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HowTo: Downgrade your PSP from 6.35/6.31 to 6.20

Davee (yep, the very same guy that the PSP community owes the ChickHen Hack to) has released a downgrader that will allow PSPs currently on 6.31 & 6.35 to downgrade their firmwares to 6.20. If you’re already on 6.35 Hen or 6.31 Hen, this means you can opt to downgrade and install 6.20 TN-C Hen (and the upcoming 6.20 TN-D which Total_Noob says will include a Popsloader support). For those worried about complicated steps to follow, not to worry, the 6.35/6.31 Downgrader is signed, meaning you can run in directly on your PSP, regardless of whether you have a homebrew loader, a cfw or are currently on the official firmware.

To those following Davee, the release of the downgrader isn’t a surprise judging from his tweet on New Year’s Eve:

Requirements for the 6.35/6.31 to 6.20 Downgrader

Downgrading your PSP to 6.20 from 6.35/6.31

  • Extract Davee’s 6.3x downgrader on your PC.
  • Copy the PSP folder directly onto your memory stick or the storage of your PSP Go
  • Extract the 6.20 OFW on your PC
  • Copy the EBOOT.pbp file inside x:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ where x is your PSP’s memory stick or the storage of your PSP Go
  • Run the Downgrader on your XMB and follow onscreen prompts

And that’s it, you’re back to 6.20 OFW!

After downgrading, you can install 6.20 TN-A Hen or for simplicity, you can go for the Signed 6.20 TN-C :).

Now for the important bit:

Important Note: Downgrading your PSP is risky.  Unless you follow the procedures explicitly as indicated, you may end up bricking your PSP.  While Davee’s downgrader has been confirmed working by quite a lot of people already, keep in mind that there’s still a risk of bricking so don’t downgrade unless you really want to.

Also, here’s a video:

credits: Davee

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