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Install PSP Custom Firmware without a Pandora Battery

The usual way of installing custom firmware is to do it via Pandora Battery and that’s where the problem begins. You have to HAVE a Pandora Battery in order to make one (which means you need 2 batteries. One that’s already a pandora battery and one that you want to convert to pandora). The easy way out of this is simply buy a Pandora battery online. If however, you have a hackable PSP (one that can install custom firmware natively), you can install custom firmware without a Pandora Battery.

Important: If you have a PSP-3000 or a PSP-2000s with TA-088v3 (and versions above it) DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR PSP. If you do, congratulations, you now have a PSP paperweight. This method WILL BRICK your PSP.

Also, if you’re already on 5.50 ofw, then this guide won’t work. You really need Pandora to flash your PSP.

If you want to check if your PSP can use this method for installation READ: Can my PSP have custom firmware installed?

Using Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher


Install custom firmware without pandora

Install chickHen R2Before you proceed to installing custom firmware on your PSP, you need to install and successfully run the chickHen hack. Read the guide and come back here to finish the installation.

How to install custom firmware without a Pandora Battery?

  • Connect your PSP to the computer in USB Mode when you have loaded ChickHEN R2.
  • Unzip the file for the firmware you want installed (if you want 5.00 M33 you have do download and extract on your computer
  • Copy Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher (RECOVERY folder) to PSP\GAME folder
  • Copy the firmware (it’s an EBOOT.PBP file) you want to update to PSP\GAME\RECOVERY folder and rename it as follows:
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.71 firmware rename it to 371.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.80 firmware rename it to 380.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.90 firmware rename it to 390.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 4.01 firmware rename it to 401.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 5.00 firmware rename it to 500.pbp
  • Run Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher in XMB
  • Hellcat’s will now install custom firmware for your PSP

A few other things about Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher

What is the Recovery Flasher for?

  • Recover semi-bricked PSP (PSPs that can ONLY enter the recovery menu and little else)
  • flash *ANY* CFW directly to almost any other
  • Upgrade or downgrade your CFW. Supported custom firmwares are as follows: 3.71 M33, 3.80 M33, 3.90 M33, 4.01 M33, 5.00 M33.
  • Backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump)
  • Make and restore NAND dumps


Can I use it to install custom firmware on my 5.50 ofw psp? No.
If you have a hackable PSP (check this guide for that), you can use pandora to downgrade your PSP and install custom firmware. If it’s not hackable. NO. Sorry.

Simple right? If you’re still having problems, specifically when installing the ChickHen hack, just post a comment on the ChickHen R2 installation guide. If you have comments or questions on the whole process, post here.

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