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MSNBC acquires Newsvine

I was new to the service (newsvine) so I was a bit surprised to see a post on digg about the issue as well as the new logo.

MSNBC has acquired Newsvine, a socially driven news site (like Digg, Shoutwire, etc). Newsvine will continue to operate as an independent news site and will not be folded into, but Newsvine technology will be added to the MSNBC website.

This would mean more exposure for user-generated articles as well as links elsewhere in the internet. The deal also means Newsvine will have more staff, more resources, and the ability to roll out improvements to the site more often. Newsvine currently has articles and images from the Associated Press, and now you’ll see MSNBC content as well.

Newsvine reaches this liquidity event after having raised just $1.5 million in capital. It joins both Stumbleupon and Mozy, each of which were also acquired earlier this year after having raised less than $2 million in venture capital.


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