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PSP 6.39 TN-A Hen released

Total Noob and HacKmaN have ported their 6.38 TN HEN (which was shown as a proof of concept only and never publicly released) to 6.39 OFW and released it as 6.39 TN-A Hen.

6.39 TN-A was built from 6.20 TN-E so you can simply checkout the changelog from this post.  This release also includes some bug fixes that didn’t get fixed in 6.20 TN-E like the psp go freezing while to your PC via usb, when no M2 Card is inserted, etc.

6.39 TN-A Hen supports Homebrews, 6.3X Plugins, PS1 Games (PSN PS1 Games and converted PS1 Games), etc.

Important Note: There currently is no working ISO loader (even the Prometheus ISO loader isn’t working yet) for 6.39 TN-A Hen but ardi, the developer of aLoader has promised that he will port his latest release (aLoader 1.25) to 6.39.


How to install 6.39 TN-A Hen on your PSP:

  • Download the 6.39 TN-A installer
  • Extract to your PC
  • Copy the resulting PSP over into your memory stick or internal PSPgo storage
  • Run the 6.39 TN-A installer from your XMB
  • And you’re done!

If you want a Hen or LCFW for 6.39 OFW with an ISO loader, you may want to look at 6.39 Pro-B6.

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  1. Samadhia Sam June 18, 2011 Reply

    For the meantime we can use the new Ardi Aloader for iso loader, but since it’s still in beta, it still have bug, but it work quite good. Tumb up 2 Ardi, and of course to Total Noob and HacKmaN, for their awesome job

  2. bhavik.bhagat bhavik August 4, 2011 Reply

    hey this ardi aloader, does it work for tn hen 6.39?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 4, 2011 Reply

      Nope. But ardi released his own version of 6.39 Hen complete with a working port of the aloader. Do note that it’s a different release from just 6.39 TN-A and the original aLoader plugin (which was built for 6.20 only). Check out 6.39 TN Xtended Hen here.

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