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Mitsubishi Concept-cX

With the current popularity of compact, or kei-cars, like the Jazz and the Swift, Mitsubishi is set to enter the field with Concept-cX?a new-generation compact SUV that balances between the environment and performance.

The exterior design gives a purposeful yet functional form using a dynamic wedge shape and large tires that gives the car it?s aggressive and powerful appearance. The interior employs a modern and sporty design that allows a sense of expectation about the car?s performance and melds this with a high level of comfort. By visually accenting the strength of the underlying frame structure and through the contrasting use of soft padding, the design creates an interior space that wraps its occupants in a protective and comfortable cocoon. Made from Mitsubishi?s own Green Plastic ? made from bamboo and other plant-based resins ? the Concept-cX is sure to please car enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

At the heart of the concept car is a new high-output, high-efficiency 1.8-liter (quite high for a car of this size but pretty normal if you remember the fact that its an SUV) clean diesel engine, featuring a variable geometry (VG) turbocharger for optimum boost control and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the exhaust system for compliance with Europe?s Euro 5 emission standards. The power unit is mated to Mitsubishi?s new Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) which delivers superior power transmission efficiency in a powertrain that realizes fast performance with an impressive fuel economy and low emissions.

At 4100 mm, the Mitsubishi Concept-cX ?s compact body makes for easy maneuverability tight spots and the high driving profile improves visibility and allows the easy drivability expected of a SUV. Utility is enhanced with the split tailgate, a feature loved by Outlander owners, for the way it facilitates loading and unloading of luggage. Spec-wise, Concept-cX also uses Mitsubishi?s electronically-controlled 4WD system and large 225/45R19 tires to deliver outstanding handling performance and stability.
The Concept-cX is due to be revealed in September

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