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HowTo: Uncorrupt your PSP saves

If you upgraded your PSP’s CFW and suddenly found yourself stuck with corrupt save games then here’s a guide on how to fix them.


Warning: this guide is not for the faint of heart. If you have little knowledge of hacking your PSP, start reading the Dummy’s Guide to PSP CFW.

How to fix PSP’s corrupt saves

  • Extract both archives ( and
  • Copy the FreeCheat folder into the x:/seplugins
  • Copy the SED folder to x:/PSP/GAME/
  • Go to the seplugins folder of your PSP
  • Open the game.txt file (if you don’t have one, create it) and add this txt:
    If you’re above CFW 3.80 M33

    ms0:/seplugins/FreeCheat/fc_3xx.prx 1 

    or if you have anything below that

  • On your VSH menu (press select on the XMB), select RESET Hen (this option is not available to permanent CFWs so you need to restart your PSP)
  • Important: Move your corrupted game save into the root directory of your PSP. Don’t worry, we’re just moving it out of the way so we can actually repair it.
  • Start the game you want to recover the save file from
  • Play the game up until the point when you can save (some games allow you to save from the very first menu, others you need to play first)
  • Before saving the game, press note to bring up the FreeCheat console
  • On the freecheat console go to Mem Manager -> SAVEDATE Manager -> Operate Mode -> Dump
  • Press X to revert to the game so you can start creating a save file
  • After the save file has been created, exit the game and connect your PSP to your PC
  • Navigate your PSP’s directory to ms0:/seplugins/FreeCheat/SAVEDATA. You will see 2 files in it, .key file and a .sav file. Example given below:
    ULJM-05500.key and ULJM-05500_0.sav
  • Rename the key file as such ULJM-05500.key to ULJM055000.bin. Take note that it’s now a .bin file and missing the “-“.
    Important Note: Just copy the format not the actual text. If not your save file will not work.
  • Copy this file into /PSP/GAME/SED/
  • Move the new save game that you created from x:/PSP/SAVEDATA/ to anywhere on your computer. You’ll need this later.
  • Copy back the corrupted save (the one you moved earlier) back into x:/PSP/SAVEDATA/.
    Important: The directory of the saved game should match the name of the .bin file you just created. If it doesn’t, rename the .bin file to match it.
  • Run SED again and find the new save file (the one you just created a few minutes back)
  • Press Triangle to bring up the options and select the 2nd one from the top.
  • Press O and select “Yes” and press O again. SED will now repair your savefile using the one you created with this guide.
  • Start your game as normal and enjoy your repaired save file 🙂
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