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[Guide] Downgrade your PSP to any 6.xx OFW

If you have updated your PSP to 6.38 OFW or 6.37 OFW or even the latest PSP firmware, 6.60 OFW and found yourself without a Hen or CFW that’ll allow you to run homebrew or free PSP games well you’re in luck!

PSP developer some1 (yes, that’s his handlename, don’t ask why) has released a Signed downgrader that will allow you to downgrade your PSP from 6.38 to 6.20. While it is a port of Davee’s original downgrade for 6.3x to 6.20, some1 managed to make it work for 6.38 OFW, the current latest firmware available for the PSP. It should, in theory, still work for downgrading 6.35/6.31 to 6.21 but some1 says he hasn’t tested it so try at your own risk.

Update: updated to v4 of some1’s downgrader which now supports 6.60 OFW
Important: Some PSP’s can’t be downgraded beyond 6.3xx, spefically0 8g and 09g models.
Important update: some1’s downgrader officially supports:


How to Downgrader on your 6.xx PSP

Important Note: If you chose to downgrade to 6.20, you will get a BSOD (saying that your system information is corrupted), this is OK, just click circle to reset your system information and you will be back to normal.

  • Extract the OFW zip file on your PSP
  • Copy the resulting folder to x:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE (x is your memory stick or the PSP Go‘s storage)
  • Extract the 6.xx Downgrader file on your PSP
  • Copy the 6.xx Downgrader v4 folder into PSP/GAME/
  • Run the downgrader from the XMB
  • Follow the instructions and then wait for it to boot the OFW Update
  • When PSP Reboots press O to reset settings
  • Congratulations, you have successfully downgraded your PSP.

If you’re wondering what to do after downgrading, you can install the latest pro LCFW build like 6.20 Pro-B8, 6.35 Pro-B8 or 6.39 Pro-B8.

Some1 for the 6.38 Downgrader
To Davee for making the original 6.35/6.31 downgrader
To ultimakillz and skyend for being my mentors when I first entered the scene.
To n00b81 for teaching me a lot of things.
To Davee, Freddy, TheLemonMan, Hellcat, and Draan for answering any question’s I’ve had.
To TiPi and Nymphaea for allowing me to work on their VSH sploit, which gained me alot of knowledge and experience.
To Npt for hosting such an awesome competition!
And to many others that I’m probably forgetting.


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