    i have tried this method and it work 3 times in a row for me with the spoils as genji shield on the 1st, impervious on the 2nd and full cure materia on the 3rd.

    hope this info helps for fellow gamers.

  29. mehmeh80 brian May 1, 2008 Reply

    here is some easier tips to get those materias fused with +100 stats with only using 2 sets of 99 adamantite for every fused materia shown in Atma Xplorer page accordingly.

    first is +100 mag stats, after completing mission 9-6-4, the reward is a +100 exaflare mastered materia, you can use this materia to fuse a ultima with +100 mag stats directly using flare + the mastered exaflare reward.

    next for spirit stats using mythrils, rather than farming for adamantites, you can farm for mythrils in mission 2-5-3 hunting 2 mover ex, this mission map is very very small so getting to the boss is very fast, after which equip the brigand glove to enable a successful steal and every steal you will get 2 mythrils from a mover ex but they will give flare materia also, so in no time you can get 99 of it and you can fuse the 99 mythrils to obtain a +100 spirit for you materia result you desire.

    i find it more easier to farm for mythrils than adamantites to fuse a +100 spirit materia as you already have close to 40 mythrils in your inventory by that time and farming for the rest will be more faster than farming for a total of 3 sets of adamantites.

    with mag and spirit settled, leaving luck and vitality, you will need adamantites where hunting in mission 7-6-4 will be faster but you have to equip the mog amulet.

    gysahl greens are more difficult to farm as they only dropped from cactuars and they are difficult to kill.

    i have tried the above methods and are able to fused those materias which are exactly the same as Atma Xplorer with only my luck stats to flare and all these done in around 60 hours including finishing minerva for my first play.

    hope the above info helps fellow gamers around.

  30. mehmeh80 brian May 1, 2008 Reply

    here is another money earning tip…

    in mission 7-6-4 where you are hunting for adamantites, you will encounter a genesis enforcer, it carrys a sickle and its movement is very slow, you can defeat it with 2 costly punch.

    equip the mog amulet which you also need to get your adamantites from the drill machines and the genesis enforcer will give you force of nature when you steal or mug from them and kaiser knuckles when you defeat them, imagine the time spent hunting adamantites in this mission and encountering the genesis enforcer randomly, so adding this 2 drops you will get a lot of money in the end.

    hope this info helps.

  31. jhay_pi jay pee May 2, 2008 Reply

    can someone please give me a hint about the locations of the items needed for materia fusion? i got a sample of each but i’ve already used them so i’m a bit worried if i can still find each of the items needed to do the tricks for stat modification.. thanks!!

  32. raven_frost_werlo werlo May 4, 2008 Reply

    why is it my hp doesn’t change even though i have the hp up+999% need help pls

  33. jhay_pi jay pee May 5, 2008 Reply

    first you must find the “adaman bangle..” i’m not sure where i found it but i got 2 of them.. i got 1 from a treasure chest and the other was a reward from a mission.. it sets the hp limit to 99999 when equipped..

  34. zzz Seraph May 6, 2008 Reply

    There’s an even easier way to max materia, and it can be done mid-game! Simply unlock mission 6-3-5, and go in with Blaze Armlet, Safety Bit, and Mog’s Amulet.

    Fight Boundfats and steal their Crystal Bracelets. 1 Crystal Bracelet fuses into 1 Spr+1, and they’re much much easier to kill than Adamntite holding enemies, plus they don’t do a whole lot of damage and will heal you with Firagas if you have Blaze Armlet. You have a 100% steal rate if you have Mog’s Amulet equipped. The Safety Bit is to protect you from the accompanying Demons’ Death spells.

    Collect 99 Crystal Bracelets and you can get Spr+100 on a Curaga (Cure + Fire/Ice/Thunder/Cure + 99 Crystal Bracelets) then fuse that Curaga with your desired materia and add a stat item and voila! The Demons drop Darkness which can be converted for 6040 SP a pop, which should keep your fusing funds excessive. You can also sell them off to raise money for that Genji Helm.

    Now go kill Minerva, and tell her Seraph sent you.

  35. mehmeh80 brian May 6, 2008 Reply

    sry guys my info for getting adamantites and encountering the genesis enforcer is in mission 3-5-6 ‘The Last of the Genesis Troops’.

    you can get a higher encounter of the crazy sword in this cave mission map.

  36. mehmeh80 brian May 6, 2008 Reply

    just discovered something also…

    you can get 2 adamantites from the crazy sword in the farming mission rather than the usual drop of 1 adamantite when you equip the Jeweled Ring accessory.

    this way you can cut short the time to hunt for adamantites already.

  37. mehmeh80 brian May 7, 2008 Reply

    oh yah you can also equip the Jeweled Ring when hunting for adamantites to receive 2 instead of the usual 1

  38. janmilan_naanep milaners May 9, 2008 Reply

    hey try stealing from the boss while gathering adamantine.. it gives 2 pcs sp barrier which could be converted to 15k sp,, this makes hunting adamantine and sp at the same time easier since hunting 99 pcs adamantine = 99 pcs sp barrier and 99x 15010 = 1,485,990 sp.. so u can combine it already without hunting for sp from those movers..

  39. samus7890 samusland May 9, 2008 Reply

    does anyone know if theres a monster where you can get steal or mug dropped? im at lst boss done all other missions and accidentally sp converted my steals and mugs. now i cant get 99 pheonix downs!!! can ne1 help? i tried all the missions again so theyre not in any chests anymore

  40. mehmeh80 brian May 10, 2008 Reply

    for steal materia you can get it from

    Gremlin as a rare steal at missions 2-5-5, 6-6-4 and 9-4-3 so you have to equip mog amulet.

    for mug materia you can get it from

    Lesser Demon as a rare steal at missions 9-6-4 so mog amulet needed also.

    both enemies are Hedgehog Pie class to let you identify them easily.

    to fuse mug materia just use

    Smart Consumer (Master) + Libra or

    Steal + Electrocute

    i would prefer you to fuse a mug materia since you can hunt steal materia easily.

    hope the info helps…

  41. rainierreyes34 rainier May 11, 2008 Reply

    where can i buy the genji helm? answer pls

  42. i_s1992 cain May 11, 2008 Reply

    hi im level 55 and im playing hard mode

    is there any place recommended for me to train at to increase my level quickly?

  43. geogg9 Geo May 14, 2008 Reply

    I need help!!! I am level 46 and my hp is 9,999. I incresed the hp++ to 330% but my hp is still 9,999. What do I do?

  44. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 14, 2008 Reply

    You need the Adaman Bangle to Break the HP limit

  45. ana.z.n.rocker THAWMUS May 18, 2008 Reply


  46. geogg9 Geo May 20, 2008 Reply

    Sorry to bother again but i finally achieved hp + 999 materia, but my hp is only 40,000. What do I do? It hasnt increased,why?

  47. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 20, 2008 Reply

    What level are you? You current level is also a factor on your HP as well as other equipment.

  48. geogg9 Geo May 21, 2008 Reply

    Oh thanks for answering me! Ok my level is 53, My materia is quake, Hp+999, Hell Thundaga, Assault Twister+, Mug, and Curaga( they are all master). My accessories are carbon bangle, black belt, brigands gloves, and adaman bangle.

  49. dj_tigg1982 dan May 21, 2008 Reply

    i noticed it was left out. there is 1 more piece of genji equipment. its the genji helm which is in the net shop shade. its cost is 1,000,000. and can only be bought once. if you leave and re enter the shop it will be goine. HOWEVER if your extreamy rich you can keep buying it over n over. to get 99 of them u will need 99 million gil. but its possible.i got this tip from Absolute Steves accessory guide.

  50. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 21, 2008 Reply

    just combine your HP +999% to Curaga (follow the guide above) and equip another one (HP+700% w/ let’s say your Hell Thundaga).. It’s either that you get equipments that compensate for it.

    hmm.. thanks for the additional info

  51. vimel87 Zeebomb May 21, 2008 Reply

    Hi, I have add 100 to all my states using the method taught above but my states are not 255, onli 161 (lvl 91 now). How do you guys get 255 before fighting Minerva? also what are the materia and items u guy equip? Also how do i add atates to steal? is there a way? Thanks alot all!

  52. geogg9 Geo May 22, 2008 Reply

    Thanks so much your a life saver. I’ll get to work on the hp+ 700% and let you know if it worked!

  53. geogg9 Geo May 22, 2008 Reply

    I dont get it. I keep fusing hp+999% with curaga but it still gives me hp+999% not curaga 999%. Same thing with Hell Thundaga. It gives me an entirely different materia. Im thinking its because there all master but im not the expert, you are. Im sorry to bother but im dying to get 99,999 hp so please help and thanks for your patience.

  54. danielhee Dan May 25, 2008 Reply

    Hi, i just read your hp stat modifier and went on to try. Currently i am level 50, managed to get hp+ with hp +810%. i cant proceed further as my sp was not enough. So out of curiosity, i went to equip the hp+ 810%. but i realised my max hp is still at 9999. have i fused wrongly? pls advice

  55. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 25, 2008 Reply

    You need to have the Adaman Bangle accessory. Just look it up using CTRL + F. It’s on this post and on the comments.

  56. swordshealth Leo May 26, 2008 Reply

    Anyone can teach me how to get the material “Ultima”? Thx!

  57. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 26, 2008 Reply

    Ultima can be produced by combining Flare w/ any DMW materia.

  58. swordshealth Leo May 27, 2008 Reply

    Thx, sylv3rblade!
    But how can I get Flare?
    Thx again!

  59. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 27, 2008 Reply

    Flare materia can be stolen from Mover EX, but I think you need the Mog Amulet accessory to get it. Flare is also rewarded in some missions and found in some treasure boxes.

  60. topipitzz_29 tOpitz May 27, 2008 Reply

    does 2 POWER SUIT is advisable? haha but my atk and vit goes up to 255 each.

  61. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 28, 2008 Reply

    well it’s up to you. But once you get Costly punch, having any addition to the atk stat is kinda useless since you automatically deal 99999 damage.

  62. j j May 28, 2008 Reply

    another adamantite fast farming idea

    This is what i’ve equipped:
    -Electrocute (almost mastered)
    -two hp mod +999%
    -Costly Punch +100% mag
    -Dual cast

    -genji armor (that one that needs to be bought at atrosious price tag)
    -brutal (breaks attacks to 99999)
    -Adamin bangle(breaks hp to 99999)
    -mog amulet

    Now same farming at the boss in mission 9-3-4

    but use
    Electro…..with that mag… just need to press it 3 times
    I’ve seen each hit at 50k….maybe 5 of them .

    : )

  63. geogg9 Geo May 29, 2008 Reply

    Thanks sylv3rblade, I have finally achieved hp 99,999. It took me a while cause I rested a few days and then got to work but i figured it out, and while I was at it I got costly punch, It freaken rocks!!! Thanks soo much for your help and I greatly appreciate it πŸ™‚ And thanks to you brian also for helping, I used some of your tricks to so thanks!!

  64. darkcarnivaljuggalos Nightmarez May 29, 2008 Reply

    I did not finish reading threw all posts but as a quick time saver, instead of farming all of the stuff to make the + 100 mods or even the +999 hp mod ect. Steal 1 HP+ and then steal 99 pheonix down from mineva and combine with any low lv random (like fire ect) to make a HP+ 999%

    then you can combine than with anything plus 1 mod item such as 1 Adamantite for a +100 Vit or a Mytrhil for +100 Spirit. So it can basicly be done in minutes instead of hours if your already that far in the missions.

  65. topipitzz_29 tOpitz May 31, 2008 Reply

    it really sucks.. even i fight wid costly punch,magical punch, hammerpunch, iron fist. even it cause 99999 damage.. some of the monsters can hit you as hard as you do.. wew…

    i only got genji helm. where can i find some of the genji? hahah .. magical pot? shops?

    hey.. and also.. i only got 1 left at my dmw.. where can i find cactuar? hahaha. damn.. maybe i miss it..

  66. mehmeh80 brian June 2, 2008 Reply

    Nightmarez can give an example

    i seen this method in other guides but still cant figure it out when i tried it out

  67. mehmeh80 brian June 2, 2008 Reply

    to tOpitz

    to unlock cactuar mission in 10-1-1, you have to find and defeat the cactuar in mission 3-1-3

    in 3-1-3, the mission boss is a genesis clone and the cactuar is at the back of the clone, so circle around it to the back and you will find it

  68. lisbakke+materia_maker Ben L June 2, 2008 Reply

    I wrote a tool to calculate what Materia you can make with the materia that you have. Check it out here:

  69. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 2, 2008 Reply

    hmm.. I can’t seem to make a costly punch materia combine with an HP +999% materia

    oh but wait, I’m filling up the stats for Minerva.

    nice tool.

  70. mehmeh80 brian June 4, 2008 Reply

    bro sylv3rblade try this to get a costly punch materia with hp+999%

    step 1
    fuse 2 lvl 1 DMW materias with a fat chocobo feather

    result = lvl 1 libra with hp +40%

    step 2
    fuse the libra materia you got in step 1 with a normal lvl 1 libra materia and 99 phoenix downs

    result = lvl 1 libra with hp+999%

    final step
    fuse a lvl 1 costly punch materia with the libra materia in step 2

    result = lvl 1 costly punch with hp+999%

    i tired this out personally and this is the result i got

    try it out sylv3rblade and update if it works for you

  71. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 4, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the tip, but I think it’ll be a while before I can update (or actually try the tip). I’m quite busy with work and managing my blogs.

  72. mehmeh80 brian June 5, 2008 Reply

    no problem

    will be here frequently to help out others

  73. j__smith69 Jonathan June 9, 2008 Reply

    On a UK advert for the game I saw, it has Zack using octaslash from his list of commands next to attack item etc. It says Octaslash level 5. Is there a way you can do this in the game to get octaslash as a command ?! or do you need to complete the game to unlock it or something ?
    No one believes me but I swear I saw it !

  74. mehmeh80 brian June 9, 2008 Reply

    i came across it when i downloaded a save file from other gamers in gamefaqs

    those DMW materias are in green like magic materias and once you equipped them and go into battle, it falls within the command slots and once you activate the materia, you will unleash the skill

    but overall i dun think those DMW materias can be fused to become a useable command materia, if so it will be heaven and owning the game

    what i believe is they are using cheat codes, other than those converted DMW materias, other items in the inventory are all 99 including ganji equips, DMW menu are all 9999 and all stats are 255 without the use of fused materias with stats bonuses

    i tried those save files out of fun and this is what i found out

    if there is really a way to fuse those DMW materias to be a command materia pls share

  75. vincent.okw ViNC3 June 11, 2008 Reply

    Hi, the HP UP + 999% is Brilliant!
    currently play Hard mode and totally need this.

    but how do i steal 99 pheonix down from mineva?
    i mean, mineva where?

  76. mehmeh80 brian June 11, 2008 Reply

    minerva is in mission 9-6-6

    you can just mug or steal the 99 phoenix down from it

    missions are repeatable so just go in and steal the hell out of minerva

  77. War05 --{====- June 12, 2008 Reply

    go to mission 1-3-2 and kill tigers with mog amulet on to farm ap+ and fuse them till you have a 999% ap+ then sp convert it, its the second fastest sp method only second to minerva

  78. vincent.okw ViNC3 June 12, 2008 Reply

    thanks man! but still a long way to go till i can go for 9-6-6.
    playing hard mode, totally need this

    by the way, i still haven’t unlock 7-X-X series mission, how do i unlock it? do i need to play till certain story line to unlock it?

    dude, the tips you gave on mission 1-3-2 for 999% AP, i can convert it to HP +999%?

  79. War05 --{====- June 13, 2008 Reply

    im not sure about unlocking stuff yet i havent done it all myself:) but i know that using ap+ to make hp999% is faster if you put two ap+ 20% together with 90 soma you get an ap with 120% fuse that with any % up and it adds 60% to it so its faster than the potions and hp+ also you probably get ap+’s about a hundred times faster than hp+’s :p but i noticed something, if you take and ap+ and an hp+ the one on top gets the bonus regardless of the lower ones stats

  80. mehmeh80 brian June 13, 2008 Reply

    to unlock missions 7-1-1 to 7-1-6, you will need to talk to a soldier 3rd class in the shinra hq building briefing room in chapter 4

    after finishing this first 6 missions, talk to him again to get an item for building your flower cart with areith in the later part of the game

    for 7-2-1, it will be unlocked in chapter 5 of the game play and the rest is unlocked by just clearing missions onwards

    there are many ways to fuse materias and i agree using hp+ with potions is tedious

    you can try using hp+ fuse with elixirs, the increment effect is more bigger than potions

  81. war05 --{====- June 14, 2008 Reply

    yeah, but what kind of good rpg lets you get anywhere without some grinding work? πŸ™‚ hmm also im not sure if x-potions give a bigger increment than elixers, i’ll check that when i get home:) man its hard to get through them 9-x-x missions, dang lol im getting slaughtered with 99999 hp and 180 vit lol, hmmm where can you find a great malboro?

  82. war05 --{====- June 14, 2008 Reply

    and one more thing. im almost certain that people that have the octaslash command are hackers haha. but that would seriously pwn if you could get one legally

  83. mehmeh80 brian June 15, 2008 Reply

    totally agreed, if we can managed to fuse those DMW materias to be an ad hoc command materia, the game play is totally useless

    final fantasy series is all about hard work and patience in order to archieve everything

    for your info, great malboro is a mission boss in 9-6-4

    x-potions also give a boost in hp% increment but its not as great as elixirs, i have compared the difference before when i started to fuse hp% materias

    my process is more tedious, i fused my hp materias with elixirs, mastering them to get a higher %, then fuse with another mastered hp% materia to get a higher hp% effect and so on to get 999%

    elixirs are rare in your 1st play but fusing 10 or even 20 elixirs you can see the effect already, if not just fuse with potions or even x-potions to the desired % you want then master them to get a higher % and fuse them altogether

    missions 9-5-1 onwards you can expect them to be hard but can be done when you know how to tackle them carefully and just let your costly punch do all the work

    but watch out for cactuars in 9-6-1, they normally deal 10k damage, but when they are defeated, they will cast 100k damage, if you cant manage to avoid this move, even with 99k hp you are a dead Zack, imagine you killed 2 of them at the same time, if you find you are not fast enough, equipped the Dash materia to move around more quickly to avoid

    moreover to the end of 9-6-1, you will encounter 3 cactuars so remember to cast phoenix downs whenever you are dead if not the mission is practically over

    hope it helps πŸ™‚

  84. War05 --{====- June 17, 2008 Reply

    yeah, i agree with you, if you come into this series unprepaired for the workload your looking at…. this game will eat your soul, but if you know what your doing the rewards are totally worth it. thanks by by the way for the info, and clarifying the x-potion thing, but im having trouble with the entire 9-x-x set in general, can you tell me how you tackled it? like what materia and items?

  85. War05 --{====- June 17, 2008 Reply

    also, if your feeling up to it i need a list of where the summons are haha i need to complete my dmw

  86. mehmeh80 brian June 17, 2008 Reply

    for missions 9-x-x, make sure you have costly punch and 99999hp

    its also impt to have the genji shield, genji armour and genji gloves with you

    next try to boost your stats with your fused materias

    you can try to understand how the mobs move, attack then hit and avoid them tactically, if you dun feel confident, consume phoenix downs whenever possible

    another way is try to avoid random encounters by hugging to the sides of the walls when you move, even having to travel longer channels, take note that you have to cover a lot of areas to get the reward chests and find the mission boss, when you reach those missions, you will understand what i meant

    by the time i reached 9-5-1, my materias are all fused with the needed stats except for att, you dun require att since costly punch is more than enough to help you through

  87. mehmeh80 brian June 17, 2008 Reply

    haha ok

    ifrit – clear mission 8-1-1

    bahamut – clear mission 8-1-4

    bahamut fury – clear mission 8-5-6

    odin – clear mission 8-1-6

    phoenix – in chapter 9, talk to the boy who hangs around at the square
    and select the option to do the mystery quest 1 then check the water tower

    chocobo – chest in 8-4-1

    cactuar – clear mission 10-1-3

    tonberry – clear mission 10-2-3

    cait sith – chest in 8-4-3

    moggle – chest in 8-4-4

    magic pot – most simple is to encounter them in mission 10-2-3, but beforehand equip Jump, Fira, Gravity, Assault Twister first and just use those commands when the magic pot require you to do so, when done, it will be your DMW

    thats all

  88. War05 --{====- June 17, 2008 Reply

    yeah wall hugging is mandatory, andbody that can beat all the missions with out it should give themselves a pat on the back hahaha but i made it to mission 9-5-1 without brutal, or ne dmg break haha, its about time i got it thogh, but where is the easiest one?

  89. War05 --{====- June 17, 2008 Reply

    noooooooooooooooo i have to resart the game!!! i missed phoenix!!! :((((((((((((((

  90. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 17, 2008 Reply


  91. delita0528 delita June 17, 2008 Reply

    hey how can i deal 99999 to the magic pot after doing the costly punch when it asks for it?

  92. mehmeh80 brian June 17, 2008 Reply

    what do you mean by easiest one???

    then since you miss the phoenix materia, why not just rush thru and complete the game and start with a new game plus to save all your previous effort, i believe it will be faster also

    then delita, you can just use costly punch again to deal the 99999 dmg to the magic pot

  93. war05 --{====- June 18, 2008 Reply

    yeah im at the very last save point now, but i have a question, when you do the save after you beat the game thing do you start with the same materia, lvl etc…??

  94. war05 --{====- June 18, 2008 Reply

    i mean the quickest one from the start of the game now lol

  95. war05 --{====- June 18, 2008 Reply

    oh and btw i greatly appreciate the summon list brian

  96. delita0528 delita June 18, 2008 Reply

    oh ok…. what store is it to where i can get the sephiroth dmw materia and the magic pot dmw materia?

  97. delita0528 delita June 18, 2008 Reply

    oh and in mission 7-6-6 im having trouble finding the magic pot. is it even there?!?!?

  98. mehmeh80 brian June 18, 2008 Reply

    all your materias, lvl, game time, gil, sp, dmw % stats and basic items and accessories in your inventory are carried forward when you start the new game plus

    but you got to collect all the dmw items again thru missions including the keychain and backpack accessory

    delita the octoslash materia can be bought at Research Dept. QMC + shop, it is found in a treasure chest in chapter 10 Gongaga Village, search the area thoroughly as the chest is quite hard to locate if not as you progress on, you will miss this chest permanently

    the magic pot is quite hard to encounter, my encounter rates are also quite random but i find it more easier to encounter them when you start the mission and just walk up and down the long stretch above the starting point

  99. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 18, 2008 Reply

    hmm this post is no longer on the first page of google for “crisis core materia fusion”

    I need to update and optimize it some more.

  100. war05 --{====- June 19, 2008 Reply

    so its possible to have more than 4 item slots????

  101. war05 --{====- June 19, 2008 Reply

    as long as it still has the same URL ^_^

  102. war05 --{====- June 19, 2008 Reply

    nvm i see what your saying, so you dont start with four accessory slots or ne dmws besides angeal

  103. war05 --{====- June 19, 2008 Reply

    lol the irst parts of the game are going to be a joke at lvl 90

  104. delita0528 delita June 19, 2008 Reply

    guys im having trouble with mission 7-6-5. its the one before you fight minerva. i keep dying. plus can anyone show me how to get flare with mag+100?

  105. War05 --{====- June 19, 2008 Reply

    first you have to get flare… haha then just use A dark matter and 99 phoenix downs

  106. mehmeh80 brian June 19, 2008 Reply

    yap you dun start with all the perks at the start of the game, but you will still pawn with your lvl and stats

    then delita you must have meant 9-6-5, why dun you fuse a +100 mag onto a ultima, its much more simple

    process for fusing flare is much more complicated

    if you still wanna fuse a +100 mag flare then transfer the +100 mag exaflare reward in mission 9-6-4, you shld have it since you already reach 9-6-5

    try this, simply fuse the +100 mag exaflare materia you got in mission 9-6-4 with a libra materia

    Libra + Exaflare +100 mag = libra lvl 1 +100 mag

    then hope you have a mastered electrocute with you then fuse it with the libra you fused eariler on, with electrocute on top and the libra on the 2nd, then you can obtain a lvl 1 flare with + 100 mag materia

    if you intend to fuse a ultima with + 100 mag then simply use the exaflare + 100 mag and fuse it with either tri fire, tri thundaga, electrocute, flare or energy

    try to see if it works and update here

    thks and hope it helps πŸ™‚

  107. delita0528 delita June 19, 2008 Reply

    Brian, you are a beast! it worked i got a flare that gives me a MAG+100! I need your help again….. i need to find a way to get an electrocute materia that gives me VIT+100. can you help? oh and im having trouble getting da Genji Armor also. i have the helm (cost 1mil), shield (magic pot finally got it!), gloves (treasure chest). got any tips on that also?

  108. mehmeh80 brian June 20, 2008 Reply

    haha what a way to describe me

    genji armour can be obtained when you got all 100% for your dmw stats, where summons and chocobo support dmw will be 100% upon summoning them once and all characters scenes seen to reach 100%, if you still have problems then equip the specific dmw materia for the one you are lacking

    then to get a + 100 vit electrocute, you will need to do more work

    my method of getting it is simply fusing libra and libra with 99 adamantites to get libra + 100 vit, yes that means you will have to hunt for 99 adamantites, you can refer to the earlier posts where i have describe where to hunt adamantites effectively

    when you have done this, then fuse the libra + 100 vit with a tri fire materia and you will get a tri fire + 100 vit materia

    then fuse a mastered tri thundaga with the tri fire above and you will get your + 100 vit electrocute

    another way is if you have a mastered tri fire materia, then simply fuse the libra + 100 vit with the mastered tri fire materia and you will get the same result

    try it and see if this works but i think you will spend some time 1st in collecting adamantites

    if there are other methods. pls also share as this is the only method i know of

  109. delita0528 delita June 20, 2008 Reply

    brian there is another method thats really easy and efficent. here it is:

    Fuse a Libra lvl.1 with a dmw ( i used rebirth flame Mag+80 or zantenzuken Mag+60) and add some stat boost item that u have alot of (like i had alot of chocobo feathers so i put in 40 chocobo feathers and i got a Lvl.1 libra hp+999%) then fuse da following:

    electrocute lvl.1+ Libra lvl.1 hp+999%+adamantite (1)= electrocute lvl.1 Vit+100.

    thats how i did it and it worked. oh and i finally got everything in da game! i beat minerva and got 100% in mission progress. now all i need is that stupid genji armor but i dont think i will equip it cuz divine slayer is better but i want it anyways just so i can get everything in da game. im at lvl.89 and my stats are as follows:


    my equipment is as follows:

    Electrocute (M) VIT+100
    Flare (M) MAG+100
    Ultima (M) LCK+100
    Curaga (M) HP+999%
    Dispel Blade (M) HP+999%
    Costly Punch (M) SPR+100

    Divine Slayer
    Genji Glove
    Genji Shield

  110. mehmeh80 brian June 20, 2008 Reply

    gd for you, my methods are always the longer ones

    and thks to you that i finally figured out how to fuse +100 stats to materias using the hp+999% method

    and the genji armor might not be useful once you have the divine slayer but it helps to break the hp limit and gives the bonus of auto regen and endure when you did not have the divine slayer in the 1st place which is better than the adaman bangle

  111. delita0528 delita June 20, 2008 Reply

    no problem. theres just one more thing that you might wanna add. theres a shop that i dont think you guys have mentioned yet. its called gongaga trading. i think its given as a reward for mission 2-2-5. if not its one of those

    oh and whats a good mission to where i can get my roulette bar to activate faster?

  112. delita0528 delita June 20, 2008 Reply

    ok i have a HUGE problem now…… i cant seem to get cloud to move up from 90% DMW to 100% DMW even when i meteor shot. plus genesis is only at 55%. everything else is 100%. got any tips?

  113. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 20, 2008 Reply

    yes! this page is back on the 2nd slot of Google Search Results. Right below Gamefaqs.. I wonder what it would take to get me on top hmm..

  114. mehmeh80 brian June 20, 2008 Reply

    when i train my materias, i will go to mission 1-1-6, this is a long mission where you need to defeat 1000 shinra soldiers

    so if you want just go into this mission and equip the respective dmw materia to help in activating the limit break for the one you are missing

    activating the limit break does not mean anything, you will need to see the flashback scenes for the character when you are in modulating phase, just take note some scenes you might have gone thru does not count so when you finally seen something different then thats where you will see the % increment in your dmw stats

    i took quite long for my cloud to reach 100% after the 90% mark, you just left 1 last scene to be seen for cloud to reach 100%

    the same goes to genesis, after 55%, the final scene you see will let you attain 100% for genesis already

    go try it out delita

  115. War05 --{====- June 21, 2008 Reply

    the easiest way to train materias for me is go to the mission where you fight ifrit for the last time, where hes the most powerful, then equip the wizard bracelet and a shinra beta+ and the adaman bangle n whatever else you want, then just go into the mission and set your psp down for the rest of the day, make sure it has sleep mode turned off tho, the only way ifrit will die is dmws so its pretty sure fire, i mastered them all in two nights without playing;)

  116. delita0528 delita June 21, 2008 Reply

    ummm well u see i have this problem brian. well i beat da game already and i dont have a memory stick so when its on da credits i put it on hold until i get a memory stick. lol but i will try it. got any other tips before i start da game all over?

  117. mehmeh80 brian June 21, 2008 Reply

    you dun have a memory stick all along…

    then how do you save in between???

  118. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 21, 2008 Reply

    wild guess but, he keeps his Crisis Core on all the time. No game overs to worry about so it’s possible.

  119. maxwolfey Beowulf June 22, 2008 Reply

    ok so you all have it wrong.

    My stats are as follows:
    hp 99999
    mp 744
    ap 776
    Atk 255
    Vit 255
    mag 255
    spr 255
    lck 96

    with this equpment:
    energy (lv2) mag+100
    quake (master) spr+100
    hell firaga (master) vit+100
    curaga (master) hp+999%
    assault twister+ (master) atk+100
    costly punch (master) hp+999%

    Divine slayer
    genji shield
    geji glove

    And i did that without faming. The trick is to get to minerva and steal 99xPhoenixDowns and then sell them all. Do that 10 times or so and then buy as many dualcasts from network shop shade as you can. You should be able to get 99 of the dualcast materia, so now convert all of it into sp. This works like a charm. I have 45426070 sp. The cool thing is you can keep doing this trick.

    Now the catch.
    Getting to minerva is tough. So I reccomend costly punch so you can do major damage, quake and he’ll firaga so you can damage more than on enemy at a
    time. Make sure your atk and mag and hp is as high as you can get it.

    Another trick i found out:
    to level up zack and your materia go to mission 1-1-6. Fight 1000 shinra troops. If you equipt the moogle materia and you have moogle in you DMW then if you land on moogle, your materia could potentialy gt mastered. This trick is also good for getting 100% DMW. Once you get them all you need to see the video right? So mix it up a bit with the DMW materia untill you get it.

  120. maxwolfey Beowulf June 22, 2008 Reply

    Oh yeah!! Once you do the whole minerva thinger and get lots of sp, steal 99 more phoenix downs. Pick 1 materia and the second can be any DMW. The item sould be 99 phoenix downs but you need to make sure materia 1 is materia lv.x hp+x%. Then once you fuze it, it will become materia lv.x hp+999%. Then once you have that you can fuze the new materia with another DMW and one hero drink to get materia lv.x +atk100 . This wont work with every materia but there are ways around that.

  121. maxwolfey Beowulf June 22, 2008 Reply

    and you dont have to use a hero drink. You could use:
    lunar harp
    zeio nut
    gysahl greens

    All will have the same effect. A maxed out materia πŸ™‚

  122. War05 --{====- June 24, 2008 Reply

    finally guys im back up to snuff, and i actually got all the dmws this time lol, im not sure about unlocking all the missions tho, i think i may have missed a few, oh well i can always restart again hahaha, but im going to beat minerva without 99999 damage haha wish me luck, but she has abut 20000000 life, so i might be here for a while, but do you guys thing there are any builds that are as strong or stronger than the costly punch set up?? and writing posts to help people get money and sp after they unlocked minerva is freakin useless, after you can get 99 phoenix downs in like 30 seconds you dont need tips to get money and sp haha

  123. anas1810 kay June 24, 2008 Reply

    hi.. why my hp 9999 only? how do you guys make it 50K? do i have to make my curaga hp+999% then i can? cuz my curaga only add 220%hp. but with my lvl 55 character.. i think i should have more than 15k hp…

  124. anas1810 kay June 24, 2008 Reply

    nvm… i get it already… lols

  125. mehmeh80 brian June 24, 2008 Reply

    gd luck to you in defeating minerva without costly punch

    for me i think i will fuse a +100 att materia to hack and slash minerva but the battle will be long cause minerva has high stats also not forgetting hp

    then go in with a max vitality and spirit 255 Zack not forgeting equips that give you auto barrier and m-barrier like the protect ring

    hope you can dogde minerva magical attacks as they are all possible to evade even to her ultima spell

  126. twistedshadow_89 liang June 24, 2008 Reply

    how to unlock 10-2-3?=((((

  127. rousseau6992 alex June 24, 2008 Reply

    hi all i miss the phoenix materia in chapter 9 now i hae to find new clothes for cloud can i still get that materia or its over ?

  128. mehmeh80 brian June 24, 2008 Reply

    try and see if you still have free movement to the town area in Nibelheim, if so talk to the boy hanging around the square to trigger the 7 wonder quest

    if you managed to do the above, proceed to the water tower to get your phoenix materia, if you cant get to this part, then phoenix will not be available anymore till you start a new game plus

  129. War05 --{====- June 25, 2008 Reply

    i did it last night, i had sp master and 200000000 sp lol, it took 4 hours of hacking lol but with wall n sp master and 99 phoenix downs its not hard at all, just lengthy

  130. mehmeh80 brian June 25, 2008 Reply

    congrats to you

    you really got the patience to hack and slash for 4 hrs at minerva

  131. War05 --{====- June 26, 2008 Reply

    If he’s finding new clothes for cloud then its after Sephy burned the town, and after that i’m 99% positive the town is empty

  132. rousseau6992 alex June 26, 2008 Reply

    ok so i missed the phoenix invoc one more question how can i have full cure materia is there a fusion way ?

  133. mehmeh80 brian June 26, 2008 Reply

    there is no way of fusing a full cure materia

    you can get one from the magic pot in mission 7-6-6, but it is only obtainable after you got your genji shield from it

    1st try – genji shield
    2nd try – impervious
    3rd try – full cure materia

    i got my full cure materia this way

    another way is a rare steal from the mission boss in 9-6-5, remember it must be a rare steal so equip the mogs amulet if not the normal steal is adamantite

  134. sortofsmart rhys June 27, 2008 Reply

    hey, im fairly new to this kind of game, and im trying to find brutal. All that has been said so far is how to find adaman bangle, but i need brutal in order to do 99999 dmg correct? Which mission treasure chest or reward is it?

  135. mehmeh80 brian June 27, 2008 Reply

    where you can get brutal item

    mission reward in 7-4-6, 9-5-1

    treasure chest in 9-6-3

    rare steal from crazy sword in missions 3-5-6, 7-6-4 and 9-4-1

    thats about it

  136. sortofsmart rhys June 28, 2008 Reply


    and also do you know where mogs amulet can be found? is it a one time find? or can i get more than one?

  137. mehmeh80 brian June 28, 2008 Reply

    mog amulet can be found in mission 7-6-4 as a mission reward

    alternative to this it can be bought in sector 7 shop where this shop is found in a treasure chest in mission 4-4-3

  138. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 28, 2008 Reply

    People really need to learn to use Ctrl + F. The informations all there.

    Anyway, you guys may want to check my latest post. Diablo 3 is official.

  139. sortofsmart rhys June 29, 2008 Reply

    has anyone tried dualcast with energy? I dont have energy yet, but im wondering if that would work.

  140. ltsiros Luciano June 29, 2008 Reply

    rys: just tried it for you. It works πŸ™‚


    Lucianos last blog post..Vuelto a volver

  141. sortofsmart rhys June 29, 2008 Reply

    thnx- how much dmg did it do? is it worth it?

  142. hellomother JAKE June 30, 2008 Reply

    when u use costly punch does it take away from your health cause i read on some other guide that it did

    and if it does how much

  143. mehmeh80 brian June 30, 2008 Reply

    yes when you use costly punch it does deplete your hp by a bit but that bit is not noticeable when your hp is 99999 and the regen effect from the genji armor

  144. ant666 Anthony July 3, 2008 Reply

    Just want to say a big thanks for this guide.
    Found it really helpful and easy to use.

    When I finished chapter 5, I start doing heaps of the mission and trying to max my stats and beat Minerva.
    I did that last night, with my stat VIT and SPR at 255, 17mil SP with SP Barrier x2 and SP Master (total of level 5), and Costly Punch.

    Didnt take too long at all, was left with 5-6mil SP and only used 3-4 Phoenix Downs.

    Anyway thanks for the guide again, cos I wouldnt have gotten far without it.

  145. hellomother JAKE July 5, 2008 Reply

    i missed the pheonix dmw can i still get genji armor if i get 100% on all the other dmws?

  146. mehmeh80 brian July 5, 2008 Reply

    no you cant, you will need all the respective dmws to be unlocked and attained 100% for them in order to get your genji armor

  147. dyundr Jhun July 8, 2008 Reply

    Very nice guide and follow all instructions.

    Im new to Crisis Core but old FF player.

    So my question is I already hunt all items needed for HP+999% and fuse it to Curaga so the result is Curaga HP+999% but when I equip it my Hp is only 9999 not 99999. anyone answer please and thanks in advance.

  148. dyundr Jhun July 8, 2008 Reply

    got my answer to my question it needs adaman bangle or genji armor wooh…

    another problem I equipped adaman bangle and my hp is only 37135 not 99999 anyone answer??? and how do I make my smart consumer with hp+ not ap+.

  149. mehmeh80 brian July 8, 2008 Reply

    yah equipping the adaman bangle enables you to break your hp limit

    then to fuse a smart consumer with hp+999% you can try this

    to get smart consumer you need a steal materia and a dash materia

    if you have access to minerva then do the below option

    fuse 2 libras materias with a fat chocobo feather and you will get a libra with hp+40%

    then fuse the above libra with another libra and throw in 99 phoenix downs to get libra with hp+999%

    and finally fuse the steal materia with the libra +999% hp to get your smart consumer +999% hp

    if you not do have ebough sp for fusing then refer to the other posts in this website to get info on how to get more sp

  150. dyundr Jhun July 9, 2008 Reply

    another question?

    where or what part can I see Minerva?

    is it on Missions or story

  151. mehmeh80 brian July 9, 2008 Reply

    you can only see minerva in mission 9-6-6, the other part where you see her is when you have defeated genesis at the end of the game and you watch the ending

  152. fmwynne fredwin July 10, 2008 Reply

    hey can any one please help?

    ive got HP+ 999%

    but when i fuse it with costly punch

    ie HP+999% + Costly Punch = HP ++ 999%

    how come its not Costly Punch 999%HP???

    any help would be much grautful!

  153. mehmeh80 brian July 10, 2008 Reply

    costly punch materia with added stats cant be fused this way

    pls refer to page 2 of this website to get the info on how to fuse a costly punch with hp+999%

  154. dyundr Jhun July 12, 2008 Reply

    grrr Its been 2 days since I hunted magic pot on 7-6-6 mission and my problem is about octaslash (sephiroths dmw) is there other way I can use sep’s dmw?

    I read some post and they have octaslash materia where can I get those?


  155. dyundr Jhun July 12, 2008 Reply

    About 7-6-6 mission Magic pot I’ve been hunting him for about 2 days now and my problem is how do I improve the chance of Octaslash (Sephiroth’s DMW).

    I’ve read some comments and they have octaslash materia where can I buy or hunt them? Thanks.

  156. dyundr Jhun July 13, 2008 Reply

    About 7-6-6 mission Magic pot I?ve been hunting him for about 2 days now and my problem is how do I improve the chance of Octaslash (Sephiroth?s DMW).

    I?ve read some comments and they have octaslash materia where can I buy or hunt them? Thanks.

  157. mehmeh80 brian July 13, 2008 Reply

    octoslash materia can be bought at Research Dept. QMC + shop, this shop is found in a treasure chest in chapter 10 of the game play, search the area carefully as the chest is quite well concealed cause if you miss it then thats it

  158. dyundr Jhun July 15, 2008 Reply

    is genji’s glove really on mission 9-6-3 cause I search the area 3 times and found nothing?

  159. dyundr Jhun July 15, 2008 Reply

    never mind its on mission 9-6-4

  160. Thatevanguy Evan July 16, 2008 Reply

    Hey guys, quick tip on way easier + 999% HP status. Simply buy the HP Ups from the shop, as well as 80 X – potions. Combine two HP ups and 80 X potions, way higher percentage, way less time. For those who have the Minerva mission unlocked, simply steal the 99 phoenix downs, get the two Hp ups, and fuse 80 phoenix downs with the hp ups, that’s 810 percent right there. Hope it helps!

  161. dyundr Jhun July 16, 2008 Reply


    dude Im already on last save point of the game where I will fight the 3 last boss.

    My problem again is I still have locked missions how do I unlocked them?

    Im already 92% mission complete and have access to minerva (but I still not defeat it).

  162. mehmeh80 brian July 17, 2008 Reply

    some missions will automatically unlocked when you complete and progress into another chapter but there are some missions that need to be unlocked during the gameplay itself, like talking to npcs or activating a particular scenario in order to unlock the mission and carry on with the other missions

    for example

    in chapter 6, did you walk around loveless avenue and talk to certain npcs to activate the mini game of catching the wutai spies to unlock missions 4-3-1 to 4-3-6

    since you have come to the end of the game already there is no way to unlock other missions that were supposed to be done during the gameplay as the final chance where you are able to unlock all missions successfully is during chapter 8 or earlier

    all you can do now is to complete the game and save with a new game + and go thru everything in your new gameplay and do all the missions again and try to unlock every missions the next time round

  163. dyundr Jhun July 17, 2008 Reply

    ow gosh. I need to repeat it again damn.

    Finally defeat minerva in 30 mins just easy.

    I got all genji equips and divine slayer.

    got another question when I save it and continue to new game+ will my equips and level are retain?

  164. mehmeh80 brian July 17, 2008 Reply

    yap your lvl, game time, sp, gil and equips will be carried over but with the exception of dmw materias and key items like backpack and etc

  165. nijuuahchi28 nijuuhachi28 July 28, 2008 Reply

    great guide.
    keep making.

  166. coolio John July 31, 2008 Reply

    AAAA..where i can find Apocalypse DMW materia….help!!!???

  167. mehmeh80 brian July 31, 2008 Reply

    apocalypse materia can only be bought in Net Shop Shade which is a treasure chest found in mission 9-5-4

    but be careful as this shop sells genji helmet also so make sure you have more than 1 million gil when you access this shop if not when you just go in to purchase the materia itself the next round in the genji helm cant be bought

  168. cesil_torreon cesil July 31, 2008 Reply

    how to combine heal firaga on crisis core final fantasy 7 on psp

  169. mehmeh80 brian August 5, 2008 Reply

    i think you meant hell firaga right??

    to get hell firaga fuse a mastered firaga materia with a mastered poison materia

    or you can fuse a dark fire materia with any dmw materias

    then to get dark fire just simply fuse fire materia with poison materia or fire materia with esuna materia

  170. smileynick1234 explyoshi August 6, 2008 Reply

    hey uhh can someone help me i cant unlock the tonberry missions and 4-3-1 thru 4-3-6. thnx

  171. smileynick1234 explyoshi August 7, 2008 Reply

    nvm i just answered my own question but still cant figure out tonberry misson

  172. mehmeh80 brian August 7, 2008 Reply

    to get to tonberry mission in 10-2-1, you will have to go thru mission 6-1-5 where in this mission you will need to walk around and search for the tonberry in the area, defeat it and then you will unlock mission 10-2-1

  173. mjazi_01 jedd August 12, 2008 Reply

    um… newbie here how do get to have the chance to use 4 accesories?!?!?!

  174. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 12, 2008 Reply

    As you progress through the game, you get access to more accessory slots

  175. smileynick1234 explyoshi August 12, 2008 Reply

    ye i just cant find a fira πŸ™‚ haha i had like 50 of em but i sp convert them all. can someone help me!?!

  176. ren_2o Why So Serious? August 19, 2008 Reply

    where i can get the Genji Set??

    how to make Quake and Electrocute Materia?? what materia should i fuse??

    HELP ME PLS!!! ?

  177. coyotitochin87 psp_coyo August 24, 2008 Reply

    how to get the divine slayer can anyone let me know Thank You

  178. mario_theodorus Mojo September 5, 2008 Reply

    Kill minerva

  179. jamiewong777 james September 6, 2008 Reply

    how can i have phoenix down easily (without stealing from minerva)?
    (you said i need 99 pheonix downs for libra hp999%)

  180. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 6, 2008 Reply

    repeat the game over and over using New Game+ and you’ll get there. It’s much simpler to just get to Minerva

  181. slammdunk91 tony September 7, 2008 Reply

    how do i get 100% on dmw

  182. allen.jeremiah jay September 8, 2008 Reply

    if you fuse a normal hp up with an hp up+ and elixirs, you get %10 added per elixir.

  183. cooltoffee_07 lostpinoy September 13, 2008 Reply

    I accidently combined my steal materia and saved the game. now, i dont know where to get a new steal materia… is there anyone here who can help me?

  184. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 13, 2008 Reply

    Contacts from P
    – Mission 7-4-1: First Contact

  185. asd Voodooman September 14, 2008 Reply

    sad, after getting most of the things for so long, Zack dies despite i got gazillion pheonix down or 99,999hp or 100 any stats… sad game for a replay

  186. coyotitochin87 psp_coyo September 14, 2008 Reply

    haiz.. dissappoint on the game ending ! why zack should die i thought when i train hard make my stat to max n have 99 phoenix down i wont die easy but i din expect that zack will be kill by three shinra soilder haizz just like that. if i know the ending will be like that then i wont waste 102 hour playing for this kind of ending. : (

  187. jamiewong777 james September 14, 2008 Reply

    i made a hp++ 999% as you told us, but if i combine it with costly punch it becomes the same hp++999%
    help me plz

  188. aeon.tan Aen September 14, 2008 Reply

    I have a slightly different way of farming cash. Equip Mog’s Amulet and farm Tonberries so on top of the gil they drop, you get 1 x Power Wrist each kill. I could easily made 1,000,000 gil in an hour.

    Aens last blog post..β€œI’m coming back.” Lance Armstrong’s Inspirational Message

  189. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 14, 2008 Reply

    @james: costly punch can only be created with a very limited set of materia. In example, costly punch + goblin punch = costly punch. You can use the HP + 999% you’ve created on other materias like Ultima though.

    @psp_coyo: errr.. it’s not the ending that made the game for me, but rather Zack’s character development. The ending should’ve been known to you if you played FF VII or are familiar with it.

  190. jamiewong777 james September 15, 2008 Reply

    i already have cotsly punch (iron fist+DMW), but i can’t combine hp++999% with costly punch because it becomes the same hp ++ 999%
    what do i have to do to have a curaga +hp999% ?!

  191. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 15, 2008 Reply

    @james: once the materia you have is already costly punch, you can’t combine it with hp+ even if it’s master. You have to combine it with 99 Phoenix Downs or 99 Fat Chocobo Feather to make it Costly Punch w/ HP+ 999%

    on curaga, if I remember correctly, you can use HP+ 999% and add it to a mastered Curaga Materia to for Curaga + HP 999%

  192. jamiewong777 james September 15, 2008 Reply

    ty for the info, but i can’t make it because
    hp++999% + curaga (master)= hp++999%

  193. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 15, 2008 Reply

    @james: if it’s HP++

    try this:
    HP++ (+999%HP) + Hell Firaga = Status Ward (+999%HP)
    Status Ward (+999%HP) + Curaga = Curaga (+999%HP)

  194. jamiewong777 james September 17, 2008 Reply

    thank you!!!!!
    never thought you could combine it like that πŸ˜€
    smart move!

  195. Thrive1221 Thrive September 17, 2008 Reply

    How do u get hp++999%?

  196. jamiewong777 james September 18, 2008 Reply

    read the guide

  197. ng_chian_ming Peter September 20, 2008 Reply

    why my costly punch only 9999 damage i got 50k life

  198. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 20, 2008 Reply

    @Peter: you have to have Brutal equipped to do more than 9999 damage. And you need another HP+ 999% materia

  199. ng_chian_ming Peter September 20, 2008 Reply

    Thanks sylv3rblade !! I got it now..

  200. jamiewong777 james September 20, 2008 Reply

    the hp up + monsters also appears in 4-4-2 as a boss and 4-4-3 as boss and monster, if you complpete the last one you also get 5Xadamantine ^^

  201. darkamethyst4 devibutterfly September 26, 2008 Reply

    !!!!!! I’m at Minerva with all genji’s (except the one you can only with magic pot, but I have protect ring) and costly punch, my hp is maxed out . My problem is with judgment arrow, as it takes away my all my 99,999 hp and negates my reraise, so I’m just left dead. I thought my only other option is to work on maxing out things like spr, lck, and so forth, but I read that judgment arrow isn’t suppose to take away all my hp. Not bad for a chick, right? LOl, can anyone offer some advice, it is much appreciated!!!!!

  202. lun lun September 26, 2008 Reply

    you need to be in “guard” stance to survive the judgement arrow attack.
    Make sure u hv > 65k HP all the time, u’ll be fine.

  203. darkamethyst4 devibutterfly September 27, 2008 Reply

    I didn’t think you could guard when something does a special like that, but I tried in anyway and doesn’t work. =(

  204. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 27, 2008 Reply

    @devibutterfly: what’s your SPR stat count?

  205. darkamethyst4 devibutterfly September 28, 2008 Reply

    Yeah, my stats pretty much suck and that’s what I thought it would come to.
    atk-65, vit-197, mag-142, spr-101, lck-46
    but is it really that bad though?
    If it is I’ve read enough of this site to know how to raise ’em, thanks to you! =P

  206. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 28, 2008 Reply

    raise spr to 200+ and vit to max (250). Judgement arrow is unblockable last I checked but it’s a physical attack. Also be sure to have the Genji Shield equipped or at least Protect Ring.

  207. darkamethyst4 devibutterfly September 29, 2008 Reply

    Thanks!!!!! My family freaked when I beat minerva and i screamed. Couldn’t have done it w/o this site!!!!!!!!

  208. renwickftw renwickftw October 6, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for this guide, I am on my way getting HP+999. However, I have a question. When I get that 130%, should I fuse that with another 130%? Or with a 100%, 70% or 20% ?

  209. mav3l2ick Sashi_Buridana!!! October 9, 2008 Reply

    Hey mate there is a much easier way. You can just steal 99 phoenix down from minerva like forever and fuse them with HP up for HP+999%. Then you can turn this hp to vit +100. And so on and so on. I didnt try with the other stats but i think it can be done. And maybe the trick so that costly punch or any other skill can become the “Costly punch *stat* +100” can be done too. Also you can sell the phoenix downs and buy materia to convert for huge amounts of sp.

  210. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 9, 2008 Reply

    but you still have to reach minerva…

  211. mav3l2ick Sashi_Buridana!!! October 9, 2008 Reply

    Its not that hard. I had genji shield, brutal, adaman bangle, Costly punch and an HP+ 800% to get there. Once you have that try to go to minerva (there are some tricky missions though along the way) I had 3 octaslash materia the two mastered and the third level 4 to get genji shield but you can do it without that too. Now i am in the proccess to master jack ^^ kave 3/4 genji and i am waiting for the armor. At DMW only cloud and Tseng at 80%. Wish me luck ^^ My point is that when i saw the crazy builds on the internet i thought i was too difficult to do it. But its not that hard afterall. So give it a try ^^

  212. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 9, 2008 Reply


    you didn’t get the point of the guide. It was supposed to help you get to Minerva THEN steal phoenix downs to easily max out your other stats.

  213. renwickftw renwickftw October 10, 2008 Reply

    Well after lots of farming and stuff, I’ve gotten Genji Shield and Armor, Brutal, Curaga HP+999%, Costly Punch HP+999% and Quake VIT+100. Gonna try to get up to 9-6-6 now, currently on the 9-4-x. And I’m level 63, should I be able to past the missions?

  214. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 10, 2008 Reply

    with Genji Shield you may get across but I recommend another materia that has +100 SPR or another +100 Vit

  215. renwickftw renwickftw October 10, 2008 Reply

    I just killed Minerva, took me about 20-25 mins, using up 2M of SP. If it wasnt for this guide, I definitely wouldnt have killed the hardest boss in the game. Thanks man!

  216. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 10, 2008 Reply

    glad to be of help.
    Please look forward to future guides that I’ll be posting ^_^

  217. renwickftw renwickftw October 11, 2008 Reply

    I have one fusion quesiton. I have a Graviga and Smart Consumer, that have a maxed stat on them. Is there anyway to change the type of stat (atk, vit, mag, spr, lck) while keeping the materia?

  218. pud_thai_boi peter October 11, 2008 Reply

    how do u get smart consumer w/HP+%?

  219. tarran.plummer Sephija October 14, 2008 Reply

    I’ve found a much easier and time saving way of farming. In mission 7-6-6 The determined recruiter you fight Lesser Worms, if you have mogs amulet equipped they each drop a Dark Matter and you always fight 3 at a time, just got 99 Dark Matters in less than an hour. Then fuse with your materia and change to what you want (Adamatite for VIT etc). Hope this helps people, great guide BTW, been very useful.

  220. tarran.plummer Sephija October 15, 2008 Reply

    Also, just incase people know this already but when gathering SP killing movers you get 8000SP for defeating the mover. However if you kill the enemy with the mover first then kill the mover this becomes 8000SP x 2, same if there are 2 other enemies with the mover but 8000SP x 3.

  221. jamiewong777 james October 15, 2008 Reply

    how can i get genji armor if i don’t have all DMW’s?
    (pheonix is missing)

  222. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 15, 2008 Reply

    If you’ve already passed the part of the story in Nifelheim then you have to finish the game and continue with New Game+.

    You CAN’T get Genji Armor if you don’t have all the DMW’s at 100%

  223. jamiewong777 james October 18, 2008 Reply

    i seem to have some trouble
    i checjed every treasure chest in 9-6-3
    and can’t find a genji shield…

  224. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 18, 2008 Reply

    genji shield can be obtained by defeating a magic pot o.O

    To defeat Magic Pot, just do the skills he’s asking.

  225. jamiewong777 james October 18, 2008 Reply

    err, sorry
    i mean genji GLOVES
    i can’t found the genjji gloves

  226. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 19, 2008 Reply

    Location: Treasure Chest in 9-6-4
    sorry.. I didn’t realize the typo.

  227. db_faderan91 legend_killerz01 October 23, 2008 Reply

    i found out the easiest way get the stat raisers, first go to 663 the don *pervert* corneo, equip mogs and the thing that doubles items dropped, usually 3 worms come out during each encounter, that way u get 6x dark matter in 1 fight!!
    there are movers here too, so 663 is the best place for sp gathering and dark matter farming, hope this helps!! πŸ˜€

  228. darjeelinggg boo October 26, 2008 Reply

    i got my HP UP ++ 999% and i’m at level 89. But only with 67467 HP, why so πŸ™

  229. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 26, 2008 Reply

    err you need 2 of them to get 99999 HP

  230. darjeelinggg boo October 26, 2008 Reply

    means i need to take up 2 materia slots??

  231. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 26, 2008 Reply

    yep.. then you combine it with costly punch (or any other materia you want) to make Costly Punch +HP 999%

  232. darjeelinggg boo October 26, 2008 Reply

    alright, thanks sylv3r πŸ™‚

  233. jamiewong777 james October 27, 2008 Reply

    does anyone know how to kill those bastard in mission 9-6-5?
    they suck your mp and ap to zero meaning i’m dead in an instant becuz i can’t heal or dodge…

  234. no_name365 projectfate November 3, 2008 Reply

    wer i can find steal materia or what materia’s i can fuse 2 get steal materia..

  235. xt3rri0r xt3rri0r November 3, 2008 Reply

    I got HP++ to 999% but when i fuse with curaga it doesn’t become curaga 999%

    Does it have to be HP+?

  236. mr-stick MrStick November 8, 2008 Reply

    Hi there.

    I have Mug MASTER AP+100%. And I want to make it have +100 VIT, but everytime I try to fuse it with something else it gives me Gill Toss which I don’t want.

    Know any tips for this?

  237. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 8, 2008 Reply

    fuse it with another AP+ AND Adamantite

  238. mr-stick MrStick November 9, 2008 Reply

    Sylv3r, if I fuse Mug Master AP+100% with a DMW AP+ or Steal AP+ with Adamantites, it still gives me Gill Toss.

  239. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 9, 2008 Reply

    ah my bad.. I didn’t read it at first as Mug.. I thought it was AP Up+

    sadly you can’t because Mug can only be created via:

    Mug : Smart Consumer (M) + Libra or any Materia with a grade that is less than or equal to 4.
    Mug: Steal + Electrocute

  240. the_hotseat skidoodle November 9, 2008 Reply

    i have adaman bangle already, do i have to fuse it with something? because i dont want to waste accessory slots by equipping it all the time. im using curaga +850% hp btw.

  241. mr-stick MrStick November 9, 2008 Reply

    Oh I see.
    I did some research and came across the ‘degrading materia’ method. But its a bit long. I could’ve done it, but unfortunately, my other ‘Mug’ materias just dissapeared!!! I don’t know if I ‘accidently’ used them to fuse, or SP Convert!!!

    But I think creating another one will be easer, but where do I get more ‘Smart Consumers? I only have 1.

    Thanks for the help

  242. mr-stick MrStick November 9, 2008 Reply

    AARGGH!!! I’m so annoyyed!!!

    I did the Magic Pot mission again to get Full Cure. After 30 minutes of my DMW finally getting Sephiroth, I end up getting another Genji Shield as I had it already equipped!!! And now after another 45 minutes, I never got Sephiroth DWM after like 10 encounters with the Magic pot, even though I have 2 Sephiroth DMW materias equipped. Seems like it doesn’t make a difference to me having it or not!!!!!

  243. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 9, 2008 Reply

    you can check out page 3 of the guide for the list of materia fusion formulas. On getting magic pot yeah, it’s really frustrating. I spend a whole week before getting it to work.

  244. mr-stick MrStick November 10, 2008 Reply

    Aaah no worries. lol, I managed to create a Smart Consumer and a new Mug, and now I have Mug lvl 1 VIT+100. I managed to get SPR+100, MAG+100, LCK+100 and ATK+100 on my materias. and Have HP+999% on like 7 or 8 different materias, where I can easily change them to LCK, ATK, VIT, SPR or MAG.

    I have Genji Shield, Glove, Armor and Ziedrich on. My stats are:
    Level 85
    ATK 164
    VIT 255
    MAG 255
    SPR 255
    LCK 146

    But I want to increase my LCK, how do I do that? I heard its best to have LCK 155+ for Minerva.

    And thanks again or the help/tips. Oh and I left Magic Pot for now. Going to concentrate on Minerva XD. But blimey, a week!! I managed to get the Genji Shield first time without THAT much trouble, but it took the right mick the second time. I didn’t want another Genji Shield!!!! ARGH! lol

  245. mr-stick MrStick November 10, 2008 Reply

    skedoodle. Sorry didn’t see your comment there.
    First of all, you have to clarify what your asking about.
    Why do you want to fuse your Adaman Bangle with something?
    What exactly do you want to know/ask?

  246. the_hotseat skidoodle November 10, 2008 Reply

    @ mr stick

    adaman bangle cant be fused with other materia? i have it equipped right now and im using curaga +999% hp. I wanna know if you still get the hp break effect if its fused with other materia. i dont wanna waste accesory slots by equipping it all the time πŸ˜›

    i just started chapter 6 and im level 55, im using curaga(master) +hp999%, electrocute (leveling it up so i can make ultima) , mug(master) +ap250%, wall (master)mag +8, vit up + (level 1), atk up +24 (master)

    is this any good?

  247. mr-stick MrStick November 11, 2008 Reply


    You can not transfer accessory stats to materia, unfortunately. Therefore, it won’t make a difference if you fuse it, it will just be wasted. Also, in missions Mission 2-5-2 and Mission 3-5-4 you can get Ultima. And, you don’t need Electrocute to get Ultima. Flare and Energy will do perfectly fine. That’s how I made my Ultima.

    With regards to your materia. Thats pretty decent for the point where you are. But personally, I believe Tri-Thunder, or Hell Thundaga is better than Electrocute as its more accurate. But that depends on you and if you have them.

    What other accessories do you have equipped?

    Oh by the way Sylv3r. I’m alright now. Don’t need to help. Also, why does everyone panic when it comes to Minerva?

  248. nout_scout hi November 11, 2008 Reply

    minerva’s really easy just keep on using pheonix downs and costly punch and you’ll be just fine

  249. mr-stick MrStick November 11, 2008 Reply

    I know. I’ve already beaten her and gotten the Divine Slayer and the Heike Soul. It was easy. I only used like 8 or 9 phoenix down, 2 or 3 elixers, 2 ethers and somas, and like roughly less than 20 curagas and defeated her easily. Was quite suprised. XD

    Now, just have to finish the game again (finished it 3 times, but didn’t save lol), get minerva again on Hard and defeat her when she has 20mil HP!!!! wowzers!

  250. the_hotseat skidoodle November 11, 2008 Reply

    @mr stick

    im currenty using adaman bangle, brutal, shinra beta + and either mog’s amulet, ribbon, safety bit, wizard armlet depending on the mission/ situation.

    i just got costly punch the other day.

    my hp is only 54k+ and im using a combo of curaga +999%hp and hp up + level 3 +280%. what should i add so that my hp can go to 99,999?

  251. mr-stick MrStick November 12, 2008 Reply

    I see. Well thats a good combo for the accessories. To get your HP to 99,999, the ideal thing is to have 2 materias that have HP+999%. But even if YOU have that, you won’t have 99,999 as your at level 55 your HP is around 4,000. Thus, your HP can only get to 80,000 MAX at the moment. Once you get to Level 70ish, you should have 5,000, which will then give you 99,999hp. Also, in my advice, dont concentrate too much on Mag,Atk, Vit and Spr Up’s. I think its a waste of time leveling them up. Sure you can level up one of each ++ Ups. but not the regular ones. If your thinking why and that you need it to get your materia to +100 whatever. well, there is a better way. How? Using Phoenix downs. Fuse the desired materia to another materia which will give you the same result i.e.

    Quake with Dash, will give you Quake. Therefore, Fuse them together along with 1 Fat Chocobo Feather. This will make the Quake become Quake Lvl 1 hp+10% or more, depending what ‘Mag+’ it already has. After that, Fuse the new Quake with another Dash/Libra/Quake with 98 Phoenix Downs (or less, depending on how much hp+% it is at), and it will give you Quake Hp+999%. After that, simple fuse it again with another materia along with Adamantite, Gyshal Green, Mythril, Hero Drink or whatever to get your desired 100+. Where can you get 99 Phoenix downs? When you unlock the Minerva mission! Just steal it from that thing! XD [Have Mug and Brigand’s Glove equipped, mug her, then die, and wala!]

    Oh and also, try not to Master every materia like I tried to do!!! Because some materia, that you will be using again minerva or whatever, you may need to add +100 to it, but you won’t be able to get the same materia when fusing as its Mastered. For example, Mug, once its mastered and you want it to have Vit +100, and fuse it with dash or something, you will always end up with Gill Toss. You can get around this, by degrading your materia, but its a long and confusing method. Therefore, keep atleast 1 mug lvl4 or below.

    Hope that helps

  252. the_hotseat skidoodle November 12, 2008 Reply

    thanks. very useful info. im currently finishing most of the missions so that i can unlock mission 9-3-4 so i can start stat modifying. so what materia would be good with the +999% hp modifier? is costly punch good?

    btw, how should i know which items to sell and which materia to sp convert, besides those that can be bought from shops? i currently have a lot of extra junk in my inventory because of all the missions ive been doing.

  253. mr-stick MrStick November 13, 2008 Reply

    Your welcome :). Glad it helped.
    Well, yes, that is a good choice, as its a main materia to use against Minerva. Two materias that I believe you should equip with HP+999% are Curaga and Costly Punch. I, however, had several other materia with HP+999% or Vit+100, as I didn’t need the one that I already had against minerva. Quake is a really good Materia as well as Flare. Flare is more quicker than Ultima, but Ultima is generally more powerful (from what I have gathered).

    Hmmm, quite a lengthy discussion. come to and we can discuss things there (when we’re both on at the same time :P)

  254. the_hotseat skidoodle November 13, 2008 Reply

    hmmkay, i checked your site and you weren’t there haha. so my costly punch is level 2 right now (atk +2 i think), i should fuse it with which materia to ensure that i’ll get costly punch +999% hp?

    i just finished unlocking mission 9-3-4, cant wait to get started on stat modifying! :))

    i also got energy and flare. so next materia to master should be ultima?

  255. mr-stick MrStick November 14, 2008 Reply

    Aah sorry. I was out at that time. We live in different time zones (UK for me). Sorry about that.

    But yeah, I have 8 Ultimas, of which 1 was created (fusion), along with 8 Energys, 7 Flares and 5 Electorcutes and 2 Costly Punches (can have more if I want, and also, I finished all missions). So hopefully, you should end up with something like that.

    Well, I can’t remember what exactly I fused it with, I think it was Libra or Dash. But hey, while your reading this go back to the site I sent you.

  256. the_hotseat skidoodle November 14, 2008 Reply

    okay okay. i already made ultima and currently in the process of mastering it. im just doing adamantine farming right now, too lazy to continue with the story.

    got lots of extra materia lying around, should i just convert them to sp?

    also does the stat modifier trick work for fat chocobo feather as well?

  257. mr-stick MrStick November 15, 2008 Reply

    Oh I see. Convert? Well, depends on what materia they are and how many of them you have.

    Like I said, you don’t have to do farming for things like that.Once you get Minerva, everything is more than jolly good.

    Fat Chocobo Feathers play an important role in Stat Modifying. Using it along with the desired materia, you’ll change its effect to ‘+HP??%’. Once you have that, fuse the new materia again, using 99 phoenix downs (if the materia has 200%, you can use 80p hoenix downs). That will give you 999%, and then fuse once more along with an Adamantine to get SPR or whatever!

    Farming for them is more effort and time consuming
    If you want, try to get a materia with +100 ATK (you should have Vital Slash or something with +65 ATK) it will be usefull against the level 9 mission to get to minerva. Also, once you’ve done 9-5-6. You’ll get Ziedrich, which is reaally good. Boosts up most of your stats. By the way, try getting the Genji Shield I think from Majic Pot in Mission 7-6-6. But it will ask for ‘Gil Toss’, ‘Costly Punch’, ‘99,999 damage’ and ‘Octoslash’. So you still have quite a bit to go until you get to there, but just thought of letting you know before hand

  258. the_hotseat skidoodle November 15, 2008 Reply

    oh. im in the process of finishing all the missions in 9-4. but i keep dying :))
    im using:

    curaga master +999%hp
    costly punch master +999%hp
    mug master +350%ap
    and either flare, ultima, wall, zantetsuken, tri thundaga.

    just got to level 72 yesterday.

    i already finished the missions under 4,6,7,and 8.

    im really irritated coz i cant get the dmw to octaslash :)) very frustrating. i hear it will take you like 25 or so hours? =))

  259. mr-stick MrStick November 16, 2008 Reply

    Ohhh I see. I know how you feel. I been through it. I’m at level 89, just finished the game AGAIN for the 5th time and this time I’m saving it lol!.

    Also, I know about the Magic Pot. I spent hours on it. I wanted Full Cure. I managed to get Octaslash, 3 times succesfully (took me 3 hours or so) but I didn’t get Full Cure, got another Genji Shield and then the 2 other times got Impervious twice -_- which took the pi** a lot!!! ARGH!! so I just couldn’t be bothered and finished the game.

    I also beat Minerva again for the fun of it lol

    When I tried it I had 4 Octaslashes (3 mastered with 1 at level 2, which gave me Octaslash x22) Costly Punch and Gil Toss XD

  260. ericcua19 noob November 17, 2008 Reply

    how can i get ‘99,999 damage’ for magic pot in 7-6-6?

  261. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 18, 2008 Reply

    just hit magic pot if you have costly punch dealing 99,999 already with brutal equipped

  262. safecloud SafeCloud November 22, 2008 Reply

    Just found that if you steal from the main boss in 4-4-4 with mog’s amulet and brigand’s gloves on you get a Goblin Punch. I did it twice in a row.

  263. asdasdasdasdasd123 Ziedrich November 22, 2008 Reply

    um how can i find heiki soul????

  264. asdasdasdasdasd123 Ziedrich November 22, 2008 Reply

    uhh how can i defeat mako ifrit?????

    the hellfire’s powerful than expected

    anyone help????

  265. mr-stick MrStick November 23, 2008 Reply

    @Noob. Make sure you attack is over 100 first. And as Sylv3r said, use Brutal along with Costly Punch to deliver 99,999 damage. BUT make sure your HP is not at break. Otherwise it won’t work.

    Aah yes that is a way to get the Goblin Punch. Also you get it in a mission later on. Another way is, when you go to Zacks hometome, before fighting Dr.Hollander, theres a part where you come to waterfall. after having a few battles there, you can play a mini game. Do very good in the mini-game, or something like that, and you’ll get Goblin Punch. I actually missed this part XD

    Regarding the Heike Soul, you can only get it once you defeat Minerva. Yes, Minerva, and also complete every mission = have 100%.

    Now on to defeating Mako Ifrit, make sure you have atleast 80,000hp. This is to make it easier for you. And also, boost up your MAG and VIT to around 200 if you can. Using Hell Blizzaga or something against Mako Ifrit should do big damage. Heal yourself regularly. I think I beat him with normal attacks. I had the Zeidrich equipped which boosted my stats a lot. Make sure you have that XD.

    Hope that helps

  266. asdasfasfasdas123 Ziedrich November 23, 2008 Reply


    but i got the mission 9-6-6 minerva

    at only 46% of the mission

    should i finish it all before defeating minerva???

    i always die bcos of judgement arrow

    and at 7-6-6

    why do i always get genji shield???

    i thought at 2nd time it’s different???

  267. asdasdasfasfasagf123 Ziedrich November 23, 2008 Reply

    can i defeat minerva with these stats???

    atk 164
    vit 202
    mag 255
    spr 255
    lck 46


    costly punch vit 41
    libra spr 100
    energy mp 70%
    gil toss hp 999%
    dark thundaga mag 100
    curaga hp 930%


    genji glove
    adaman bangle
    genji shield

    i just bought one genji helm should i use it?????

    what does it mean 100% DMW to get genji armor???

    get all DMW’s??

    or all of them have 100%????

    i have only 2 DMW’s left to find

    the phoenix and cactuar!!

    pls heelp!!


  268. asdasfasgafasfas123 Ziedrich November 23, 2008 Reply

    how can i unlock the mission for cactuar???

    heehee sorry i have too many questions..

  269. asfdajnvkmew123 LoL November 23, 2008 Reply

    man i have a question….

    i think three stars is better than mover Re’s

    they give 20000sp

  270. asdasdasgfdasyhgdyh123 Ziedrich November 23, 2008 Reply


    i can’t defeat minerva!!!!

    judgement arrow cancels my reraise status!!!and killss meeee

    can sum1 help???

  271. mr-stick MrStick November 23, 2008 Reply

    At mission 7-6-6, the first time you get the Genji Shield. If you equip it, the second time you will get Genji Shield. The third time you might get Impervious or Full Cure. For me, I got Genji Shield for the first 2 times, and then the 3rd and 4th time I got Impervious. So yeah, it is frustrating.

    And to get the Cactuar Missions, in Mission 3-1-3, defeat the Cactuar there, and you will unlock the Cactuar missions.

    Also, yes, get all DMWs to 100%, then you will get the Genji armor. You get Cactuar from defeat him in the Cactuar mission, and Phoenix, you will get when your at Nibelhiem as part of a side quest when you talk to a boy about some wonders.
    Unfortunately, your stats are not good enough to defeat Minerva.

    Try having your materia like this. Doesn’t have to be the same materia, but the stats are vital. This was my setup and stats:

    My stats are:
    Level 87
    ATK 165
    VIT 255
    MAG 255
    SPR 255
    LCK 146

    Curaga HP+999%
    Costly Punch HP+999%
    Quake LCK+100
    Mug VIT+100
    Assault Twister/Tri-Fire SPR+100
    Flare MAG+100 [better to have it LCK+100 so your luck is 255]

    Accessories: Genji Shield, Genji Glove, Genji Armor and Ziedrich on.


    Have something like that with those stats Doesn’t have to be the same materia. But Curaga and Costly Punch are VITAL, and Mug if you don’t have at least 20 phoenix downs (just in case)! And same with having at least 70,000hp (make sure you have 99,9999 though, otherwise, if you get BREAK HP, costly punch won’t work)
    AP and MP are not that important. Having around 350 of both is enough,as you wont be using it much. Having luck MAX is really beneficial. ATK is not that important, but your attack will be above 140 if your level 70+ and have Zeidrich eqquipped.

    Make sure you start the battle with Minerva with Raise on. And steal 99 Phoenix Downs from her. Keep using Costly Punch and block all her attacks as much as you can. Make sure you DEFFINETLY block Ultima, and have your finger on ‘Curaga’. As soon as Ultima takes a whooping 65,000hp off you or so, Cure your self. Sometimes she does it twice in a row. Also, as soon as you see the ‘Judgement Arrow’ sign at the top, go to your Items. After the move, quickly use a Phoenix down, and use an Elixir to recover you HP, MP and AP. Keep repeating this, and in no time, you should defeat her. It only takes no more than 110 Costly Punches XD (she has 10million HP, but she cures herself).

    I hope that Helps!

    EDIT: Currently, I am re-doing the game on hard to defeat her when she has 20million!. No where near getting her yet though, just became 1st Class XD

  272. asdafdff123 Ziedrich November 24, 2008 Reply

    tnx man

    just defeated minerva

    got only divine slayer

  273. lolljhg123 Ziedrich November 24, 2008 Reply

    umm i had an accident

    i fused my drainga +500% hp (just got it somewhere)

    and i want my luck to be 100

    but i fused it to sp master and i don’t want it

    how can i degrade this or fuse them to other materias so i cannot get sp master anymore???

  274. mr-stick MrStick November 25, 2008 Reply

    Congratulations on defeating Minerva!
    Was it really that hard? And yes, you get Divine Slayer. Its pretty decent actually.

    Also. You can’t change your SP Master, well, don’t think you can :S. I think its a high level materia. You can fuse it with Gil Toss to get Gil Toss. But it also depends on the level – if its mastered or what? And degrading is not easy, its quite hard to understand it etc.

    And personally, don’t worry too much about it. Steal 99 Phoenix downs. Fuse your desired materia with another materia that will give you the same materia along with a Fat Chocobo Feather. This will make your materia have hp+??%. fuse that materia again with another to get same materia with 99 phoenix downs. your materia should now have hp+999%. fuse it one last time again, but use mythril, or whatever to get you your LCK, and it will be +100!!!.

    NOTE: hp 10% = +1 for lck,mag,spr,vit,atk.

    100%= 10, 75%=75 etc.

    Hope that helps.

  275. krazyxtwisted RICKY BOBBY November 28, 2008 Reply

    Hey guys I’ve been reading the thread for the last couple of days and appreciate all the info. I had a few ?? though…

    How do I get access to tri – fire/thunder/ice attacks, Ultima, Flare, Energy, etc. (strongest magic)?

    Also is Mug an important materia? And whats the difference between Mug and Steal.

    I notice on the front page the creator had Smart Consumer materia and I just made it myself but it doesn’t seem too useful.

    Also what type of stats should I fuse together? I figured we won’t need ATK +100 since you’ll be using Costly Punch mostly or am I mistaken?

    Any help is appreciated I just wanna be able to beat the Strongest Boss

  276. kkkkk143 Ziedrich November 28, 2008 Reply


    tnx man!!!!

    it also helps that my luck is 100 above

    cuz i always get to modulating phase!!!

    i started all over again

    so that i can get 100% of missions

    and get the soul of heike

  277. mr-stick MrStick November 29, 2008 Reply

    @Ricky Bobby,
    Its always useful/helpful if you state where you are in the game, your level etc. What your saying is too vague, as it seems you still have quite some time to go. Seems like you didn’t quite read one of my previous posts regarding these materia, well, you will get many Ultimas, Flare, Tr-Fire and Tri-Thunder during the game.

    Whats so good about Smart Consumer you say? It increases the effect of consumable items. May not sound that useful, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it. Also, the difference between Steal and Mug is obvious. Steal just steals from the enemy, that’s it. While Mug does not only steal, but also hurts the enemy – causing it some damage, so its an attack and steal put together. Mug is very useful indeed. Keep them all the time.

    Finally, yes Costly Punch is needed. And again, seems like you didn’t read my previous posts as I already mentioned defeat the hardest boss/Minerva. Please scroll up and read them.

    You n00b!!! You shouldn’t have restarted again!! Once you’ve killed minerva, you should’ve just completed the missions to 100% then and get the Heike Soul. It would make things much easier! But also, the Heike Soul is not good to use against Minerva unless you have lots of SP like over 10million. I have 5mill. Went to get a phoenix downs from her twice or thrice. Ended up with 2.9 million SP, as I had Heike Soul which has SP Master level 1 or something, which uses SP to make your defense and attack stronger.

    Hope that helps

  278. ahasjifanbskfaskj123 Ziedrich November 29, 2008 Reply

    well, i have “???” in my mission -monters in midgar!!!how do i suppose to get back to midgar?????



    i have really 2 missions left!!!

    and can be only get when ur in midgar!!

    so how do i get that??



  279. loasoalp Ziedrich November 29, 2008 Reply

    I’m at depths of judgement that’s why i just restarted all over again

  280. delita0528 sasuke November 30, 2008 Reply

    hey i wanted to show you a couple of neat stuff for the materia fusion guide. for the Dark magic stuff (Dark fire, Dark thunder, Dark Blizzard, etc.) if you actually fuse a fire(m)+esuna(m) then the result is a Hell fire. Do the same to get Hell Fira and Hell Firaga and to get Hell Blizzard or Hell Blizzara or Hell Blizzaga, just put in Blizzard(m)+esuna(m) and same goes with thunder. The difference between Hell and Dark is that Hell has a higher chance of inflicting a bad status on the monster than Dark does. plus, Hell does a little more damage.

  281. mr-stick MrStick November 30, 2008 Reply

    aaaah!! That takes the mick Zeidrich!!!!
    Ok then, understandable. This time becarefull, try doing all the missions you can and then move on in the game xD. Also, did you do the Wutai spies?

    By the way, did you finish the game or restart from the beginning? If you restarted a new game you are a n00b! You should finish off the game, so you keep your stats and materia, and then the next game will be easy to do!!!

    Sasuke, you can buy them materia later on in the game. But yes, you can get them through fusion like that.

  282. ffantasy7_cloud Quincy December 1, 2008 Reply

    erm. i kinda need help. my hp+ is already at the max level which is master and i cant fuse it with my curaga. it gives me the same material which is hp+. is there anythi i can do?

  283. mr-stick MrStick December 1, 2008 Reply

    Well Quincy, don’t worry too much about it. I think you have to fuse it with a Level 4 Curaga. That should work, I hope.

    Anything else?

  284. fkasfjn123 Ziedrich December 1, 2008 Reply

    i finished all the wutai missions

    i have just 2 missions left missing

    in monsters in midgar folder

    not folders but 2 missions

    that’s why i restarted

  285. the_hotseat skidoodle December 1, 2008 Reply

    mr stick! its me again! hahaha!

    im at chapter 9 and im really pissed with the 4th wonder mini quest. i cant find the combo for the safe.

    im at lvl 78 now and im using

    curaga hp +999%
    costly punch hp+950%
    tri thundaga (cant remember the stat it has, i think mp + something %)
    flare +30 mag,
    ultima +350% mp
    and mug +100 vit

    im adamantine farming so i can modify the flare and ultima stat to atk and spr respectively, i have a question though, does luk really affect the dmw? i thought it only affects crit?

    and should i modify my accessories?

    besides always having adaman bangle and brutal equipped, i sometimes use a combo of power and energy suit or ribbon and safety bit.

    and another question! why does my ap sometimes go to 0 when i equip the power suit and unequip a materia that adds ap?

  286. mr-stick MrStick December 2, 2008 Reply

    @Zeidrich. That really does take the piss πŸ™ its a shame its those two missions in midgar. Grrr. Well, things should be easier for you now πŸ™‚

    Skidoodle! Yo man!

    78? Blimey, not bad. Your stats are ok, but you won’t need the mp+, instead you’ll need 2 Hp+ materias (fused with curaga like you have), and the rest 4 materias should have Lck+100, Vit+100, Spr+100 and Mag+100. Atk is not that important. You need this for Minerva.

    Don’t waste time on farming. Its not needed. Things get much easier as soon as you unlock Minerva. Your HP is 99,999 which is really good. Just have Zeidrich equipped with Genji Armor and Shield, and materias like quake, and your good to go in doing the 6-6-? missions! If you don’t have the Genjis, get them instead of wasting time on farming!!! Oh wait, you get Zeidrich at mission 6-5-6. But use brutal and other attack ups. (materia with atk+ something) along with costly punch should be very helpful actually. And LUCK is important, as it decreases critical damage, more success of critical hits for you etc. From what I’ve heard, it does effect dmw. But I didn’t notice that lol. xD

    Lastly, power suit is only for your attack and VIT or was it SPR. It reduces your MAG and VIT/SPR. Something for the other accessories. its not important, leave it.

    Leave your accessories. as they are.

    Hope that helps

  287. nurulaine Ayien December 2, 2008 Reply

    thanks a lot. this is what i’m looking for *tired*.

    btw, whats the meaning of ‘M’?
    ex: Fira = fire (M) + libra (M).
    hope you can reply mine.

  288. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 2, 2008 Reply

    M = Mastered Materia

  289. nurulaine Ayien December 2, 2008 Reply

    thanks sylv3rblade:-)

  290. nurulaine Ayien December 3, 2008 Reply

    sorry. i’m asking again. i just want to know where to get assault twister? and how to get mastered materia? thanks.

  291. jljojojlho Ziedrich December 3, 2008 Reply


    you can master ur materia

    by the DMW..

    it depends on the number where the slots

    of materias were put

    moogle also can help lvl up ur materias

    if level 5, then all materias u equipped are MASTERED

  292. the_hotseat skidoodle December 3, 2008 Reply

    thanks sir stick. i just finished defeating mako ifrit which took me like…. 10 or more tries. he was such a handful. i got ziedrich from this chest in mission 9-5- something. and i already bought genji helm.

    now im kinda stuck at the mission with the three kakutars. i always die when they die. so whats up with that? i hit them with costly punch, and the next thing i know i have 0 hp.

    im lvl 80 right now btw.

  293. mr-stick MrStick December 4, 2008 Reply

    @Aiyen, you will get plenty of Assault Twisters throughout the game. It seems like you just started. Play the game for a bit longer and you will get it.

    Greetings Skidoodle! lol Sir Stick xD I like πŸ˜›

    Well done in beating him!! Yeah I know what you mean, he was a pain. How did I defeat him? Aah yes. Attacked with Costly Punch and blocked his attacks until he gave an opening. And Well Done on getting the Zeidrich πŸ˜€ Now things get easier!

    Have Zeidrich Equipped with break HP and Attack (either the other Genji’s or Brutal and that). And the 4th accessorie, have errm…. anything that will be benefit for you. Make sure your stats like VIT and SPR are 200. The trick in beating them, which I did, and yes, I had a lot of problems with those little ******s myself! If there are 2 or more, try to make them together, and then hit one with costly punch and hopefully it should hit the other cactuars behind it giving 99,999 damage to all 3, try doing 2 Costly Punches and then RUN AWAY!! Run around getting near them and try to avoid their 1000 needles and do it again, always keep your HP up above 70k for better survival chance. This should do the trick. Also, try to avoid the battles by hugging the walls! I did this A LOT in the 6-6-? missions. Another way is, what I did, is when my hp was full, I just tried escaping, ended up loosing 40k or so HP, but just used Potions (they cure 9999 and are cheap, better than hi-potions in my case).

    OH and you could try this, not sure if it will work or be effective enough, but have dual cast equipped and your MAG at 255. Equip Tri-Fire and use it agains them. Zack will release 6 shots. At normal enemy it should do around 25-30k damage each. A good thing about it is that its long range. So you can stay away from them instead of trying to get close with the Costly Punch (still have it equipped). But it might not work, as its Cactuar!

    Well, try it and let me know how it goes!!

  294. badmex13 Aric December 4, 2008 Reply

    im anoob and i dont know anything, but how do you get pheonix downs and how do u get all this awesome materia like energy dual cast ect?

    please help

  295. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 4, 2008 Reply

    you can get 99 phoenix downs from Minerva… Dual cast can be bought and energy can be created using the guide on page 3

  296. badmex13 aric December 5, 2008 Reply

    thanxs but how do i get to minerva

  297. the_hotseat skidoodle December 5, 2008 Reply

    sir stick!

    okay, i tried killing cactuar with the tri fire technique you suggested, and it took me like… 20 minutes to kill all 3. when i got to minerva, the battle didnt even last 20 seconds. as soon as i stepped i front and tried to attack, bang! i get hit with a spell, thors hammer i think, and my face hit the ground.

    i got genji shield from magic pot though! i got it in my second attempt, coz my first attempt, the dmw didnt do octaslash, i did rush asssault but i was lucky enough to encounter magic pot 2 times in a row!

    i have a question, is dualcast essential in defeating minerva? i mean, its always useful to cast curaga 2 times in a row right?

  298. mr-stick MrStick December 6, 2008 Reply

    You have to have missions 6-6-1. Minerva is at 6-6-6. To get missions 6-6-1 you have to complete missions 6-5-6. So complete missions 6-2-6 and 6-3-6 and then do the rest of the missions for 6-4-1 and onwards untill you get to Minerva. Its not easy by the way. So be prepared! (overall, you have to be at Chapter 6 in the game where you talk to the Shinra Manager and secretary in the main Shinra HQ Hall)

    *slaps forehead* Skidoodle! I said try using the tri-fire technique if it proves to be useful! lol. Sorry I wasn’t clear on that. But atleast you did it xD. Sorry again. I used the costly punch way. lol

    With regards to Minerva, look at my comment on her – defeating her and my stats. (post 271). Atleast have stats like that, if not like that, then something similar. Doesn’t have to be the same materia, it can be anything, but Costly Punch and Curaga are ESSENTIAL.

    Also, read my other post, which is Post 251, for how to get +100 on your materia (only selected materia!, you have to see which is suitable when doing the first step). If you need more clarification, please ask. But! read what I said in those posts CAREFULLY!. lol.

    Hmmm, Dualcast with Curaga. Thats a great idea. It works and is very effective. How comes that didn’t come to my head? Damn, oh well. Great Contribution Skidoodle! You make me proud!! πŸ˜€

  299. sjhasuihdasuihd1234 Ziedrich December 6, 2008 Reply

    oh just got 100% missions

    got heike soul

    hmm the only thing i hate

    is that it has sp master

    T_T man…

    it’s even worse than curse status…

    but i love it too coz it has

    dualcast and all kinds of abilities

  300. sdjhhasuhasuhd324432 Ziedrich December 6, 2008 Reply

    hmm is the mission of minerva-reigning deity


    or 9-6-6???

  301. the_hotseat skidoodle December 6, 2008 Reply

    glad to be of help mr stick πŸ™‚ so i tried to defeat minerva again last night, i dont know how long that battle was taking me. and how many phoenix downs it took. i was getting pretty bored, especially with the whole judgement arrow-elixir-phoenix down-repeat process so i just let myself die. i was experimenting on which combo of materia was good but then again, costly punch is the most effective.

    my current lineup besides curaga hp+999% and costly punch+950% is…

    tri fire +100 mag
    mug +100 vit
    quake +100 spr
    (i forgot) +100 luk

    right now, im trying to get all DMW to 100%, the only dmw left are cloud (90%), cissnei (90%) and genesis (10%)
    its kinda frustrating too coz when cissnei comes up in the modulating phase, it changes to the reel where bahamut and all the others are.

    oh! and this may be a little off topic but i watched FF7 last order last night and it was awesome! lol.

  302. ffantasy7_cloud Quincy December 6, 2008 Reply

    hey MrStick. the other time u told me to fuse my lvl4 curaga with my hp+(m). but it doesn’t work. does anyone else has any solutions for this? to fuse curaga with my hp+(m).

  303. mr-stick MrStick December 7, 2008 Reply

    Lol Zeidrich, it is 9-6-6. My mistake! I didn’t remember that it was a mistake, but was too late lol.

    And I know how you feel. It is a disappointment on the fact it has SP Master. I lost 2million SP when getting 99 phoenix downs from her twice. Didn’t realise it until I noticed my SP went from 5mill to 2.9 million or something like that.

    @Skidoodle, lol! It took me not even 10 minutes to defeat her. Simple use as many Costly Punches as you can until her next attack and block or evade. It took me roughly 10 phoenix downs and 2 elixirs. Wasn’t that hard to be honest.

    About mastering your DMW to 100%, I know it was frustrating for me as well. It took me over A LOT of hours to get Sephiroth from 75% to 100%. And trust me, you don’t want to know the number of hours lol.

    @Quincy. Then I don’t know. I fused my Curaga and HP+ aaaages ago. Can’t remember what I did. I think I fused my HP+ to get something else with HP+???% and then fused that with Curuga to get my Curaga with the HP+???%. Something like that. Save and then experiment the obvious fusions! Sorry xD

  304. ffantasy7_cloud Quincy December 7, 2008 Reply

    btw wad is so good bout smart consumer? o.o

  305. asdaaaknoasffwjio12345 Zeidrich December 7, 2008 Reply


    smart consumer


    u use ether

    but it only heals half of ur mp

    if u have smart consumer

    it doubles

    or so what they say

    so if u use ether it heals ur MP fully

  306. jfjhajhf123 Zeidrich December 7, 2008 Reply

    umm can someone help me how

    can i fuse my full cure to other materias

    so the reuslt will also be full cure

    if i fuse my full cure the result is not full cure

  307. the_hotseat skidoodle December 7, 2008 Reply

    Do i have to get to chapter 11 to unlock all the memories? and is it true that you have to set your dmw to heavenly before you can view the memories in genesis’ dmw?

    the problem i have with minerva is she’s too aggressive, and keeps on using the crimson flare – flash slash combo. i cant get close to her. and when i hit her with costly punch, right away she uses thors hammer or that feather thing to damage me.

  308. aaifaiosioio431 Zeidrich December 7, 2008 Reply


    u can sometimes cannot be hit by photon feather when ur near to minerva…or simply block it

    thor’s hammer–ucan dodge it with the right timing, when she hammers her staff

    crimson flare–block it, yes you should block it..

    flash slash—if u raise ur luck to 155 above she can’t double hit her flash slash but it’s up 2 u…

    by the way what’s ur stats???

  309. mr-stick MrStick December 9, 2008 Reply

    Smart Consumer increases the effects of consumable items such as; Potion, Ether, Soma….

    :O You got Full Cure! Before me!? :O lol. No problem. Unfortunately, you can’t fuse it to get the same results. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be saying have Curaga with HP+999%, and instead have Full Cure. We use Curaga as you can fuse it to get the same result. However, we don’t, well more like can’t use Full Cure as it will always give you a different result. There are a few materia that you can not fuse to get back to the original state. Full Cure is one of them.

    @Skidoodle, as Zeidrich said. I usually throw 2 or 3 Costly Punches until she does Photon Feathers, and just stay close to her to avoid it, if anything get hit once or twice which only does 2500 damage roughly, or not even that. Sometimes I dodge ’em :D.
    Thors hammer is easy to judge. As you as you see it at the top ‘Thors Hammer’ wait a second or two and then dodge. It won’t take long to get used to it. Her Flash Slash, I most of the time dodge it.
    With regards to her Crimson Flare, always get right close to her and keep on blocking. If you don’t it may take upto 23,000 off you, if you block it gets reduced to 3,000 or so. As soon as your effected by its hit, quickly throw a good 2 or 3 Costly Punches.

    The one where she freezes you, you can reduce the damage by blocking just in time. Oh and keep the Genji Shield on (the one with Auto-Regen). Its EXTREMELY useful. I had it when I first battled her seriously. And it was a great help.I didn’t worry too much on curing as long as my HP was above 75,000, even though the ice move took about 12,000.

    As soon as you see ‘Judgement Arrow’ above, quickly put your finger on to the items list. As soon as judgement arrow is done, click on your items, left, and straight away use a phoenix down. It only took me no more than 10 (could have been 8 or 9 lol)

    Your stats seem to be good like mine – should be if your at level 80ish. So I don’t see why your facing problems.

    I don’t think you need to ask anymore. Just look at my stats and method.

    Oh and about unlocking all memories, I don’t know if you have to be at chapter 11. I thought you do, but not sure. I was at the last chapter when I got 100%. Also, about the heavenly thing, don’t have a clue on that. The last 2 people I had to get to 100% was Cloud, and the worst Sephiroth. Blimey! Lets not go how long it took me to get Sephiroth!!!!!

  310. asfasfasjl141421212 Zeidrich December 9, 2008 Reply

    so how about full cure and i fuse it with full cure???does it give also full cure???

  311. sfkjnasishuifawh9831 Zeidrich December 9, 2008 Reply

    they say u can get full care by rare steal on goliath mission 9-6-5

  312. vampire_6000000 curious December 9, 2008 Reply

    hey i need some help here, how do i defeat that stupid bird in hojo’s experiment mission? it keeps regen after i hit it. πŸ™

  313. the_hotseat skidoodle December 9, 2008 Reply

    thanks guys. when im battling minerva i always have adaman bangle, ziedrich, genji glove, genji shield equipped.

    wait does genji shield give auto regen? i thought it only gave auto barrier, mbarrier, immunity to status effects and absorb elemental attacks?

    im really ticked off, i cant get cloud and cissnei’s dmw to 100%. its still stuck at 90%. with genesis im starting to give up on it coz it stays at 10%

  314. afaasfasf412 Zeidrich December 9, 2008 Reply

    it’s genji armor with regen

  315. mr-stick MrStick December 10, 2008 Reply

    Zeidrich, unfortunately, I can’t say anything on that, apart from don’t think so. I’m not sure, haven’t tried it.

    Also, sorry for any mistakes I make in my information. I stopped playing it for quite some time, been busy, so starting to forget lol. And yeah, it was Genji Armor that has regen.

    @Curious. Its not that difficult. Just keep hitting it with Costly Punch. Thats the main key in defeating strong enemies. You can try equipping Tri-Fire or Tri-Thunder along with Dualcast and see how effective that is. When I uses Tri-Fire and Dualcast on a monster it does 25,000 x6, which is 150,000 damage approximately. But it does drain your MP a lot xD.

    @Skidoodle, try having these equipped: Genji Shield, Genji Glove, Genji Armor and Ziedrich.

    Skidoodle, I waited until I was at the last chapter to get my DMW to 100%. And don’t loose hope. Your DMW percentage goes up when you view a new cut scene clip in the DMW mode.[not movie cut scene]. Sometimes you keep viewing the same one. But just wait, you’ll come across a new one and it will boost up your percentage.

    For Cissnei, buy 4 Lucky Star materias and, equip them along with Moogle materia. Go into a the first few mission where you fight 50 or so Soldiers, and just leave the PSP – the DMW will keep on spining, you’ll get attacked and loose a bit of hp. While this happens, your bound to get Moogle Boost, level up your materia, which will increase your chances of getting that DMW. – if you understand what I mean.

    Once you have 4 (or 5, and its ideal to have quake as your 6th materia in my opinion) or so Mastered Lucky Star Materias, do the battle again but without Moogle Boost. This will increase your chances of getting Cissneis DMW by I think x25. You’ll have LOADS of HP, so it wouldn’t matter if you get attacked 100 or so damage. Just heal yourself when you want/need to.

    You can do the samething but with 1 or 2 Moogle Materia and the rest 4 other materias and master them this way – like I did. I just left the psp, and just pressed a button to prevent it from going on to sleep mode. Once you got your materia mastered (when the Moogle is at Lvl 5, your materia will be mastered, same with if its Lvl 4. If its Lvl 3, your materia goes from lvl 1 to level 4 – 3 levels up. Same thing with Lvl 2 and 1.

    I hope that’s clear. Sorry if my explanation is not very clear – in a rush xD.

  316. the_hotseat skidoodle December 10, 2008 Reply

    dont worry sir stick i get your explanation πŸ™‚

    i finally defeated minerva, it took me like 15 minutes, got a close call when she did ultima twice and then judgement arrow. i dont know how the heck i survived that. and to top it off, i finally got cloud and cissneis dmw to 100%. all thats left is genesis. currently trying to get it to 100%.

    im doing the 200 soldier thing mission with divine slayer, ziedrich, the ring with auto regen and genji shield.

  317. mr-stick MrStick December 10, 2008 Reply

    Aah I see. Thats good Soldier! lol

    Congratulations!!! You made me proud :D.

    Aaah, I know what you mean about the two Ultimas and Judgement Arrow. Happened to me. But mine was worse. I accidently pressed on ‘Curaga’ while she was doing her Ultima, which lead to Zack letting go of block and trying to cure, but it was just suicide and I died… BUT fortunately, I had raise on, and as soon as I used a Phoenix down, she did JA (Judgement Arrow). It was a very close call indeed.

    And well done! Don’t you have Genji Armor? Why not use that for Auto-Regen? And are you doing the 200 Soldier mission for leveling up etc?

  318. aaslololo123 Zeidrich December 11, 2008 Reply

    Is minerva really hard to defeat in hard mode???

  319. the_hotseat skidoodle December 11, 2008 Reply

    i just got genji armor and soul of heike. soul of heike is like.. the craziest item ive ever seen. lol. with all the effects and the things it does.

  320. mr-stick MrStick December 12, 2008 Reply

    Zeidrich, don’t know. Haven’t played Crisis Core in quite some time. And I still have quite sometime to get to minerva. But will let you know how she was/will be in Hard Mode.

    @Skidoodle, well done :D. Indeed it is. But I don’t like the Heike Soul for 1 reason. It has SP Master, which i hate. Don’t need to say anything more about it lol.

  321. michealjacksonspet Matt Wright December 13, 2008 Reply

    Personally I was very disappointed to not get to fight sephiroth!
    my flat mate and I both defeated minerva without costly punch. mind you it does take ages and alot of dodge rolls

  322. tryme bush December 13, 2008 Reply

    what does sp master do?
    and how do you get heike soul?

  323. mr-stick MrStick December 13, 2008 Reply

    Matt, you do fight Sephiroth. Or do you mean with Sephiroth?

    What was the point in defeating her without Costly Punch? Its just a waste of time in my opinion. The end line is, you defeated her, simple as. But, well done :D.

    SP Master uses your SP to increase your attack damage and defense.

    Heike Soul is an item you recieve once you get 100% on your missions, and has a lot of benefit, as follows:
    o Break HP, MP, AP, and Damage Limit
    o Add Sudden Death, Poison, Silence, Stop and Stun to ‘Fight’ command
    (and adds them to some other physical techniques as well)
    o Absorbs All Elements
    o Auto-Potion
    o Increases Drop Rates for enemies
    o 100% successful steal
    o Stolen and Dropped items are 100% rare
    o Doubles Gil, Item/Materia from enemies
    o Smart Consumer Level 1 (increases item effects)
    o Double Magic
    o Auto-Libra
    o SP Master Level 1 (spend SP to increase damage done and reduce damage taken)

    Combine that with Genji Helm and Genji Shield, plus one other thing of your choice and your sorted!

    (taken from Absolute Steve)

  324. ffantasy7_cloud Quincy December 13, 2008 Reply

    erm i wanna ask how am i able to aquire all missons? some of them are still ???. does that means i have to restart?

  325. mr-stick MrStick December 14, 2008 Reply

    Quincy man!
    Play the game, you unlock some missions from completing some missions. Other missions are unlocked through out stages in the game. Also, there are a few hidden missions, which are the Wutai Spies.

    Where abouts in the game are you though? that’s the main factor.

  326. jfpoenjk4312 Zeidrich December 14, 2008 Reply

    especially the monsters in midgar!!

  327. ffantasy7_cloud Quincy December 14, 2008 Reply

    so how am i suppose to find those hidden missions? im nearing the end already. cuz i did restart once. and currently my completed missions is onli 73% o.o excluding misson 9-x-x.

  328. the_hotseat skidoodle December 14, 2008 Reply

    guys i just finished the game, the scene where zack died was pretty tear jerking. haha. i started new game + on hard mode, and as of now i dont find it pretty hard. probably because im level 94 right now. im at the wutai part and its getting pretty boring.

  329. mr-stick MrStick December 14, 2008 Reply

    To unlock the mission, you have to participate in the ‘Wutai Spies’. This is where you have locate 6 wutai spies within Midgar. After each spy you locate, you unlock a mission. If you haven’t done that then you can’t get 100% in your Missions. Don’t worry though. Complete the game and then redo it with your stats. It’ll be easier. Once you complete the game, and start again you will have your materia, equipment and stats etc.

    I know what you mean. It was very tear breaking, I seriously wanted to cry!!
    And yeah, it doesn’t seem hard, I think its only Minerva whos effected by it. And I know…. its boring. I can’t be asked doing it all over again, just want bloody Minerva!!!! ARGH! lol

  330. the_hotseat skidoodle December 15, 2008 Reply

    its kinda boring, especially when you one hit all the bosses. right now im playing FF7 on my psp. lol. its been years since i played. im using the popsloader thing to play it.

  331. biglen8302006 Biglen December 31, 2008 Reply

    Don’t Farm Adamantites this takes entirely too long. you have to reenter the mission over and over. Just do the same thing you would do with them with the dark matter. You can farm them from the worms in 7-6-6 where the first magic pot can be spotted. I was here trying to get my genji crap. no the stupid birds are a pain but just dodge them and use Quake along with a energy suit and you should have to only use it 3 or 4 times on the birds. But when you are with the worms and the demons you can one or two shot them and with the mog amulet you can get a dark matter for each worm!! and continue in the same mission I got 99 without even thinking about it. I did the same procedure with the Adaman and then only traded on Adaman to change it to vit or Hero drink, or etc you get the picture. Be sure to have Gil Toss, Costly Punch, and you HP 99,999 in case that stupid pot is pops up and pray to god for a Sephrioth DMW >.> . . . .

  332. mr-stick MrStick December 31, 2008 Reply

    In my opinion…. Do not even farm for those items. Its a waste of time whether its adamantite or dark matter.

    Use that time to get to Minerva, and you don’t have to worry about dark matter etc, as long as you have a good number of them like 20. I’ve seen this many times!!


    For more info, look at my previous posts πŸ˜€
    (about the birds, you can use costly punch on them when they’re together so it hits both of them)

  333. asjiodasidj8324723y8 Zeidrich December 31, 2008 Reply

    BTW why would you farm

    dark matters??

    magic has no use when u get to minerva

    or so they say huhu…..

    and even one octaslash materia is enough….if ur a patient me

    I can’t go to minerva if MrStick didn’t post!

    so listen to MrStick ppl!!!


  334. mr-stick MrStick January 1, 2009 Reply

    Lol Zeidrich, thanks for the support πŸ˜€
    And you did well oh young apprentice xD

    (psst, you meant to say ‘I couldn’t’ not I can’t :P)

  335. makeawishtakeachance Isu January 1, 2009 Reply

    I keep trying but it doesnt work. I try to fuse a mastered normal costly punch with a mastered hp +999% but it always comes out with hp +999%. How do i continue?

  336. mr-stick MrStick January 2, 2009 Reply

    Isu, read my comments carefully on that issue. I don’t want to repeat what I said for the third time, sorry. So just read my posts.

  337. makeawishtakeachance Isu January 2, 2009 Reply

    wow, i got 3 magic pots in a row and i still cant get genji shield… Its been 4 days already lol….. Already had 2 lvl 3 octaslash and 1 lvl 3 octaslash and still cant…. woe is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. makeawishtakeachance Isu January 2, 2009 Reply

    Im lvl 59 with 67945 hp, 163atk, 162vit, 5mag(lol),4spr and 42 luk.

    My materia is curaga+999%hp(m), costly punch(m), mug(m), hp + 430%(lvl1),air strike(lvl 1), Meteor shots(lvl 3)
    Im trying to get 100% for Cloud and Tseng.

    My eqs are genji shield, adman bangle, brutal and power suit.
    I just started to collect the genji items so i only have genji shield as of now.

    Is this good?

  339. damd522 dean January 6, 2009 Reply


    take off your power suit. you’ll need spirit when it comes to mission 9-5-x. with those flare-energy-ultima enemies.

    try fusing as much as you can to get high stats.

    prioritize. if you want to have 100% first, do the easier missions again or what have you. if you want to have better accessories, try to reach missions 9-x-x first.

    anyway, reaching minerva and stealing 99 phoenix downs can give you a good fuse. and a good amount of gil to expend for buying dualcasts and converting them to sp. haha

    try to get the zeidrich accessory. it adds 100 to each stat except luck. it might be better. πŸ˜›

  340. gregorychan1 Isu January 15, 2009 Reply

    I really wish Zack was on final fantasy Dissidia. He would pwn..

  341. alexanderbagpipe alexanderbagpipe January 21, 2009 Reply

    I’m looking for FullCure materia, and your guide says the magic pot in mission “determined recruiter” has it. But, after 139h of patient search for the pot and hope for octaslash to come out i find myself with 3 jenji wtf they are and 5… i mean FIVE impervious.
    Now, am I doing smt wrong, or is your guide like… sayin’ things that are not true?
    please help me

  342. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 23, 2009 Reply

    The comment cut off for some reason, anyway. Full Cure can be acquired from:
    Drop:Magic Pot in mission 7-6-6
    Steal:Goliath in mission 9-6-5

    You can check out other guides if you want to xreference.

    And it’s genji not jenji. Stop beating yourself with a post

  343. collision_point18 bREAKpOINT January 24, 2009 Reply

    how to get the mug materia?

  344. alexanderbagpipe alexanderbagpipe January 24, 2009 Reply

    Thanks! finally I have that F****ing materia!!
    Another question: I used a phoenix down with minerva, and started punching the costly hell out of her, once she started the Judgement arrow I could still see the feather over zack’s head, but that blow killed me sameway… WHY?
    PS… what’s the meaning of “beating one’s self with a post?” really, I can’t find it anywhere

  345. headless_panda Myshkin January 29, 2009 Reply

    hmm..i tried the steal+libra+smart consumer but i just ended up with steal..what am i doing wrong? or do they have to be a certain lvl or something?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 29, 2009 Reply

      check page 3 for the materia table

  346. headless_panda Myshkin January 29, 2009 Reply

    oh never mind..i found out what was wrong.
    and thank you for all of this! its a lot of help. ^^

  347. rac_4ever secret name... February 4, 2009 Reply


  348. rac_4ever secret name February 4, 2009 Reply

    yes! i beat the game! YES YES YYYEEESSS!!! now it’s time for final fantasy vii advent children! hmmmm…what will i do here?can anyone answer me?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 5, 2009 Reply

      @secret name
      you can replay the Game in Hard Mode

  349. Foreversoldierx2 Forever soldier February 8, 2009 Reply

    dudes if u want an easy hp+ go do the mission 4-4-4(wutai in the slums) most of the monsters there are Vajadhara knight so in that 1 mission i like mugged at least 10 hp+ compared to the missions 4-4-1 and 4-2-5 this ones a guarenteed ^_^ and to all who play final fantasy have fun!!!

  350. blindreaper66611 Sarkastik February 14, 2009 Reply

    Easy Dark Matter, SP, Gil Farming Tip:
    (Dark Matter for +100 Stat, SP for fusion, Gil for uhh… money)
    Equip Mog’s Amulet
    Mission 6-6-3: Secret in the Caverns

    Lesser Worm drops Dark Matters and they spawn 2-3 worms per encounter and the mission boss are 6 worms.

    Mover EX gives 8,000 SP each kill and i recommend killing off other monsters before the Movers (but don’t get damaged) to multiply 8,000 SP by 2 or sometimes 3. Movers also drop Rune Armlet which sells for 4,000 Gil.

    Horned Devil drops Darkness which can be converted to 6,040 SP.

    Got my +100 stat materias in just 3hrs of farming. Enjoi~

  351. azninva5in azn February 23, 2009 Reply

    how do ya get 99999 damage from costly punch? I get 9999 only.

    • gregorychan1 Isu April 7, 2009 Reply

      you need genji glove to get your maximum damage from 9999 to 99999.

  352. silly_corey corey March 10, 2009 Reply

    how do i activate mission 4-4-4

  353. mazinyer elias March 14, 2009 Reply

    If you have two libra master

    with atk + 5.

    you can fuse witth 99 fire rigns, ice

    rings, thunder rigns you’ll

    get libra master with atk +20.

  354. sniderml onetwothree March 20, 2009 Reply

    is there any way to get Drainga or Aerial Drain back to a different materia, i have +50 luck and +350% HP on them and they are absolutely USELESS materia…

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade March 20, 2009 Reply

      sadly there’s no way for that. You have to start over for your new materias (referring to the stat bonus) since Drainga and Arial Drain don’t change to more usable materias.

  355. gregorychan1 Isu April 7, 2009 Reply

    Hi all, i think that with zieldich and genji helm, electrocute does more damage than costly punch. Costly punch does 99999 damage. But electrocute with zieldich does 45k per hit. The max you can hit an enemy with electrocute is 3 times per spell. So that makes 135k damage as apposed to 99k.

  356. shanaldrin astroboy April 8, 2009 Reply

    how can my hp be 99999. it only says 9999 and stays that way

  357. shanaldrin astroboy April 9, 2009 Reply

    never mind. i have to use adaman bangle. but where do i get this adaman bangle? please help

  358. friedsushi17 sushi April 10, 2009 Reply

    hey i tried to combine hp++999% to curaga but the end results to the former and not the magic, and pretty much any materia i fuse to hp++. will it make any difference if i fuse it with an hp+ only?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 10, 2009 Reply

      Only HP+ works.
      Please refer to page 3 of the guide for the full list of materia fusion formulas

  359. friedsushi17 sushi April 10, 2009 Reply

    btw i have an sp master hp+999% materia – hp++999% fused with an sp turbo materia. but i’ll spare that for later since it really expends a lot of sp. so for now i’m trying an alternative, and that’s curaga +hp999%

  360. tm4392 steve April 30, 2009 Reply

    the only issue is that one almost always deals 99k and almost always hits with the loss of only a negligible amount of hp whereas electrocute may miss and uses mp… however with dualcast i suppose having a whole ton of lightning bolts dealing 45k each would be extremely useful…if only dualcast could have greater MP%

  361. DunpealG89 DunpealG June 3, 2009 Reply

    I’ve read over all these comments on cloud being stuck at 90%, and I’ve the same problem… I’ve seen all the scenes and just jumped into the pit after chapter 11, I’ve been doing mission 5-1-1 with full vit, fire absorption, and luck of 145… any ideas?

    • dhars0401 guest123 October 6, 2011 Reply

      try equipping the ff materia:
      4 meteor shots
      2 lucky stars

      increase your vitality using some items
      then go to mission 1-1-1.. let those shinra people harass you but make sure to block or dodge the solar plexus.. just wait for the reel to hit either cissnei (for increasing the probability of a DMW skill) and cloud (to get that final scene)

      i’ve got 80% cloud before and with this i managed to find the last 2 scenes πŸ™‚

  362. samueldang Samuel Dang June 22, 2009 Reply

    I have a better way actually to max stats. Instead of collecting Adamantite, with Mog’s Amulet equiped, you can steal Lunar Harp while farming for SP. It’s more convenient that way instead of going back and forth on missions

  363. abel594 abel July 10, 2009 Reply

    there is an item that I found in a mission but i don’t know what is it for or what kind of advantage does that item have.
    the item is called “feather cap”

  364. Kiauron Dee Dee July 16, 2009 Reply

    im lost i tried followin ur 1st tips but it never actually told me how 2 get hp up+999
    i only got to hp up+540 help me out

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 16, 2009 Reply

      Where exactly are you having troubles? If you look at the comments a lot of people have already found it useful.

  365. Kiauron Dee Dee July 16, 2009 Reply

    im havin trouble tryin 2 make hp up+ 999 i got as far as having 2 hp up+ 130 and dats it

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 17, 2009 Reply

      combine that hp up+ 130 to another hp up+ as shown here:

  366. Kiauron Dee Dee July 17, 2009 Reply

    oh ok so ur sayin i add da hp up +130 to another hp up+130 and then wat i get i hafta creat all over again startin wit da hp up+20 rite? so i got it but sadly i accidently saved over my data even though i finished da game last nite:(

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 17, 2009 Reply

      yep. or you can just focus on a single hp up+ materia and continue adding new hp up+ ones to it. Gradually you’ll end up with hp up+ 999% πŸ˜€

  367. Kiauron Dee Dee July 17, 2009 Reply

    ok i think i understand but its gone take me a while since i gotta start all da way bck 2 the bathhouse oh yea wats da best way 2 get through all the missions cuz i got pretty far but i still get beaten and i was lvl 45

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 18, 2009 Reply

      get your HP to 99999 and just use costly punch (usually kills enemies with one hit)

  368. Kiauron Deirvin July 18, 2009 Reply

    ok ima try dat i think im off 2 a good start neways since i been collectin hp up+ 20 is that good?

  369. Kiauron dee dee July 22, 2009 Reply

    where do u get the genji stuff

  370. Kiauron deirvin davis July 23, 2009 Reply

    ok i finally got da hp up+999 but it wont let me mix it with curaga to make curaga+999:( y? is it cuz curaga is lvl master
    and hp up+999 is lvl 3? help me out i rly wanna do all da missions and fight minerva

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 23, 2009 Reply

      Read page 3 πŸ˜€ It has a table that’ll help you solve your problem.

  371. Kiauron dee July 23, 2009 Reply

    one more question how in da hell did u get ur health all the way up 2 all those 9’s becuz i have 999 hp up+ but my health is only at 40,000 or less i wanna kno ur secret? or does ur lvl have enthing 2 do with it becuz my lvl rite now is 58

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 23, 2009 Reply

      you need 2 materias with HP +999% and yeah it’s your level as well.

  372. pkminer30 jack July 25, 2009 Reply

    Goblin punch can also be aquired from stealing from 1 of the bosses in mission 9-2-1

  373. synyster94 alex July 25, 2009 Reply

    how to you fuse items with the materia?
    on mine it only shows two slots for materia

  374. jcvelasco_1 joel July 30, 2009 Reply

    Hear Yeah!!! I got a better idea than collecting HP+! Try mission 9-2-4 and steal Hero Drink from the scissor monster (spider-like)!

    They usually come up by 2’s so ull have 99’s of those in no time. sweet!

  375. cbosco3 Christian August 9, 2009 Reply

    There is so much to do with this whole materia fusion idea they incorporated into the game it just makes me giddy :p

    Unfortunately, it would take forever to make every materia and get every item available, so does anyone have an idea of what the “ultimate” combination of equipment would be. Im sure it varies from person to person but i would like to work towards only the materia and such that are the best

  376. shaggy_JD Dan Morris August 10, 2009 Reply

    i tried stealing from the two onsters it even shows in the pictures but all i ever ended up getting was power attack and i have mog’s equiped

    • megera Megera October 29, 2010 Reply

      do *not* equip the mog amulet when hunting the big dudes for the hp+ materia – it is *not* the rare. it is the common drop. I unequipped the mog amulet and it started dropping regularly – vital slash is the rare.

  377. Steeldragon493 Alex November 18, 2009 Reply

    I just wanted to say that this page is awesome, I was able to put my HP from around 2400 to 8000 in an hour! Thanks!

  378. louis.1986 louis December 25, 2009 Reply

    in this guide, only u and brian did the most impressive thing in guiding newbies. thanks for the much needed info on getting zeidrich. becoz of what the owner post on the web, i search intensively on his wrong mission tip. its beena few times i seen that his mistake caused quite a few of us to be in deep mess. thanks again to u and brian.

  379. prodigal85 xavier January 3, 2010 Reply

    Costly Punch + HP 999%:

    step 1
    Fuse 2 lvl 1 DMW materias with a fat chocobo feather

    Result = lvl 1 libra with hp +40%

    I dun seem to have this result, I’ve gotten lvl 1 libra with hp+20% instead. Can anyone verify this? Thanks

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 4, 2010 Reply

      Make sure your costly punch has been mastered before combining.

  380. laurenzaldrin laurenz February 6, 2010 Reply

    i already got hp++master +999% but my hp is still 9999 only & not 99999? whats wrong??

    • roberjzmeister robertmesiter September 23, 2010 Reply

      you need Genji Armor to break to 99999, get it by completing the dmw at 100%. it makes you endure and regen as well
      sorry for my english xD

  381. naruto_boy92 derek davison February 9, 2010 Reply

    do yu have adaman bangle? or something that breaks the hp limit?

  382. garbageman256 Josh February 15, 2010 Reply

    Thats because power attack is the rare drop HP up+ is common drop.
    Hope that helps.

  383. daigne_15 daigne February 25, 2010 Reply

    Hey FOlks.. I got my Hp+ 999% and also i got my adaman bangle… but then.. my hp still below 99999, it reaches only up to 40000+ life..

    do i need another Hp+ 999%??

  384. acidkiller2 Newhere April 17, 2010 Reply

    just adding this:
    you can get Goblin Punch Materia
    in other misson not only at Mission 4-5-4, i made 1 now and i got it, mission is 9-2-1 equip steal and Brigand’s Gloves and you get Goblin punch from 1 boss and hammer punch from other.

  385. eremixz_91 mcfaz April 25, 2010 Reply

    i stole goblin punch, get an iron fist, tri-fire n even tri-thundaga…bt y isn’t it showing in my item nor materia list? i’m afraid dat i’m doin all d mission 4 nothin’

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 25, 2010 Reply

      It’s a bug. I encountered that as well after leaving the Nibelheim mansion. If you have a save near or before that, revert otherwise you’re stuck with having no new materias πŸ™

  386. angel cron April 28, 2010 Reply




  387. eremixz_91 mcfaz May 1, 2010 Reply

    thx 4 d info…i nw can cntinue wif my game…bt actually my prob is my materia item slot was full..XP…erm…if i wan get 999% AP, izit d same as d way i wanna get 999% hp? bt i think it’ll cost more money…hmmm
    btw, thx again

  388. n_ikki24 -nikki- May 5, 2010 Reply

    Hi, i’m just wondering where can i find the genji gloves that breaks the damage from 9999 to 99999? what mission?


  389. riotskater420 Dillan June 8, 2010 Reply

    i don’t know about the gloves but you get brutal witch breaks the damage limit in mission ….errr … 7-4-6 πŸ™‚

  390. PharmasaurusRxUSS Russell LaPlante June 12, 2010 Reply

    I need to be able to find these special items like the genji ones, plus I need a decoder for fusion in general. I need tri-thundaga, and those special materias. I also want to wonder why my black cowl and the Goldhairpin don’r seeem to work. I’d appreciate your help, and would do you any favor I can for a real response

  391. toddrocket419 Todd June 15, 2010 Reply

    I really need somebody’s help, I’m in the Depths of Judgement with 98% mission completion. The only missions I have left are 9-6-4/5/6, 1-1-6, and 2-1-6. 2-1-6 is not unlocked which it seems like it should be. Am I screwed because I should have done something in Midgar to unlock it or can I still unlock it before I beat it.

  392. toddrocket419 Todd June 17, 2010 Reply

    Hmm…I read something where it says this mission can only be unlocked if I do something special while builing the flower wagon.

    • juicebox11 ian August 4, 2010 Reply

      maybe you had to get a quality tire from the guy in the mission room office that you did missions for. Ü

  393. puami Rage August 29, 2010 Reply

    You just made me do 2 hp+ 999% materias, and you tell me “you can combine curaga + Hp+ 999% = Curaga 999%hp” , this is wrong how ever , since hp+ is dominant and it erases the curaga the result will be the same hp+ 999% materia , adding no effects whatsoever, and just simply vanishing curaga.

    What the hell im supposed to do to get rid of the 2 hp materias taking room in my equimpent, so i could combine them with other materias without being dominant?

    • puami Rage August 29, 2010 Reply

      Okey I just found some good info on Gamespot forums. You need to first combine HP+ materia with Hell Fire/bliz/thu to create Status Ward 999% hp, now combine this with Curaga to make Curaga 999% hp.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 29, 2010 Reply

      You have to use a MASTERED HP+. The effects of materia fusion are different when you’re using a regular materia and a mastered one.

  394. gtrty466 bolay September 9, 2010 Reply

    i found the best info ever this shit saved my ass big time alright when i took a doo doo my ass was red i was showing my girl and throw on the bed and said more more i was scared because she was holdind a huge knife and then i found out she was cooking.

  395. jeffreyfelipewph Jtrigger September 11, 2010 Reply


    With regards, in stealing HP UP+ every time I used the command steal or Mug I got Power Attack instead. Have tried both option 1 and 2..

    Please help.


    • zrichqc zrizzle November 30, 2010 Reply

      i noticed in the screenshot image you listed showing mog’s amulet in your equipment, I noticed that your max hp was shown as 99999 even though you dont have adament bangle or genji armor equipped. how does that work?

      • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 30, 2010 Reply

        Divine Slayer = HP +100%, MP +100%, AP +100%, increases all your stats +50, breaks the HP, MP and AP limits and also gives Auto-Libra

        • gleyz_3nvy gleyz reymar lim January 25, 2012

          where we could find the divine slayer??

  396. 2fered 2FeRed September 14, 2010 Reply

    Very nice tips.^^
    Can I translate this article into Korean to my blog?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 14, 2010 Reply

      Just provide the proper link back to the original article (here) and we’re good πŸ™‚

      • krunkster321 kakasmd January 12, 2012 Reply

        What happens if I miss the boy’s quest on chapter 9? To get the Pheonix materia. Is there any way to go back? please help!

  397. elcon_chesumadre elcon September 24, 2010 Reply

    RE movers are better in 6-6-1 (8000 sp & rune armlet) anyways i was using mog’s amulet

  398. ihate_myname how to eat pie November 11, 2010 Reply

    couldn’t you just steal from the scorpion mech to get 2 SP barriers so that you could switch them for 17200 SP each and all you need is a steal/mug materia and a mog’s amulet
    couldn’t you do that?

  399. shoughm607 crisis February 6, 2011 Reply

    where are the monsters to steal from? i would prefer a map location cause i cant seem to find them at all

  400. shoughm607 crisis February 8, 2011 Reply

    i mean steal the hp up+

  401. braulioa_rgs xXBrauzXx March 12, 2011 Reply

    Hey i get lots of Magic Pot on 10-2-3 but i cant get the gengi shield, what is happening??

  402. spider11111 Curaga October 30, 2011 Reply

    HP++ MASTER into Curaga MASTER.

    (HP++ MASTER XXX%) + (Exploder Blade Lvl 1) —> Exploder Blade Lvl 1 XXX%

    (Exlpoder Blade Lvl 1 XXX%) + (Death Blade/Poison Blade Lvl 1) —> Death Blade Lvl 1 XXX%

    (Death Blade Lvl 1 XXX%) + (Death Lvl 3+) —> Death Lvl 3+ XXX%

    (Death Lvl 3+ XXX%) + (Curaga MASTER) —> Curaga MASTER + XXX%

  403. shannon_chua whyyy December 26, 2011 Reply

    does HP+999% makes your HP to 99999? because i have HP+999% but my health isnt 99999 but 40000+.. or does it have to depend on zack’s level too?

  404. zackfor4 Zack February 25, 2012 Reply

    i cant seem to unlock mission 9 and i don’t know how to do it and it seems that i need to to be able to get all of this stuff also unlocking missions in 10

  405. mustangfreak6970 Romzarah March 8, 2012 Reply

    Tip for very fast SP gain!!

    When farming Adamantite from the boss in 9-3-4 you can Mug 2 SP Barriers from the boss.. Use SP Convert to get 15010 SP each for a total of 30020 SP each fight.

  406. junwezt21 jun February 21, 2013 Reply

    guys wer farm materia phenix down mission?

  407. junwezt21 jun February 21, 2013 Reply

    what mission farm phoenix down?

  408. junwezt21 jun February 23, 2013 Reply

    what mission [iron fist]?

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