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6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch

A patch is available to make 6.20 TN-D permanent on your PSP. While it doesn’t completely install a custom firmware on your PSP, it does make things a whole lot easier by allowing you to boot directly into 6.20 TN-D instead of having to manually re-run the signed homebrew app each time you turn on your PSP.

Of course, there are risks with this as you’ll be writing directly into flash0 so again there’s a slight chance of bricking. However, the 6.20 TN-D permanent patch is relatively safe as the plugin does allow you to test it first before actually installing it. If the test fails, don’t proceed with the installation.

Requirements for 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch

6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch

How to install 6.20 TN Permanent Patch

  • Install 6.20 TN-D on your PSP. If you still don’t have it (despite being part of the requirement) you can install it using this link: HowTo Install 6.20 TN-D Hen.
  • After installation, on your XMB press select to enter the VSH menu. Disable the flash0 protection and exit the VSH menu. 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch
  • Extract the 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch on your PC
  • Copy the resulting folder into x:/PSP/GAME where x is the root of your PSP’s memory stick the PSP Go‘s internal storage.
  • Run the 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch.
    6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch
  • Press x to continue.
    6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch
  • The original flash0: / vsh / module / vshmain.prx was now backed up to ms0:/ or ef0: / vshorig.prx.
    6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch

    Important Note: DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. If you brick your PSP using the Permanent Patch, you can use it to recover your psp!

  • Press x again to launch the 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch in Test mode.

    Important Note: DO NOT SKIP THIS TEST. If it fails, do not proceed as you’ll likely brick your PSP. After the test concludes and is successful, it will revert your PSP back to the XMB

  • Launch the installer again, press x and then o.
  • The patch was now completely installed and the [b]flash0: / vsh / module / vshorig.prx was renamed to vshmain.prx!
  • Congratulations, you’re not permanently on 6.20 TN-D!

Total_Noobs’s for his TN-D systemctrl
kgsws for his bright idea on vshmain faking
Liquidzigong for the patch

How to Uninstall the 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch

Run 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch again and select the uninstall option


Important Note: If you experience any problems with the permanent patch, there are two ways for you to recover:

-while starting the PSP hold R1, this will disable all plugins and set the settings to default.
-while starting the PSP hold o + x + SELECT + START – this will completely uninstall the 6.20 TN-D permanent patch for your PSP.

I was actually holding out on posting the permanent patch as it is quite risky. The upside to having the permanent patch installed however is that it opens up new possibilities for homebrew development like the recovery menu. Having development on top of the permanent patch simply means it’s quite stable and safe enough for the common.

Source: Virtuous Flame blog

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