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PSP for Dummies: 6.37 OFW (and above) for non-hackable PSPs

PSP for Dummies > 6.37 OFW (and above) for non-hackable PSPs

You have reached this page because you want to install custom firmware on your non-hackable PSP but have firmware above 6.35.

As with 6.35 OFW for non-hackable PSPs, there are several HENs and LCFWs that are available for 6.37 OFW, 6.38 OFW and 6.39 OFW. I would recommend to upgrade to 6.39 OFW since most of the stable releases are targeted at that specific OFW.

If you have no idea what HEN or LCFW means or are lost at the terminologies, be sure to read the Terms and Definitions part of the guide. If you want to upgrade to 6.39 OFW, follow this guide.

For this guide, you have several options but are limited by the model of your PSP. This is because some PSP models cannot be downgraded beyond a certain point. If you need help identifying your PSP, please refer to this guide.

  • If you have a 7g/9g PSP 3000, you can downgrade to 6.35 OFW and install the latest 6.35 Pro LCFW (6.35 Pro-B10)
  • If you have any other PSP model, you can downgrade to 6.20 OFW and install the latest 6.20 Pro LCFW (6.20 Pro-B10)
  • You can install LCFW meant for 6.39 OFW:
    • The latest 6.39 Pro LCFW (6.39 Pro-B10)
    • The latest 6.39 TN HEN (6.39 TN-A)
  • Upgrade to 6.60 OFW and install the latest 6.60 Pro LCFW (6.60 Pro-B10)
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