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Neuron’s 6.39 ME 9.2 (L)CFW released

Neuron has recently updated his ME CFW for both hackable and non-hackable PSPs

[Image: KDmqY.png]

The changelog is available below:

— Fixed a bug when ISO open in XMB.
— Added a PBOOT.PBP execute option.
— Fixed a UMDdrive noise when enter sleep mode.
— Update Plugin loading. Both ms0 and ef0 plugins are loaded in XMB.(05g only)

For 6.39 ME (for fully hackable PSP’s only)


How to install 6.39 ME 9.2:

  • Extract the file.
  • copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
  • Extract the
  • Rename the extracted eboot to 639.PBP
  • Copy 639.PBP folder into at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE
  • Run the installer from the XMB

For non-hackable/partially hackable PSPs

How to install 6.39 ME LCFW 9.2:

  • Extract the file.
  • copy installer folder and launcher folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
  • Run the installer from the XMB
  • Press x to install LCFW.

Important Notes to enter RecoveryMenu?
From XMB :Open VshMenu and select “Enter Recovery ->”
From LCFW:Execute “639 launcher” again.
From OFW :Execute “639 launcher” with hold “R”.

— Credit —
some1: For his sceHttpStorageOpen kxploit.
liquidzigong: For his 639kxploit POC.
bbtgp: For his PrxEncrypter.
Draan: For his kirk-engine code.
J416: For his rebootex sample.
N-zaki : For providing PSPGo from him.

source Neuron’s Twitter

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