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Official PlayStation Vita Japanese accessory pricing

With the release of the PS Vita both in Japan and the international market drawing near, Sony has unveiled pricing on several official accessories for the new portable console.

A bit of warning for the faint of heart, the new storage medium for the Vita is a bit on the expensive side.

Memory Card
The PlayStation Vita uses a new propriety card format exclusively available to Sony. While not all games require one, there will be games that will require memory cards to save your progress.

Official PlayStation Vita accessory pricing

The Vita’s memory cards will be available and priced as follows:

  • 4GB – ¥2,200 or $29
  • 8GB – ¥3,200 or $42
  • 16GB – ¥5,500 or $72
  • 32GB – – ¥9,500 or $125

AC Adapter
A replacement charger (this is the very same charger included when you purchase a Vita). Priced: ¥1,800 or $24.

USB cable
A replacement propriety USB cable (similar to the PSP Go). Priced: ¥1,300 or $17.

Multifunction Cradle
This cradle has multi-use in (for connecting to the Vita), multi terminal out, and a stereo mini plug. Priced: ¥2,800 or $37.

Inner Ear Phones
Official Sony earphones for the PS Vita. Priced: ¥2,800 or $37

There are a few more official accessories like pouches and car chargers so be sure to check out Andriasang.

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