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Black Wii coming to US shores?

Three years and a half since the launch of the Wii and it seems we’re finally getting that black Wii console to match our black wiimotes, nunchuck and classic controller controllers (pardon the pun). It’s worth noting that when the Wii (known as the Revolution back then) was shown before release to sport the colors white, black, silver, lime green, and red. Oh Nintendo, why are you making us wait for the good stuff? The Japanese already have their black consoles since last year 🙁

The US black Wii console is said to be scheduled for release on May 9 in the US and in Canada on May 23. Price is expected at $199 (around Php 9,000) and will include as copy of Wii Sports resort and the Motion Plus adaptor (yay!).

The question now is when will it reach OUR shores and for how much :(. I’m pretty sure it’ll be cheaper to order it online buy I’m still hoping that someone else will do the importing stuff 🙂 Less taxes on my side that way. On a side note this’ll go nicely with my Classic Pro Controller via the Monster Hunter Tri bundle … when it arrives that is. For some particular reason, there’s very few stocks of the bundle and my name hasn’t popped up in the queue of waiting customers :(.

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