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MyBrute Guide

MyBrute has asploded the internets. It’s gained so much attention that a MyBrute Guide is needed for you to create the ultimate BRUTE! Here’s a newbie guide to anyone interested in the game. Post a comment if you want to contribute to the MyBrute Guide. Credits due will be given to your contributions.

What is My Brute?  MyBrute is a free online flash game that’s free, online and a flash game (did that make sense? o.O).  Where you battle other brutes and go like every other RPG, and that’s level up and beat more brutes!

My – Creating your Brute

You’ll start off by customizing your Brute, but even before that, you should start off by seeking a Brute Master to sign up.

Just click the link above, specify a name for your Brute, and customize his/her looks. After you battle (and no doubtly lose to) your master, just add a password so that only YOU can your Brute.

My Brute Gameplay

Brutes gain experience and level up from fights. Each time they level they have a chance to increase one of their three stats strength, agility and speed. They also have a chance to gain a new weapon to use in battle, a new specialty, or a new pet.

My Brute Specialties

There are a total of 28 specialties a brute can gain every time they level up.
Specialities are passive abilities that make your brute stronger, for example a bonus to stamina, strength, or damage mitigation.


Supers are powers that your brute can activate during battle, like throwing a bomb or drinking a potion.
My Brute Guide


Weapons make your brute’s attacks much more powerful. Some weapons make you attack often for small damage, some weapons miss alot but deal alot of damage, and some weapons do mediocre damage but hit often.

  • Fan: Hits a few times for 5 damage. Can counterattack too.
  • Leek: Does alot of attacks but hits for only 5 damage each time.
  • Tennis Racket: Does below average damage, but always retaliates and sometimes blocks an attack.
  • Knife: Does below-average damage, but always hits and grants bonus attacks.
  • Sai: A samurai-style knife that looks like the tip of a trident. Very similar to the traditional knife, but does a bit less damage.
  • Keyboard: Does multiple attacks doing average damage. Not too impressive!
  • Ninja stars: Fires a volley of ninja stars at your opponent. Does average damage.
  • Birdlike Thing: Throws something that looks like a bird to your opponent. A throwing weapon that hits for below-average damage.
  • Baton: A simple stick that does low damage but sometimes blocks your opponent’s attacks.
  • Frying Pan: Does average damage and can block blows.
  • Lance: A poking device. Does below average damage and sometimes retaliates your opponent’s attacks.
  • Broadsword: A standard sword. Does average damage, sometimes does more than 1 hit.
  • Mammoth’s Bone: A large bone. Does average damage. Overall a pretty solid starting weapon.
  • Trident: Similar to the whip, sometimes does multiple attacks and retaliates your opponent’s attacks for average damage.
  • Whip: Does average damage, and makes your character attack a LOT and retaliate your opponent’s attacks.
  • Noodle Bowl: Throwing weapon. Does average damage and multiple attacks.
  • Greatsword: Like the broadsword, but does a bit more damage and has a higher chance to miss.
  • Hatchet: Does above average damage, hits most of the time, but doesn’t do multiple attacks.
  • Halberd: Does above average damage, retaliates sometimes and does multiple hits. Misses alot, unfortunately.
  • Bumps: A large wooden club. Does alot of damage, but misses alot too. Not very useful against high agility opponents.
  • Iron Mace: Similar to the wooden variant, but it seems to be more accurate. Does loads of damage!
  • Stone Hammer: Does even higher damage than the bumps and the iron mace, in exchange for a bit higher missrate.
  • Trombone: Does about above average damage per hit and often hits multiple times. Pretty good!
  • Scourge: A flail. Definately among the best weapons in the game. Definitely among the best weapons in the game. Does insane damage, and seems pretty accurate.
  • Pets: Pets are one of the strongest assets a brute can have. Important is to note that your brute can have multiple of the same pets at once, and also multiple different pets. Your brute starts out with all the pets he has by his side.

My Brute Pets

The weakest of all pets. Takes about 20 damage before it dies, does about 4 damage per attack, attacks 2-3 times.
Stronger than the dog, this pet does about 12 damage per attack, and attacks very frequently. It also dodges incoming attacks.
The best bonus your brute can have! Can deal and endure a LOT of damage!

My Brute Ranking

Rankings are determined by how well you do in the tournament:

Rankings in order from best to worst:

  • Brutal Legend: Make it to the finals.
  • Dentist of Chaos: Semifinals
  • Satan’s Biceps: Quarter-finals
  • Sword Swallower: Be one of the final 8
  • Hemoglobin: Final 16
  • Beserk Soul: Final 32
  • Vengeful Flame: Final 64
  • Iron Fist: Final 128
  • Richter Thumper: Final 256
  • Sticking Plaster Ripper: One

Confirmed Rules
Level 2 =4exp
Level 3 =8exp
Level 4 =12exp

  1. Brutes only receive experience when initiating Attacks, therefore attack equal level or lower brutes to progress faster.
  2. Getting Pupils* adds to your experience.
  3. You cannot accumulate unused fights
  4. You cannot Delete a Brute, If you do not use a brute and do not password protect it then it will be deleted on server cleanup (Thereby freeing up unused names).
  5. All skills, weapons and animals all seem to be random. You will receive a new one each level.
  6. You cannot modify brutes in any way.
  7. You can Join and leave clans at will.
  8. If you win a battle you initiated you receive 2exp unless your opponent is 3 or more levels below you then you receive 1exp. If you lose you receive 1exp.
  9. When your Pupil* initially joins and when it makes a level you receive 1exp.
  10. Tournaments can only be played every other day.
  11. In order to progress UP ranks(not levels) you must win in tournaments.
  12. Server Resets 6pm EST so use your fights before that!

How to get a bear

  1. Look for a character with a bear pet and pupil him/her.  One example is My Brute right here.
  2. Level your brute up to level 3 as that’s the first chance you’ll get a pet.
  3. From there you have a 30% chance of getting a bear every time you level!

see, isnt it easy as 1,2,3? GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY!!

info via OCN

Think you can add more to the MyBrute Guide? Post a comment and share your thoughts. If you want a quickway to level up though, there’s always MyBrute Cheats and MyBrute Hacks for you.

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