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Optical Passwords

Identity theft is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone with an online identity. Your online accounts, ATMs, etc and at all at risk which is why people have been trying to devise ways of implementing secure log ons. Here’s one technology that’ll keep security buffs (AKA paranoid people) quite satisfied until the next big thing comes around.

A new secure input system has been completed by Researchers at Stanford that tracts your eyes as they scan a visual keyboard to determine what text to input into secure fields. It was suggested that ATMs and security panels are a natural fit for such technology. Why? How many of us have tried to shrug of a persistent goon-to-be from trying to peek over your shoulder while entering your keys?

Such an approach gives obvious benefits, primarily defeating two common ways of PINs and passwords acquisitions: keylogging and good old-fashioned over-the-shoulder snooping, also known as “shoulder surfing.” The gaze-tracking system functions by shining an invisible infrared beam on a user’s face. The beam produces a tiny reflection in the eyes that stays put, no matter where a person looks (provided they do not move their head too much). By tracking the stable position of this reflection and the relative position of a person’s pupils, the system is able to calculate which keys or buttons a user wishes to input, and interpret the information accordingly.



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