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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons, Saber Colors, Force Duels

Moves that you can abuse against Jedis/Siths/Bosses

For Jedis and Siths, here’s some recommended.. Trust me, 80% of the time you’ll land a hit:

Aerial Assault – X, / (Triangle) (Spam when you’re far)
Sith Strike – [ ] (Square), [ ] (Square), / (Triangle)
Storm – [ ] (Square), [ ] (Square), ( ) (Circle)
Dark Rage – L + ( ) (Circle) (tapos samahan mo ng Amp L. Saber Damage increase, aaray sino mang kaaway mo)
Power Slam – [ ] (Square), [ ] (Square), [ ] (Square), / (Triangle) (higher chances of hitting than a Sith Strike)
Sith Seeker – / (Triangle), ( ) (Circle) (Blocks force push and damages)

Aerial Assault screenshots:

As you can see it’s almost always a hit. Poor Jedi.

Some facts: the Aerial Assault and Power Slam are the only moves I used on Force Duels till the end (Vader + Luke + Emperor) and I finished the game without getting a Health boost!

For big bosses like the Rancor and AT-ST, use this:

Lightsaber Throw – L + [ ] (Square)

Other Guides:

Saber Color Crystals / Saber Hilts Locations: by Kenchi27

Note: when i say Green 1 or 2 or 3.. means im counting down from the top. so 1 = 1st row of crystals.. 2 = 2nd row of crystals

Red 1 – you start with this.

TIE Fighter Factory

Green 3 – In your face as you climb the flight of steps to the T-junction with the right path on fire forcing you to turn left.

Jedi Temple 1st visit (Darth Desolus)

Purple 2 – first statue to your left in the main room

Raxus Prime 1st visit

Orange 3 – 2nd Junk Behemoth room, left of where you entered the room.
Saber Hilt no.2 – on a ledge facing the jedi temple. You have to stack some junk to be able to jump up there. (hilt no.1 is your default one)
Purple 3 – you cant miss this. its in the main pathway on the right near the boss fight.

Jedi Temple 2nd visit (Darth Phobos)

Green 2 – Right of the main room as you enter behind the column.
Saber Hilt no.3 – beside a fallen column on the floor to your left as you enter the main room.
Blue 2 – Main room left walkway.

Felucia 1st visit

Red 2 – after the 1st rancor, stick left from where your started and you should see the crystal sticking out of the rock ahead.
Saber Hilt no.4 – Left of you after you kill the 2 rancors on a mushroom on the wall
Purple 1 – In one of the rocks in the area where you fought the 2 rancors. Just beside Hilt no.4

Naar Shaadar

Saber Hilt no.5 – its above you on one of the archs as u cross the walkways.. i think it was the 2nd walkway.


Red 3 – after the first AT-ST, by some debris.
Orange 2 – before the 2nd AT-ST, in some bushes on the left side of where u entered.
Saber Hilt no.5 – in the same area but you gotta destroy all the debris and bushes for the hilt to appear.

Felucia 2nd visit

Saber Hilt no.7 – After the Bull Rancor battle, presumably after u destroy all the debris around, its infront of the exit.
Green 1 – in the area after the Bull Rancor behind a mushroom at the end of the room.

Raxus Prime 2nd visit

Blue 3 – Above the AT-ST that you fought
Saber Hilt no.8 – same area above the entrance is the hilt.
*To get up there you destroy the computer counsels in front of the exit and two inactive AT-ST’s will self destruct. Jump onto the empty harness’s and jump into the trap door in the ceiling (there should also be a other items up there if you haven’t already collected them.) and from up there walk down to where you first entered the room. You should be able to jump to the ledge from there. (also useful for getting the blue 3 crystal)
Red 4 – The extra crystal is in the room after the one with the idle AT-STs on a ledge. Shouldnt be hard to get.

Could City

Saber Hilt no.9 – Outside one of the windows in the beginning of the stage sitting on a ledge.
Blue 1 – behind the elevator that takes you to the one eyed bounty hunter.

Death Star

Saber Hilt no.10 – the first bridge where you see a door in the front and left of you. Hilt is in the one infront.
Orange 1 – While you are battling the AT-ST, its above you. (dont kill it before u get it)

Source from [Ilyushin87 of GF boards]

If you have more tips, just post it.  Now I’ll get back to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.

~ END of Guide ~

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