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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons, Saber Colors, Force Duels

Holocron Locations

TIE Construction Yard

Hangar – Opposite the entrance, on the catwalk – Force Points
Hangar – Above TIE fighter, up on the catwalk – Yellow Saber Crystal
Hangar Hallway – Use Force Push on destructible doors, behind the right side – Force Points
Chasm – At the edge of the upper platform, behind a stack of crates – Force Combo Sphere
Chasm – Lower platform, behind a stack of crates – Force Talent Sphere
Chasm – In an alcove, on second upper catwalk – Force Points
Wing – In first wing room, on upper catwalk behind crates – Force Points
Wing – In first wing room, on top of the control room – Force Points
Wing – On broken TIE wing. Use the TIE wings as platforms to reach it -Force Points
Wing – In second wing room, on upper catwalk – Saber Crystal: Damage
Assembly Room – In the first section of the assembly room, behind laser arm – Force Points
Assembly Room – Second section of assembly room, next to laser arm – Force Points
Assembly Room – In generator room, in alcove – Force Points
Assembly Room – In generator room, in middle of the quad generators – Force Points
Assembly Room – Laser arm room in the corner – Force Points
Raxus Prime
Landing Area – Past first platform raised with Force, underneath the dock – Force Points
Thruster Interior – Inside thruster guarded by Jawas, on upper platform – Force Power Sphere
Crashed Starship – Left of tunnel exit in crash site – Force Points
Crashed Starship – Behind the rear engine covering – Saber Crystal: Compressed Red
Crashed Starship – Second landing area, near edge of cliff – Force Points
Crashed Starship – Use Force Push to open the rear door. Behind door – Force Points
Salvage Area – On the top of the dock, all the way at the end – Saber Crystal: Gold
Salvage Area – On the top level, at the corner – Force Combo Sphere
Salvage Area – On the lower level, on top of garbage skiff – Force Talent Sphere
Salvage Area – On the lower level, at the corner – Saber Crystal: Compressed Yellow
Junk Canyon – On the right hand side of the junk canyon – Force Points
Junk Canyon – Get to the far-off platform, go through the wall of pipes. Must perform double-jump/dash to reach – Costume: Site Robe
Jedi Temple Shaft – In the base of the destructible pillar – Force Points
Jedi Temple Shaft – In the corridor – Force Points
Jedi Temple Shaft – Must jump off the top of the All Terrain Scout Transport to reach – Power Crystal: Firkrann


Jungle Descent – Off the main road, in the alcove – Force Points
Trunk Interior – One level down, under the entrance – Force Points
Trunk Interior – At a dead end on the middle level – Force Points
Trunk Interior – On the middle level, on a hanging platform – Force Points
Trunk Interior – On a hanging vine platform. Must leap from one vine to the other – Saber Crysta: Unstable Red
River – On the way out of the Trunk Interior, on the right side, in the corner – Force Points
River – Take the left-branching tunnel leading out of the River. At the end – Saber Crystal: Compressed Gold
River – Inside a Sarlacc tooth, before entry to next tunnel – Force Points
River Tunnel – In the middle of the tunnel – Force Combo Sphere
Clone Wars Battle Site – Mid section of the second tunnel – Force Points
Clone Wars Battle Site – Before the next tunnel, at the end of the site – Force Power Sphere
Rancor Grove – On the left hand side shelf – Force Power Sphere
Rancor Grove – Behind the final plant – Force Points
Rancor Grove – Near the entrance, on the right side shelf – Force Points
Rancor Grove – On upper ledge, on the right – Force Talent Sphere

Empirical Lab

Vader’s Lab – In the exit door, floating – Saber Crystal: Blue
Specimen Lab – Use Force Throw to smash the specimen jar – Force Combo Sphere
Specimen Lab – Below Specimen Lab entrance, in enemy’s spawn closet – Force Points
Escape Pod Room – Inside the last escape pod. Must be lit to see – Force Power Sphere
Corridor 3 – Before the last hallway before the bridge, behind barrels – Saber Crystal: Lorrdian

Cloud City

Vapor Room – On upper platform, in vent of center stream – Saber Crystal: Unstable Orange
Vapor Room – On platform, hidden above bar – Power Crystal: Ruusan
Landing Platform – Near exit of area, behind exploding barrels – Force Points
Landing Platform – Above landing platform, on rail, must double-jump to reach – Saber Crystal: Unstable Yellow
Landing Platform – Between to carbonite containers, up high. Can use Lightning on propeller fan, which will float you up – Force Combo Sphere


Intro Area – Between tree roots, left of starting position – Saber Crystal: Compressed Blue)
Intro Transition – Behind starting position behind some wreckage – Costume: Kento’s Robes
Intro Transition – Behind a branch on the right side of the path – Force Points
Imperial Fort – On ledge leading to the ledge, on the left – Force Points
Imperial Fort – Near a huge pipe on the left, on a ledge – Force Points
Imperial Fort – On ramp leading to catwalks, behind large pipe. Must leap off the catwalk – Force Combo Sphere
Imperial Fort – On the first ramp, behind pipe – Force Points
Commander’s House – Inside a trophy case – Force Points
Hunting Grounds – In the first sniper nest – Force Power Sphere
Hunting Grounds – In last sniper nest, before Slave Hall – Force Points
Hunting Grounds – In last Wookiee cage – Force Points
Slave Hall – In one of the slave cells – Force Talent Cell
Slave Hall – Last slave cell – Force Points
Skyhook – Tree branch on the right – Saber Crystal: Purple
Skyhook – Side of the Skyhook building – Force Points

Imperial Felucia

Jungle Descent – Above Sarlacc tooth. Use a crate to stand on/double-jump – Force Talent Sphere
Jungle Descent – Near bridge, inside Sarlacc tooth – Force Points
Jungle Descent – In a tunnel under starting position – Saber Crystal: Green
Sarlacc Surface – On the furthest mushroom pad, at end of imperial walkway on right, before drop off to jungle – Saber Crystal: Compressed Purple
Sarlacc Surface – Past turret gunners on the upper ledge – Force Power Sphere
Sarlacc Surface – On the ledge leading to the tunnel – Force Points
Sarlacc Mouth – Behind imperial tank in the far corner – Force Points
Sarlacc Mouth – Above one the bridges – Force Points
Sarlacc Mouth – On top of a stabilizer tower – Saber Crystal: Vexxtal
Sarlacc Stomach – At area start – Force Points
Sarlacc Stomach – In chamber that leads to lung room – Force Points
Sarlacc Stomach – Lung room – Force Points
Jungle Descent – Up high. Must use mushrooms to reach – Force Combo Sphere
Jungle Descent – Up high. Use the high platform, double-jump – Saber Crystal: Unstable Blue
Jungle Descent – Near exit to Bull Rancor, on left – Force Points

Imperial Raxus Prime

Camp Ruins – Jump on right ledge, double-jump across to left ledge. Head down right passage, defeat Jawa guarding Holocron – Power Crystal: Sigil
Camp Ruins – At dead end before wall – Force Points
Mountain Pass – Use Force Push to blockage from passage and end of bridge – Force Power Sphere
Mountain Pass – Entrance to tunnel to imperial battle zone – Force Points
Battleground – Right side of battleground, on a platform – Saber Crystal: Compressed Green
Battleground – End of Rodian reinforcement tunnel – Force Points
Battleground – In air over battleground. Must use platforms on the left, and double-jump out to the Holocron – Force Points
Secret Passage – In drop ship area tunnel – Force Points
Secret Passage – Above junk tower, at the Dropbase exterior – Force Points
Imperial Battle Zone – Inside drop ship, above AT-ST, on catwalk – Force Talent Sphere
Ore Factory Hangar – Arrival hangar, upper catwalk – Force Points
Ore Factory: Collection – Area upper level. Use Force Push to break through doors, in hallway – Saber Crystal: Unstable Purple
Ore Factory: Underground – Left catwalk. Must jump to reach – Force Combo Sphere
Ore Factory: Control Ring – Left side of the ring – Force Points
Ore Factory: Control Ring – Right side of the ring – Force Points

Death Star

Hangar – Upper catwalk, left in alcove – Force Points
Hangar – Upper catwalk, right in alcove – Power Crystal: Katak
Firing Tube – Far end of Firing Tube, in spawn closet – Force Points
Subway – Force Points
Subway – Catwalk area above the Fire Tube path, follow to passage – Saber Crystal: Unstable Green
Second Subway – End of Firing Tube hall, in spawn closet – Force Talent Sphere
Second Subway – Before pulsarian, in Firing Tube in alcove – Force Points
Second Subway – End if Firing Tube hall, in spawn closet – Force Points
Pulsarium Chamber 1 – First chamber, bottom floor – Force Power Sphere
Pulsarium Chamber 2 – On pulsarium bridge, center of the chamber – Force Points
Convergence Chamber – Lowest laser tube. Must wait until laser isn’t firing – Force Points
Convergence Chamber – Top of laser tube system, far end of chamber, above rail – Saber Crystal: Black
Convergence Chamber – Second level on the far side – Force Points
Convergence Chamber – Behind doors at the highest level, above entrance to room – Force Points
Convergence Chamber – Console on the platform with the door leading to Emperor’s Throne room – Force Combo Sphere

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