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PSP 6.39 TN-A Hen released

Total Noob and HacKmaN have ported their 6.38 TN HEN (which was shown as a proof of concept only and never publicly released) to 6.39 OFW and released it as 6.39 TN-A Hen.

6.39 TN-A was built from 6.20 TN-E so you can simply checkout the changelog from this post.  This release also includes some bug fixes that didn’t get fixed in 6.20 TN-E like the psp go freezing while to your PC via usb, when no M2 Card is inserted, etc.

6.39 TN-A Hen supports Homebrews, 6.3X Plugins, PS1 Games (PSN PS1 Games and converted PS1 Games), etc.

Important Note: There currently is no working ISO loader (even the Prometheus ISO loader isn’t working yet) for 6.39 TN-A Hen but ardi, the developer of aLoader has promised that he will port his latest release (aLoader 1.25) to 6.39.


How to install 6.39 TN-A Hen on your PSP:

  • Download the 6.39 TN-A installer
  • Extract to your PC
  • Copy the resulting PSP over into your memory stick or internal PSPgo storage
  • Run the 6.39 TN-A installer from your XMB
  • And you’re done!

If you want a Hen or LCFW for 6.39 OFW with an ISO loader, you may want to look at 6.39 Pro-B6.

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