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Install PSP Custom Firmware without a Pandora Battery

The usual way of installing custom firmware is to do it via Pandora Battery and that’s where the problem begins. You have to HAVE a Pandora Battery in order to make one (which means you need 2 batteries. One that’s already a pandora battery and one that you want to convert to pandora). The easy way out of this is simply buy a Pandora battery online. If however, you have a hackable PSP (one that can install custom firmware natively), you can install custom firmware without a Pandora Battery.

Important: If you have a PSP-3000 or a PSP-2000s with TA-088v3 (and versions above it) DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR PSP. If you do, congratulations, you now have a PSP paperweight. This method WILL BRICK your PSP.

Also, if you’re already on 5.50 ofw, then this guide won’t work. You really need Pandora to flash your PSP.

If you want to check if your PSP can use this method for installation READ: Can my PSP have custom firmware installed?

Using Hellcatโ€™s Recovery Flasher


Install custom firmware without pandora

Install chickHen R2Before you proceed to installing custom firmware on your PSP, you need to install and successfully run the chickHen hack. Read the guide and come back here to finish the installation.

How to install custom firmware without a Pandora Battery?

  • Connect your PSP to the computer in USB Mode when you have loaded ChickHEN R2.
  • Unzip the file for the firmware you want installed (if you want 5.00 M33 you have do download and extract on your computer
  • Copy Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher (RECOVERY folder) to PSP\GAME folder
  • Copy the firmware (it’s an EBOOT.PBP file) you want to update to PSP\GAME\RECOVERY folder and rename it as follows:
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.71 firmware rename it to 371.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.80 firmware rename it to 380.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 3.90 firmware rename it to 390.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 4.01 firmware rename it to 401.pbp
    • If you’ve downloaded 5.00 firmware rename it to 500.pbp
  • Run Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher in XMB
  • Hellcat’s will now install custom firmware for your PSP

A few other things about Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher

What is the Recovery Flasher for?

  • Recover semi-bricked PSP (PSPs that can ONLY enter the recovery menu and little else)
  • flash *ANY* CFW directly to almost any other
  • Upgrade or downgrade your CFW. Supported custom firmwares are as follows: 3.71 M33, 3.80 M33, 3.90 M33, 4.01 M33, 5.00 M33.
  • Backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump)
  • Make and restore NAND dumps


Can I use it to install custom firmware on my 5.50 ofw psp? No.
If you have a hackable PSP (check this guide for that), you can use pandora to downgrade your PSP and install custom firmware. If it’s not hackable. NO. Sorry.

Simple right? If you’re still having problems, specifically when installing the ChickHen hack, just post a comment on the ChickHen R2 installation guide. If you have comments or questions on the whole process, post here.

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  1. matt.hannan Matt Hannan July 21, 2009 Reply

    sylv3rblade, you are a absolute gentleman. Followed your instructions to the letter (without Pandora) and now have M33-6 installed. Thank you!!!!!

    Is it worth my while installing GEN-A or GEN-B or will M33-6 let me do everything I need?

    Thanks again!!!!!

  2. pohojananttu rApBoY July 25, 2009 Reply

    can i install it on my 4.21 slim?

  3. leb_87 MysteryMan July 26, 2009 Reply

    Hello there,
    Recently got my hands on a psp 1001. I don’t have a pandora battery however I do have a memory stick but no cable to connect my psp to the computer. If I was to get that cable, could I install 5.00 M33-6 using your instructions? Also, you said when you have loaded chickhen, do you mean after you installed it on your comp?

  4. leb_87 MysteryMan July 26, 2009 Reply

    never mind about the chickhen thing, I understand what you meant.

  5. lord_solrac2 Solrac July 31, 2009 Reply

    Does it work on OFW 5.50 2001?

  6. simonkaey simonkaey August 1, 2009 Reply

    can i use this guide to convert my 4.01 ofw
    phat psp to cfw?

  7. lazaro6644 scarface August 1, 2009 Reply

    hi,how i can run Hellcatโ€™s Recovery Flasher plzz if u know send my a messeng to [email protected]

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 1, 2009 Reply

      Why not read this post? It shows you just that.

  8. genezkool323+forums Oliver August 2, 2009 Reply

    Truly, truly, truly something amazingly beautiful. Thank you for your curiosities and your contributions.

  9. haseebaman88 haseeb August 3, 2009 Reply

    hi..i have psp slim 5.03 ofw can i downgrade it to 4.01 cfw with this instructions which u gave me.. using the hellcats recovery flasher

  10. simonkaey simonkaey August 3, 2009 Reply

    my god, i cannot believe it took so long for this to be done. i wouldve thought the pandoras way was taking the long way around. I have nothing to do with programming tho, and i would not now anything . anyway thank you so much!

  11. haseebaman88 haseeb August 4, 2009 Reply

    i made my psp 5.03 ofw to 5.00 m33 using chicken r2 and CFW ENABLER. as u told me it is better to be wit 5.00 m33, rather than downgrading it to 4.01 m33.. NOW MY QUESTION WHEN I WANT TO CONVERT 5.00 M33 TO 5.00 M33-6 . USING THE UPDATE FILE. IT GIVES ME A MESSAGE ON XMB.. ITS ALREADY AT HIGHER UPDATE…HOW CAN I CONVERT IT TO 5.00 M33-6?

  12. haseebaman88 haseeb August 6, 2009 Reply

    Hey once again.. thanks… for the help.. u are a life saver…u rock.

  13. haseebaman88 haseeb August 7, 2009 Reply


    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 7, 2009 Reply

      I thought you got it working? Yes, chickHen will run on ANY PSP model regardless of what motherboard you have installed.

      The only way for you not to be able to install chickHen is if you have 5.50 ofw as your firmware.

  14. aryan1919 xLucida August 10, 2009 Reply

    What does it mean by choose your firmware to flash? :3

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 10, 2009 Reply

      It means pick which firmware you want to install.

  15. aryan1919 xLucida August 10, 2009 Reply

    Which would you recommend? i have 5.03 ofc atm :3

  16. aryan1919 xLucida August 10, 2009 Reply


  17. aryan1919 xLucida August 10, 2009 Reply

    I have another question, before my PSP said 5.03 Chickhen R2, and then when i went to hellcat recovery and pressed accept, my psp just went back to xmb and now says it’s just 5.03, im not sure what i did wrong, i copied the recovery fodler and put the eboot in, anything i did wrong? :3

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 11, 2009 Reply

      What model is your PSP? You may have a PSP that doesn’t support this mode of installation.

  18. aryan1919 xLucida August 11, 2009 Reply

    my psp serial number starts with hu2 so i guess it works, and when i got my psp it came with 3.80

  19. s simonkaey August 15, 2009 Reply

    ouch, i thought it was easy… but it isnt working. i have bought a new memory stick that may be the issue. i am going to use my 256mb stick next and see if it works. it just freezes and then shuts down…. i will figure it out tho.

  20. aldemonioconesto GEBA_MEX August 18, 2009 Reply

    Hi, I’ve recently got a Phat PSP and … It worked perfectly… of course after almost 50 tries… just don’t give up… and try it on a different way, I didn’t wait for the Options to load I just freak out, pressed X like crazy and entered to the eggsploit.tiff image, the psp freezed and then it worked…

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 24, 2009 Reply

      Congrats. The idea here is not to give up ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. hbruoolm bbmb94 August 24, 2009 Reply

    can i use my 32mg memory stick to install chickhen and all the other files? iam using a fat psp using 3.52 firmware

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 24, 2009 Reply

      I’m not sure if everything will fit in the 32 MB Memstick as the Eboot for 5.00 is already 25 MB.

    • kelvin_vixens KAKA vs PSP September 29, 2009 Reply

      Technicly u can, but keep ur psp hooked for better or try the Pandora Deluxe method, which is silvrbladenx8 comment in this article, Get pandora with no extra battery or memory stick. Its on atma Explorer, look it up. It’s good, but u need phat psp and ofw 4.05. U git 4.01 m33 from dat hack edition, but it might not work, its just trial and error.

  22. free2will_0 prototype* August 29, 2009 Reply

    Nice guide syl!
    I’m a total newbie about installing FW, I was worried for days not to brick my psp before trying this. Then after I followed this guide, it worked! Although it confuses at some point. But overall, it’s great! I can play my psp with iso/cso again. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Question, can I delete the files used for installing in my memory when finished? Thanks!


    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 29, 2009 Reply

      Depends on what PSP version that you have. If it’s a phat or PSP Slim with non-TA-088v3 motherboard, yep, you can delete it. If not, just keep it so you can reinstall cfw if you accidentally turned off your PSP. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Go MO ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. free2will_0 prototype* August 30, 2009 Reply

    So if this not TA-088v3 its okay to shut down. But I don’t know if this is TA-088v3 how to identify it? And serial number starts with HE0. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. yann_djomdjie Yann September 4, 2009 Reply

    Hey, i followed yr guide the book but whenever i get to installing the custom fw with 500 pbp it always says critical error it could not be opened, i tired changing the installation and trying 400 pbp but still the same error. Could you know whats going on?
    I would really appreciate your help as I dont feel like shelling out 20quid to my local gamestore to do it for me.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 4, 2009 Reply

      This is probably due to your PSP model.. What do you have? Slim?

  25. humpanch Virus9999 September 5, 2009 Reply

    hey hi mY psp is slim 3000 i think and i have done chickHENr2 and it went well
    and i have hellcats recovery and went in it but i cant install the cfw 5.00m33
    THE GAME COULD NOT BE STARTED (80010002) plz reply me

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 6, 2009 Reply

      You’re trying to install a firmware version that isn’t supported by your PSP. I listed it on the important part ๐Ÿ™ You seemed to have missed it.

      Try 5.03 GEN-A or CFWEnabler instead.

  26. humpanch Virus9999 September 6, 2009 Reply


  27. modechaoz corix September 7, 2009 Reply

    after doing this things is it ready for the iso/cso games…. and what versions of psp do this cfw applies for.. or you just download the cfw of the same type of your psp version? or you could any of the cfw provided to any pap hackable version?.. coz i hav read on another blog the you still have to downgrade ur psp to 1.5 and upgrade again to be able to run iso/cso game.. sorry for d many questions.. but thumbs up for ur post.. i wanna learn to do this psp upgrading stuff.. more power n tnx

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 7, 2009 Reply

      After you install this, yes, you can readily play ISO games. As for the cfw version, as shown above, you can pick which firmware to install, although I’d recommend 5.00 since it’s the latest M33 release.

      Now for the important stuff. This method only works on hackable PSPs. As for the need to downgrade, that only applies to the old method, using pandora, with the method I’ve posted, you just need to run chickhen and the hellcat’s recovery plugin.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to post.

  28. modechaoz corix September 7, 2009 Reply

    ok thnx.. but one more thing.. im watching on youtube same thing as this ( ) … do i have to upgrade my version first to 5.03? or no need? coz 5.00pbp update is the same as 5.03?
    — as for the hellcat, i just have to copy the “recovery folder” to the psp/game right?.. together w/ the FW 5.00.pbp.. just in the same folder? so thats helcat eboot.pbp and 5.00pbp in the “psp/game/recovery folder” together…?
    — the update for psp3k i have done perfectly– quite simple…^_^
    — the update for CFW for hackable psp2k im still in questions, im afraid to brick one” T_T.. i might loose a 9k in just wrong move.. ^_^.. aniways big thankz…

  29. modechaoz corix September 7, 2009 Reply

    for what i have watch in youtube… he updated he’s version to 5.03 first and do the chickHENr2 mod and updated the CFW lastly. which becomes 5.03 m33… what if i got version 3 or v 4 as the original firmware.. do i have to just update it w/ chickHENR2 and the hellcat directly?… or must update it first to higher version as 5.00 or 5.03 before proceeding to chickenR2? or if i have fw version 4.01 i just use the 401.pbp… or ANY HACKABLE PSP version will work on 500.pbp upgrade w/o the use of upgrading it first to 5.03?

    im sori..hope u still have the patient to get my point.. im a little bit confuse w/ CFW update… the psp3k is much easier but it bugs me about the reseting when the games just corrupts when the psp turns off or hangs up or lowbatt… hehehe patience…

    all in all nice guide… 2 thumbs up for you…

  30. humpanch Virus9999 September 7, 2009 Reply

    he y thnx i played games and again that problem starts chickHEN r2 went so what should i do if i do again that software it closes plz help me

  31. humpanch Virus9999 September 7, 2009 Reply

    but i cant do chickHEN mod again plz help just tell me how to do i did and i played also but i went again

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 7, 2009 Reply

      Have you tried the one click installer? Also, you mentioned that you were on 5.03 MHU…. Is your PSP a slim?

  32. matizako matiz September 8, 2009 Reply

    the chickHENR2 doesnt work… it just hangs up and turn the psp off.. many times i tried but does work… T_T

  33. ajdeep_blue14 dr3amc0derx September 8, 2009 Reply

    I did it make it a 5.00 m33-6 but it still wont play iso/cso games, i got error: the game could not started(80020321). Tulong!:)

  34. ajdeep_blue14 dr3amc0derx September 8, 2009 Reply

    Ok, i figured it out. Just go to the recovery settings > configuration > umd mode > m33 driver -no umd-…… thanks…..weeeeeeee…..

  35. check_me_out_99 virus9999 September 11, 2009 Reply

    HEy plz help i cant put chickHEN mod AGAIN PLZ HELP ARGENTLY

  36. devong1996 Devon Gardner September 17, 2009 Reply

    i need hellllppppp, i have oficail firmware 6.00 can i use thissss????

  37. iamsiaho1 siaho September 19, 2009 Reply

    i have a slim, TA-088 v1/v2 system.
    is it safe to try to put CFW on it?

  38. tsyap99 tsyap September 21, 2009 Reply

    ok, I have 5.03mhu install in my psp slim and iso setting to M33 driver, make a ISO folder on the root of ms, but every time when I try to copy the game into the ISO folder it show “Cannot copy to specified file”. but when I open the ISO folder, it show the game with correct file size & I can see & hear the game audio on Xmb, but when I press “O” it show the game could not be started(80000108), help………

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 21, 2009 Reply

      This is usually a problem with your USB cable.. I’ve experienced this with damaged ones. Replace the cable you are using and you won’t encounter the error again.

      • tsyap99 tsyap September 22, 2009 Reply

        Thanks a lot, after I changed the usb cable, everything just fine.

  39. marvs_0227 marvs September 22, 2009 Reply

    TA-088 motherboard can be modified iwthout pandora battery?????

  40. still_faith2010 PSPFEEN September 23, 2009 Reply

    someone plzz help! i’m stumped! i just started using my newly moded psp slim 2001 cfw 5.00 m33-6 but i get the error message: game could not be started 80000108.
    i’m running on 150 kernels, iso setting is m33 driver..(as a matter of fact i’ve tried them all) still the same error. someone help please. what more can i do?

  41. dxfan45 NevaGetEnuff October 14, 2009 Reply

    can I do this with ofw 6.00 psp 1000?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 15, 2009 Reply

      Nope. You need a pandora battery for this since you’re on 6.00

      • dxfan45 NevaGetEnuff October 15, 2009 Reply

        if I hardmod my own battery can I still use it normally?

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 15, 2009


        • dxfan45 NevaGetEnuff October 15, 2009

          you sure? o.o I looked up a couple vids and read that I have to use another battery.

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 15, 2009

          You always revert the pandora battery to a normal one (considering you used THIS method to create one in the first place :D)

        • dxfan45 NevaGetEnuff October 15, 2009

          okay. so how do I revert it back to normal? and do I need a magic memory stick for all this?

  42. zachary802057 zachary October 15, 2009 Reply

    im the geek in this but i have a psp 3000 and the sony battery it came with is what i use. im on update 6.10 how do i get the right firmware without messing my psp up?

  43. zachary802057 zachary October 15, 2009 Reply

    do i go back on updates or downgrade? how do i?

  44. lloydsky0806 lloyd October 19, 2009 Reply

    I have a hackable psp with no CFW yet. Can I use this method to install 5.00 M33 directly or do I need to install lower CFW versions first? Thanks

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 19, 2009 Reply

      Yes you can ๐Ÿ˜€

      • jordan.chin Jordan October 30, 2009 Reply

        Hello silver umm i have a psp slim and it came with 5.03 (it was new) so that means its psp 3000 right? Umm I want to play bleach heat the soul 6 an ISO Game needing 5.00 M33-6 how do i customize my firmware to play it? I have Memory Stick Pro Duo 4gb i see Magic Gate on it after Memory Stick Pro Duo, my battery is normal also. Can u help me i only want to play Beach HTS 6( ISO-5.00 M33-6)

  45. lloydsky0806 lloyd October 20, 2009 Reply

    Thanks sylv3rblade. Will try it later.

  46. f_monk2Lan gorpleep October 20, 2009 Reply

    sir. . .

    can i play eboot.pbp (psx games) ?

    what cfw?

    thanks. . . .

    i did the partial cfw. . .

    it saves me hundreds of bucks. . .

  47. vaxcorp Bighead November 14, 2009 Reply

    sylv3rblade good day… for just 2 days i become one of your avid fan.. hahaha…

    Btw, i do have a psp slim series 2000, and its a psp 2006 edition. it’s cfw is 5.03 mhu, chickhen R2 and a cfwenabler 3.60 by xenogears and becus25 and its partial cfw(everytime i accidentally put it off or drain its power, i have to execute it again the cfw) my questions are:

    1. can i upgrade my psp to 5.5 up?
    because i want to play the Assasins Creed Bloodlines.

    can you help me?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 14, 2009 Reply

      Thanks :D. Here’s a few info for your current predicament.

      Since your PSP is unhackable, the only custom firmware you can install on it is those of the 5.03 variant, in this case, CFWEnabler, 5.03 MHU and 5.03 GEN-B. You can’t upgrade to a 5.50 custom firmware because it’s incompatible with your hardware so you’re stuck with 5.03 but don’t worry about it… I’ll explain in the end :D.

      As for being able to play Assassin’s Creed, it works on 5.50 GEN-D (the cfw that you can’t install) and 5.03 GEN-B (the cfw that you CAN install). So in short, just install 5.03 GEN-B.

  48. vaxcorp Bighead November 14, 2009 Reply

    sylv3rblade, thank u, and i’ll try this one and i’ll let u know…

    btw are you girl? just curious bcoz ur using this avatar… hehehe

  49. colonel_jurgs jurgs November 18, 2009 Reply

    I have a chickhen enabled 2000 and it has 500 m33-6 do i need to run hellcat in chickhen or can i do it in the custom firmware enabled state?

  50. remsaturday1 calvin November 26, 2009 Reply

    i have a slim 2001 5.03 ofw im not shure if its hackable cause i threw the box away i did the chickhen but when i go to my photos with the eggs i scroll to the bottom and freezes
    thanks for the help

  51. joel.paderagao joepadz December 3, 2009 Reply

    Hello, I am using cfw 5.00 m33-6 for PSP 2000 is it possible to upgrade this version into CFW 5.50 GEN-D2 without using Pandora Battery and How is it? Thank You…

  52. krsevan_petric Krsevan December 11, 2009 Reply

    what is xmb and when itry to run the file it says error 80020148

  53. krsevan_petric Krsevan December 11, 2009 Reply

    this is for my psp 1002

  54. ralph [n3rve] December 12, 2009 Reply

    Great tutorial, thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. villain.amiel Allain December 16, 2009 Reply

    i have successfully install 5.00 m33-6 but when i run the iso. it says error 800****. what did i done wrong? please help.

    filipino here.

    • in3rve [n3rve] December 17, 2009 Reply

      Allain, open the VSH menu:
      Change ‘UMD ISO Mode’ to “M33 Driver”.

  56. imransoleri danyal December 19, 2009 Reply

    i have cfw3.80M33-2 can i download cfw 5.00M33 without a pandora battery.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 19, 2009 Reply

      Yep, you can upgrade directly to 5.00 M33.

      • reyesphilip philip December 21, 2009 Reply

        i have a friend asking me to upgrade his psp. his firmware is 4.01 m33-2.,i can upgrade it to 5.0 right?
        so to run chickHen should this psp be updated to 5.03 OFW?then using chickHen and hell’s cat ,update to 5.00 m33?

  57. ashraym Ashray December 21, 2009 Reply

    Hellcat’s Doesn’t work!

    There is no RECOVERY folder!!

  58. tweetypooh94 farah; December 22, 2009 Reply

    Can this also work with chickhen R1?

  59. ashraym Ashray December 22, 2009 Reply

    It says Data is corrupted….

    • tweetypooh94 farah; December 23, 2009 Reply

      ashray i had the same problem, make sure you put the all the CONTENTS of the hellcats flasher into psp/game not just the recovery folder.

      • ashraym Ashray December 23, 2009 Reply

        you mean the folder called “rflash160”???

  60. ashraym Ashray December 22, 2009 Reply

    I have a friend who has 5.03 OFW and he wants to play ISO/CSO games. Is there any other way to upgrade to CFW without using the ChickHen R2 hack or the Hellcat’s Recovery or Pandora Battery???

    He has a PSP-2004.
    jas0nk’s PSPident didn’t work for him so i don’t know what motherboard he has

    Please Help!!!

  61. nor.baini_ farah; December 24, 2009 Reply

    dont copy the one rflash160 folder straight into your psp/game/

    you need to open up โ€œrflash160? folder, copy all the folders and the content in it, and then paste all of it into psp/game.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 24, 2009 Reply

      I’ll do a repack.. seems like the instructions are too vague to some (ashray included) >_>

  62. wmk1085 lno January 3, 2010 Reply

    OMG.. I still cannot hack this psp..i have run the hellcats recovery, it loads perfectly, but when the black screen appears.. the 2nd & 3rd option cannot be appears in grey color.. and the 1st option also cannot be selected.. it hangs… I have run the pspident and the mobo is TA-079 V1..
    do you have any advice what can I do? Please!!

  63. uday.minocha zack January 14, 2010 Reply

    i have a normal 5.50 version how do i convert it into a custom firmware easily

    zack here
    please help

  64. bradcs Bradley January 14, 2010 Reply


    I just got a couple of questions. I have a psp 1002. IT has official firmware 6.20. The Date code is 5d. Can i install a custom firmware straight onto it or do i have to downgrade? another thing is that iโ€™m getting a second memory how will this work with custom firmware?

    Also i just read that any ofw one psp 1000 is compatible with custom firmware does this mean i can install CWF on my psp 1000 with 6.20 OFW?

  65. justinkeating89 just in January 21, 2010 Reply

    i have a psp with ta-088v3 and ofw 6.00 how do i hack it? or can i?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 21, 2010 Reply

      You can’t ๐Ÿ™
      There’s currently no way to downgrade a PSP-2000 with TA-088v3 to install CFW.

  66. justinkeating89 just in January 22, 2010 Reply

    oh no:( life’s not worth living anymore hehe. i’ll just get a ta-085 motherboard and put it into it. thanks anyways

  67. nailymazdee nel January 25, 2010 Reply

    hey sylv3rblade, when i tried to install the ChickHEN R2 my psp freeze with red color screen and it freezed in a long time. i wait like 20 minutes but still nothing happened. then i just take off the battery. why is that? im using psp phat with version 5.00

  68. nailymazdee nel January 25, 2010 Reply

    thanks a lot :)))))

  69. lionaamir_786 Metalhed January 30, 2010 Reply

    HI sylv3rblade………I am using a PSP 3004 with ofw 6.00 is there any way to downgrade it or crack it please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 30, 2010 Reply

      There currently is no way to help you as you still can’t downgrade a PSP-3000 ๐Ÿ™

  70. dead Dead February 1, 2010 Reply

    I tried these instructions on a Slim V1 ta-85 v1 and it didn’t work, I think my PSP is a brick now. The only thing that wasn’t to the letter was tha the ChickHEN was for the official site not the links given here. At first it said to was extracting a .prx file and tried something and the check sum wasn’t as it expected. I went back to the main menu and tried again and it had more errors. I didn’t reload my flash save as it warned me it could be even more harmful. When I exited the program the psp rebooted its self, it came back to 5.03 and I went to chicken again, it did not not work and when the it rebooted after that its just black with a screen. I did make the batter a pandora and backup the nand and flash but I didn’t make the stick magic. I guess I need to get a card reader so I can make the stick magic and unbrick it? When I insert the batter it does turn on.

  71. dead Dead February 1, 2010 Reply

    and this is where I feel stupid because while sitting in my thinking closet I remembered hearing that pandora’s can’t normally power a system. Got it booting from the AC, now to magic stick it and CFW it!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 1, 2010 Reply

      Wait.. so you’ve managed to revive your PSP?

      • dead Dead February 2, 2010 Reply

        I wouldn’t say revive, I’d say I’m an idiot, I think it didn’t do anything it tried to unpack but didn’t correctly so it didn’t do anything but I had converted my battery to a pandora, which I had heard from someone else won’t actually run a system. So it booted once without noticing but when it booted again it noticed the battery is a pandora and it is looking to go into the special mode but I didn’t make a magic stick. If I take the battery out, boot from AC then it works. I’m trying to make a magic stick now so I can just pandora flash and be done with it.

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 2, 2010

          This should explain what needs to be done:

  72. nathaniel.baquiran shamey February 15, 2010 Reply

    hi.i have a psp with a cfw 5.50 gen d-2 installed.can you give me tips on how to upgrade it to gen d-3 without using a pandora battery?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 15, 2010 Reply

      You don’t need a pandora to upgrade to gen d-3. You can install gen d-3 directly.

  73. aimguy53 James February 15, 2010 Reply

    I have a phat psp (1001) with 6.20 firmware. I know it is completely hackable, but since it is on 6.20 can I still convert to CFW without a pandora?

  74. damn.this.luv Jazzz March 8, 2010 Reply

    i have installed 5.50 gen d via x gen updater and everything run smoothly until it asked me to reboot or shutdown and i chose reboot and since then on homepage keypads dont function anymore except for the volume button.
    plz plz help me..plz plz help me….

  75. takim-raven21 Traven21 March 11, 2010 Reply

    my psp-2007 cfw is 5.00 m33-6 and recently i accidently updated my firmware to ofw 6.20. is there anyway to downgrade back to cfw 5.00 without a pandora?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade March 11, 2010 Reply

      Nope. The only way you’ll be able to downgrade is with a Pandora Battery.

  76. magnumdelirium Senkojin March 13, 2010 Reply

    Hello, i have a PSP Slim with a ta-085 motherboard. i have installed 5.03 GEN-A on it. can i upgrade it 5.50? would there be any problems? thanks.

  77. chrisj_15 randommanjelly March 22, 2010 Reply

    Does “above” in “and versions above it” meaning the succeeding version? or does it mean above the table over here:


    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade March 22, 2010 Reply

      It meant versions above the model/numbers indicated. ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. chrisj_15 randommanjelly March 22, 2010 Reply

    Sorry I meant above TA-088v3 in the table?

  79. my.troubleband.maker Fly March 30, 2010 Reply

    you can upgrade ta-085 mobo to 5.50 gen d3 no problem. I did that to mine. I have ta-085 as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  80. chrisj_15 randommanjelly April 9, 2010 Reply

    can i do this on a psp with ofw 5.03 and a TA-088v1/v2 motherboard that has been previously flashed with 3.80 M33 then install gen-d3?

  81. spawn216 Spawn April 28, 2010 Reply

    can i do this on a psp 2001 who is allready flashed with 3.90 m33-3 custom firmware, i dont know what verson of motherboard is?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 28, 2010 Reply

      Yep. Since your PSP has 3.90 M33, it’s a hackable PSP.

      • spawn216 Spawn April 29, 2010 Reply

        Thank you :-))

  82. riot_inyourhouse Mitchell May 21, 2010 Reply

    I have a PSP Fat that has OFW 6.20, Can I use this method to convert my PSP to custom firmware without a Pandora Battery?

  83. limline3 cline June 15, 2010 Reply

    hi there, i have a problem here. 1st i checked my psp if it is hackable or not using ident and chickHEN. i thought i bought a psp 2000, the information given to me by ident is this,
    motherboard type: brite
    motherboard model: TA-090v1
    PSP version: Slim v3.0
    given the information form “is my psp hackable?” i thought this is psp2000. so i proceed to recovery flasher for a cfw. but when i run it, says its cant proceed because i have a brite psp. good thing it didnt brick. so my question is, do i have a brite psp3000 then? psp that cant be hacked? because i tot TA-090v1 is hackable. help. ๐Ÿ™‚ filipino here. ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. limline3 cline June 16, 2010 Reply

    hey thanks for the help.
    i bought the unit they say that they changed the housing of the unit making it 2nd hand and selling it at a cheaper price. you know what i think? the inside is a 3000 but the housing is a complete 2000. this one is refirbished. now im having problems. maybe ill just install 5.03genA is it?

  85. limline3 cline June 16, 2010 Reply

    actually the only problem here is the cfw. there is no cfw when i bought it. so when i get to your site, first thing i did was to check the hackability, then the chickHEN and PSPident for the motherboard (your posts works well, the problem is my unit) then i ended up knowing that this unit is actually BRITE from the inside but a complete SLIM LITE from the outside (even the box). such a headache since i get hold of this. now ill just go with 5.03 genC for cfw. thanks for all the help!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 16, 2010 Reply

      Wow… I guess refurbs really have the insides changed ๐Ÿ™ Anyway, gl on installing 5.03 GEN-C ๐Ÿ˜€ Update us on what happens ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. zumpalov bonZi June 21, 2010 Reply


    I have spent a lot of time reading whether my psp is hackable or not. I read that mine is fully hackable. It is a PSP-2003 (UK produced), currently having 5.50, most probably (OFW) – but not sure. The interesting thing that shows me that it is hackable is because the DATE CODE is 8B, with a SERIAL: HB2777xxx, it is a second hand the the guy before me may have updated the firmware to 5.50, so it is a guess to me whether this is the official.

    Now, I need help: I would like to use PSPTube and as an extra be able to play UMD backups. I do not have a Pandora battery nor Magic Memory stick. I would like to know what to read to get some custom firmware and which one exactly. What is the difference between the 5.50 GEN-A/GEN-B/GEN-D? Which one do I need? Should I downgrade to 3.90 M33 – I read it is possible? Can I install a 5.50GEN-A to my (possibly) OFW 5.50 and where do I get it from? Can I do it without a Pandora battery?

    Thanks in advance! I really appreciate your time spent here.

  87. sukhigill8322 Jackr June 22, 2010 Reply

    can i install this on my ta88v3 motherboard psp with ofw 6.20 on it

  88. limline3 carl July 1, 2010 Reply

    what version would this update into?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade July 1, 2010 Reply

      You can install any CFW from the choices given in the downloads. I do advice going with 5.00 M33 though.

  89. showvalenzuela june July 13, 2010 Reply

    i have s psp 2000 with 6.20 system version. possible to hack? if yes , how? thanks….

  90. rathichinmay chinmax October 20, 2010 Reply

    recently i upgraded my cfw 4.01 m332
    to ofw 6.31

    i have lost my crack and no games are working

    i have a psp 2002 ‘

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 20, 2010 Reply

      You need to acquire a Pandora Battery to reflash your PSP to a lower firmware version and install CFW

  91. vash_18_11 vash October 28, 2010 Reply

    i have psp 2004 and has a 5.03 firmaware update it to chken r2 and running a 5.03 gen-c cfw, the question is i cant play phantasy star 2 and kingdom hearts birth by sleep. they say that it can run from a 5.50gend3, can i possibly be able to upgrade my psp 2004 starting with a serial number of HCXXXXX and has 5.03 to 5.50??? thanks i need an answer asap…

  92. sayemahmed1995 dunno January 6, 2011 Reply

    can i use psp 100
    ver 6.31

  93. edwardvaleth help me January 10, 2011 Reply

    hey, i accidentally install OFW previous FW is 3.90 can i have the CFW again??

  94. kchen94 chenn January 29, 2011 Reply

    Wait, So I can I still CFW My PSP1000 6.20 with this method?

    The other guide only mentioned up to 6.00 and I cant pandora Battery…

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 29, 2011 Reply

      Yes, with the latest version of Hellcat’s Recovery flasher, 1.65, you can downgrade from 6.20 TN to any custom firmware you want.
      Download: Hellcat’s Recovery flasher v1.65

      • kchen94 chenn January 29, 2011 Reply

        Ohh mate, Thank you made my day,
        Now I can use the XLINK KAI plugin ๐Ÿ˜€

      • kchen94 chenn January 29, 2011 Reply

        Wait, Do I still need chickenHEN for mine? or can i directly use RF?

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 29, 2011

          uum RF?

        • kchen94 chenn January 29, 2011


          Recovery Flasher

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 30, 2011

          Ah lol, it’s early morning here so my brain wasn’t really working when I read that lol (and most of the time we refer to Hellcat’s Recovery flasher as just hellcat’s :)). Just run 6.20 TN-C Hen then install and run Hellcat’s Recovery flasher.

        • kchen94 chenn January 30, 2011

          Yea, Mate thanx, just got it back to 5.00 m33-6 and gonna get it up to
          5.50 GEN-D3 Prometheus.

          thanks again!

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade January 30, 2011

          you can flash directly to 5.50 GEN-D without going to 5.00 M33-6 ๐Ÿ™‚

        • kchen94 chenn January 30, 2011

          Ahh oh well, Im already reading your other guide.. and already doing it aha

          Its ok ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. kchen94 chenn January 29, 2011 Reply


    I meant to ask if I can still put CFW on my psp1000 on 6.20

    Was getting excited~

  96. grandeur69 bob February 11, 2011 Reply

    wtf? why does it tell me that my psp is not hackable when i can use prometheus on it? the recovery flasher told me that my model is “PSP BRITE” does anyone know a solution for this?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 11, 2011 Reply

      A psp brite is not completely hackable so you can’t use hellcat’s recovery flasher. You’ll brick your PSP.

  97. amir.tcsc Critical February 16, 2011 Reply

    i cant downgrade from 6.2 tn-c to 3.71m33! when i run program on my psp 2k ta-85-v2 , psp stuck in the loading of the home brow! nd the only choise is to turn of psp… what should i do?
    (one more question, does psp-3k scanlines fixed รฌn newer vertion? do all psp 3k less than 5.03 have scan line problem?)

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 16, 2011 Reply

      Hmm, is it the loading of the Hellcat’s Recovery that’s failing?

      Also, all PSP-3000 have the scanline problem. It’s a hardware issue.

  98. brentchad slvrhwk March 29, 2011 Reply

    hi i have a psp phat 1004 with 5.00 m33-6 cfw on it < can i upgrade to 5.50 gen d3 and install prometheus without pandora battery??


  99. chrisj_15 chrisj_15 April 12, 2011 Reply

    If I have a hackable PSP with 5.03 Signed HEN+5.03 GEN-C (Full) and downgraded to 5.00 M33-6 and then upgraded to 5.50 GEN-D3, will my Savedata be affected? Anyone Pls. reply, thanks.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 12, 2011 Reply

      If you have been playing a game that requires 5.50 or higher and had it patched to work with your current firmware or use the prometheus module, yes it could end up corrupted.

      • chrisj_15 chrisj_15 April 13, 2011 Reply

        But if I didn’t patch the game to work with my current firmware, It won’t end up corrupted? And I am currently using Prome-3, so will that have an effect? Thanks.

        • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 13, 2011

          Yep, if that’s the case you’re in the clear.

        • chrisj_15 chrisj_15 April 14, 2011

          It worked! Thank you, sylv3rblade!

  100. chrk016 Rakesh May 9, 2011 Reply

    I installed chickhen r2 on my psp(version-5.03) when i installed it came(version-5.03 chickhen r2) after its shutdown its gone and again when i installed second temi it did not came
    What can i do now plzzzzz reply sirโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.??

  101. erwindtan winwin June 3, 2011 Reply

    i have a psp 2006 slim having 3.91 m33-3 cfw and upgraded to 5.0 m33-6 cfw..
    problem is that when starting games, the system always says that the game cannot be played..but occassionaly it is running the patapon2..
    ..any suggestions

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade June 3, 2011 Reply

      Have you tried switching UMD modes into the VSH menu?

      Also, you can upgrade to newer firmwares like 5.50 GEN-D3.

  102. maxlax1592 Drew June 11, 2011 Reply

    Hi, I have a PSP 1000 that I’d like to put cfw on without Pandora. It’s ofw is 3.80. If I follow your guides and put chickenhen on it, will I then be able to put 5.50 Prometheus V4 or 6.39 PRO-B6 on it (the cfw’s I need)? I am new to psp cfw’s and I don’t want to brick my psp.

    Thank You!

  103. nabbas276 naseer July 1, 2011 Reply

    hello i have a psp 1000 and its firmware is 4.1.Can i download firmware 5.00 without any risk of brick and wihout any of this confusion.i dont know much because im new to psp

  104. lloydsky0806 lloyd September 19, 2011 Reply

    Hi, can you now install CFW on psp3002?


  105. bonnjaygalvez AmF.. November 28, 2011 Reply

    Hi i have a psp 2004 hackable i have a cfw 5.50 gen a (full) can i upgrade it to 5.50 GEN-D3? I’ll appriciate your help.. Tnx…

  106. whymic98 Michael January 9, 2012 Reply

    what if I upgraded to 6.60 OFW by accident? will it work?

  107. airmouse511 roge April 2, 2012 Reply


    I have a fat psp with chkHEN R2 enabled. I followed your guide to flash firmware 500.PBP using Hellcat’s Recovery My psp now say System Software 5.00 M33-6. However, I cannot install Prometheus-4 or play any games. The games and Prometheus software show up normally in the memory stick. However, when I X on any of them, the psp just reboot and shut down after few seconds. Please help.

    Thank you much.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 3, 2012 Reply

      That sounds like a bad flash. Either reinstall 5.00 M33-6 using Hellcats or upgrade to 5.50 GEN-D3 then install the prome-4 build for your chosen firmware.

  108. airmouse511 roge April 3, 2012 Reply

    Hi sylv3rblade,

    Thank you for replying. This is what I did:

    . I can only install CFW 5.50_gen_A and 5.50_gen_B and 5.50_gen_B2. However, I could not get 5.50_GEN_D3 to be installed, the error message was “mso:/550.PBP not found on root of your ms”.

    . Hence, I reflashed back to firmware 5.00 M33-6 (via Hellcat’s rflash165.rar) and stuck with the same problem from the beginning.

    I short, my choice now is either firmware 5.50_gen_A or 5.50_gen_B or 5.00 M33-6. And none of them will let me play any games, even homebrew. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thank you much.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 4, 2012 Reply

      The error you experienced with 5.50 GEN-D3 can be resolved easily actually, just check if you installer has put the 550.PBP on the root of the memory stick.

      As for CFWs not being able to play games, press select and check what the UMD Mode is set to.

  109. airmouse511 roge April 4, 2012 Reply

    Hi sylv3rblade,

    Thank you. That was a great tip. I missed the 550.PBP file at the root. The 5.50 GEN-D3 was installed successfully.

    Next step, after several tries, I found out that the SEPPLUGINS folder was the reason that stopped me from playing games and installing prometheus-4. I don’t know how it got there, but after deleting it, I was able to install prometheus-4 and get on with the games. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot sylv3rblade for your time. You’re a real life-saver.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 5, 2012 Reply

      Not a prob.. It’s probably one of the plugins that got loaded via the seplugins folder.

      In any case, enjoy and I hope you’ll stick around :).

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