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Install 6.20 TN-A Hen and Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP

Thanks to the efforts of Wololo and Liquidzigong, PSP-3000, PSP-2000 with TA-v88v3 motherboard or PSP Go owners can now have custom firmware (well it’s pseudo-cfw.. it’s actually HBL + ISO loader but let’s call it that for convenience’s sake) installed on their PSPs via 6.20 TN-A Hen and Prometheus ISO loader. With the 6.20 TN-A and Prometheus ISO loader, you can now run PSP games off your memory stick for free :).

Requirements for 6.20 TN-A Hen and Prometheus ISO

Update: Signed 6.20 TN-C Hen is out so if you want to update or are having troubles installing 6.20 TN-A Hen on your PSP, I recommend follow this guide.

Installing 6.20 TN-A Hen and Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP

  • Extract the Patapon 2 Demo onto your PC
  • Copy the folder (UCUS98734) into x:\PSP\GAME (x is your memory stick or the PSP Go‘s storage)
  • Extract the 6.20 TN-A Hen file onto your PC
  • Copy it’s contents directly onto your PSP.  This contains both the homebrew loader and the exploited save data.
  • On your XMB, Run the Patapon 2 Demo
  • If you see the screen below. Select ‘No’ to proceed
  • Select Yes at this screen to proceed
  • Select Continue
  • and load the save file. Do note that the icon may be different.
  • Once the game has loaded, Press [R Trigger] to load HBL Menu
  • Your PSP will now load the HBL menu as seen below. Select Hen to load the 6.20 TN-A HEN on your PSP. A bit of warning though, selecting this option will cause your PSP screen to be blank for a moment then reset to the XMB. This is normal so don’t panic.

    If you get a “Warning, memory leak!”, again don’t panic, this is normal.
  • Once you’re back on the XMB, press “select” to make sure the TN Hen menu displays correctly.
  • Follow this guide on how to install the Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP: Installing the Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP.
  • Enjoy your Free PSP Games :).

Important Note: Be sure to check the Prometheus ISO loader compatibility guide
Important Note: You need an ISO folder in your PSP’s memory.  Simply create one and dump your PSP ISOs/CSOs there.

Below is a video of the hack for skeptics out there:


If you’re not on 6.20 OFW and want to update your PlayStation Portable to accommodate 6.20 TN-C follow these instructions: HowTo: Upgrade your PSP to 6.20 OFW.

If you’re on a different firmware, you may want to take a look at other Hen installations:

credits to Liquidzigong, Total_Noob

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