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Gundam 00 – Episode 14

Judging from the UN head’s (forgot name) reaction to Celestial Being’s action of saving the Religious head of Azadistan, he seems to have something up his sleeve. I speculate that he’ll be leading the counter force (the Thrones) that will come up later in the series.

The red haired guy from Setsuna’s past was revealed as Gaily Biage. As it turned out, he is actually a second lieutenant of Union (judging from the uniform). Playing both sides, nice, He’s going to get a new unit to replace his flag.

To anyone not keeping tabs, here’s a run down of what we know on the Meisters so far:

Tieria Erde

He appears to have some inner ties with Nadleeh. It was made obvious with the change in color of his eyes when Nadleeh activated. He also had a complete reversal of personality which ended with him referring to himself as “Watashi wa” a softer version of the more manly “Watashi wa.” He appears to be motivated by Veda’s predictions but there are hints that it’s the other way around.

Allelujah Haptism

– is actually a live specimen (not sure if it’s the right term) of the HRL’s Super Soldier project, the same as Soma Peiris. He has an alterego named Hallelujah who has the complete opposite personality. Allelujah is emo and Hallelujah is a bastard. A perfect couple.

Lockon Stratos

Aside from the fact that we know that Neil Dylandy’s from Ireland, there’s still very little known about his personality. He appears to be the most humane of the Meisters showing some piety on Felt during an earlier episode but other than that theres little else.

Setsuna F Seiei

Kurdis-borne Meister, Kamal Mazirif seems torn between keeping a pragmatic attitude on things and his past. Ever since Celestial Being intervened with Azadistan, Setsuna seems to me that he is at a loss to his purpose.

Things are moving quickly for the series so I guess this will be a weekly thing from now on.

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  1. McBilly January 14, 2008 Reply

    Oh wow! I didn’t even know that they’re airing a new gundam series. I love Gundam but I’m more into toy collection. Haha. I have several displayed in my room! :p

  2. mangatoread January 15, 2008 Reply

    I’m not a Gundam fans but I know that Gundam is one of most popular manga…
    Maybe I’ll review it at my blog…

  3. sylv3rblade January 15, 2008 Reply

    I have lots of Gundams too but I make money of out them ^^. A friend has them on display at his shop and he pays me for the “talent fee.”

    Anyway this series is very good IMO. It’s enough to make me forget the disappointment that is Gundam SEED Destiny.

    If you’re able to get Gundam 00’s Mangas would you mind giveing me a link to it? The Japanese are always so protective of their Gundam serieses. Scans and scantilations are available only after the series is done.

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