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Neuron’s 6.39 ME 9.2 (L)CFW released

Neuron has recently updated his ME CFW for both hackable and non-hackable PSPs

[Image: KDmqY.png]

The changelog is available below:

— Fixed a bug when ISO open in XMB.
— Added a PBOOT.PBP execute option.
— Fixed a UMDdrive noise when enter sleep mode.
— Update Plugin loading. Both ms0 and ef0 plugins are loaded in XMB.(05g only)

For 6.39 ME (for fully hackable PSP’s only)


How to install 6.39 ME 9.2:

  • Extract the file.
  • copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
  • Extract the
  • Rename the extracted eboot to 639.PBP
  • Copy 639.PBP folder into at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE
  • Run the installer from the XMB

For non-hackable/partially hackable PSPs

How to install 6.39 ME LCFW 9.2:

  • Extract the file.
  • copy installer folder and launcher folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
  • Run the installer from the XMB
  • Press x to install LCFW.

Important Notes to enter RecoveryMenu?
From XMB :Open VshMenu and select “Enter Recovery ->”
From LCFW:Execute “639 launcher” again.
From OFW :Execute “639 launcher” with hold “R”.

— Credit —
some1: For his sceHttpStorageOpen kxploit.
liquidzigong: For his 639kxploit POC.
bbtgp: For his PrxEncrypter.
Draan: For his kirk-engine code.
J416: For his rebootex sample.
N-zaki : For providing PSPGo from him.

source Neuron’s Twitter

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  1. venjuliene_corpuz Venn August 9, 2011 Reply

    ahh.. a new one… which is better? 6.35 Pro B8(which is the stable ones you mentioned), or 6.39 ME 9.2?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 9, 2011 Reply

      Neur0n incorporates more features to his builds (like UMD video) so if you’re into that, you may want to follow his releases. Of course in terms of stability, the PRO builds come up on top.

  2. venjuliene_corpuz Venn August 9, 2011 Reply

    ahh… so the PRO versions still win… still, I’m gonna add this to my collection of CFW’s for all models. You’re tutorials are the best! 😀 You should also start making tutorials in jailbreaking PS3.

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