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Advent Children Complete going for June US release [Rumor]

Advent Children Complete going for June US release [Rumor]

It’s LONG overdue but I guess better late than never. Yes, to non-Final fantasy VII fans, it’s nothing more than cash cow-ing from Square Enix but to us fans, it’s another item headed

Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP

Yep, you read that title right.  A Final Fantasy XIII title is coming to our beloved portable.  The former Final Fantasy XIII cell phone game is headed to the PSP because apparently, the developers

Six reasons not to worship Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

So you’ve finished Crisis Core and maybe even managed to defeat Minerva with the Materia Fusion Guide. Was it all worth it? Is Crisis Core worth the purchase? To most Final

Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide & Stat Modifier Trick

This is the Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide, it’s meant to help you master Materia Fusion in Final Fantasy Crisis Core to create materia for buffs like +999% HP, +100 Stats, get tips for

Waiting for Crisis Core

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most celebrated RPG titles known to hardcore gamers. It’s list of titles are well-known for it’s epic stories (not battles no, that’s reserved for Devil

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