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Shizen Orchestra

Cosplay Mechanics


  • Residents of the Philippines fifteen (15) years old and above.
  • Contestants under 18 must present a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian to qualify.
  • Only the first fifty (50) applicants for the Individual category and the first six (6) groups will be accepted.
  • There must be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) people in one group.
  • Members of a cosplay group are not qualified to join the individual cosplayers’ category.



  • Participants must dress up as a character from any manga, anime, or game series.
  • Outfits and accessories must not have any sharp or pointed edges for safety reasons. Shizen Orchestra organizers will not be held liable for any damages or injuries resulting from a cosplayer’s negligence in handling his/her outfit and/or accessories for the duration of the event. Pyrotechnic equipment like fireworks will be strictly prohibited.
  • Winners shall be announced and given their prizes on the day itself.


  • Your presentation should be a maximum of 6 minutes long. Deductions will be made from your final score for every minute in excess.
  • All audio and other media files to be used for the presentation must be in .mp3 format, copied onto a CD, and submitted with the rest of the requirements upon registration. The group must have a representative to assist the technical team with the use of their CDs. It is the group’s prerogative to bring back-up copies. Please make sure that these are clean of viruses.
  • The Shizen Orchestra Team reserves the right to disqualify contestants should any of these guidelines be violated.

Registration Guidelines:

  • For preregistration: Email your contact information (name, age, birth date, telephone number, and cellphone number) with the name of your character/s, the series of origin, and character references in .jpg format to Also submit a scanned copy of a permission slip signed by your parent or guardian if you are under 18. Please present a hard copy of this on the day of the event.
  • For individual cosplayers: include a description of your character’s personality and background in the email. If you’re using something from another website, kindly include the link.
  • For GROUPS: include the complete list of names for your group, your group’s name, a brief description of your performance and a list of the props you’ll be using that are not part of your character’s outfit/accessories (e.g., dry ice) in the email. Note that we will be contacting you should there be any problems with these.
  • Indicate in both the subject and the body of your email the category you are participating in: e.g. [Cosplay Competition: Individual].
  • For pre-registration: The deadline for pre-registration is 27 February 2009.
  • There will be a separate line for competition applicants during the convention. Please proceed there and present proper identification. The entrance fee for contestants will be Php 80.
  • Walk-in registration will be entertained if the number of slots per category is not filled before the contest proper. Please take note to submit a hard copy of the requirements needed for all cosplayers and for your specific category.
  • For GROUPS: Both confirmation of pre-registration and registration end at 12:30 PM during the actual event. Participants should arrive promptly at the designated area (to be announced during the event) during their call time before the contest proper. Call time is at 1 PM, and the contest starts at 1:30.
  • For INDIVIDUALS: Both confirmation of pre-registration and registration end at 1:30 PM during the actual event. Participants should arrive promptly at the designated area (to be announced during the event) during their call time before the contest proper. The tentative call time is at 2 PM, and the contest starts at 2:30.
  • Please note that the time tables will be strictly followed due to time constraints.

Criteria for Individual Cosplay

Characterization: 35 %
Execution: 30 %
Coherence of idea: 20 %
Overall design / aesthetics: 15%
TOTAL: 100%

Criteria for Group Cosplay

Characterization: 30 %
Coherence of Performance: 30 %
Execution of performance: 20 %
Overall design / aesthetics: 20 %


1st place : Php 5,000
2nd place : Php 3,500
3rd place : Php 1,500

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