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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep official release date

The U.S. PlayStation.Blog has just confirmed the official release date for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep with a new trailer (shown after the jump). The final release date? September 7 for the US release and September 10 for EU.

Birth By Sleep takes play before the original Kingdom Hearts, following the story of three characters: Terra, Ventus or Aqua.

It’ll also includes four multiplayer modes with up to six players in “Mirage Arena”.

Like most AAA titles for the PSP, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will be released together with a a new limited edition PSP Entertainment Pack bundle, which packs a copy of the game, a Mystic-Silver PSP-3000, a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for $199. The bundle is said to also contain a movie but Sony has yet to announce it’s title and if it’ll be available on UMD or via the Sony PSN Store.

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