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The Official Sony PSP Cradle

I always thought official Sony peripherals for the PSP would be second rate to third party manufacturer’s like Blackhorns. That’ is until I saw the Official Sony PSP

Life’s a pain; Life is good

Let’s face it, life is not the pretty picture that main stream media and our respective governments wants us to see. It’s a daily struggle against deadlines, traffic, peer pressure, heat and whatever

Need free file sharing? Look at ADrive

If you’re looking for a place to store files to share online, the usual suspects are Megaupload, Rapidshare, Sendspace and Yousendit. While useful, most of these services are a burden to the uploader

Save yourself from Procrastination

Procrastination will always been a difficult obstacle to overcome whether you’re a student, a working adult, a parent, or just a plain bum. Procrastination is next to human nature to some, which typically manifests as

Web services I can’t live without

Web services have gone quite a long way from just being desktop-bound substitutes to full fledged, independent applications that we can’t do without. While they may not look as aesthetic or integrate well

Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide & Stat Modifier Trick

This is the Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide, it’s meant to help you master Materia Fusion in Final Fantasy Crisis Core to create materia for buffs like +999% HP, +100 Stats, get tips for

Get Pandora without extra battery or Memory Stick

A Pandora’s Battery (Pandora Battery or just Pandora) is a sort of lifeline for PSP users with the who have Custom Firmware installed on their units. It’s basically a special service battery that,

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