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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons, Saber Colors, Force Duels

Not sure about posting a full walkthrough but like Crisis Core Materia Fusion, here’s another guide to help you through another great (but short) game. The guide, Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons, Saber Colors, Force Duels and Etc Info, was made possible by zero_four of PinoyPSP.

Note that credits for whatever has been posted here are due to their respective contributors.

Note: Trying to rank for Star Wars The Force Unleashed Holocrons, Holocron Locations, Force Duel Guide, Saber Locations, The Force Unleashed Holocrons, etc. *fingers crossed*.

I’ve had some hope for the game when I saw the trailer. Case in point was the cinematic where the protagonist crashed a Star Destroyer using his Force prowess. Interesting right? Even more caveat is that it’s the only game I know that stuck to the original Star Wars story line by not just exploring themes outside of the two trilogies:but expanding on them instead.

As for gameplay, we’ll it speaks for itself. If you’re having trouble with the game, this guide is for you.


Remember, you’re Sith. Smash anything and everything! Who knows, there might be a Holocron hiding behind an item and they would only appear if they get smashed. Some examples of stuff you can smash are pipes, plants, decorations, walls, computers and chairs.

Take a look at this mission in Kashyyyk (Wookie World), some screenshots and reasons on why you should smash everything in a room:

Who would’ve thought there was a Holocron there right? And that’s only in Kashyyyk (Wookie World). What more on other missions? 😆

When breaking something in the background and you hear a sound, that means a Holocron, Health powerup, Health Bar Increase or Force Bar Increase is nearby. Again if you didn’t destroy the specific item hiding it, they pop up so SMASH EVERYTHING.

Look behind you look everywhere

When entering a room or area, take a second to look behind you. There will be times that a Holocron or in this case, a Saber Color Crystal will be hidden in plain site. Example: after a scene, I entered the room and looked back… Voila!

Remember to double jump too. This is because Holocrons and Crystals can also be hidden in high places which leads me to another tip:

Stack boxes or items to reach higher places/ledges

How? Hold / (Triangle), use the analog stick to position the box, then release the stick when it’s in place, then release / (Triangle). If you held the stick and released / (Triangle) first, you’ll end up throwing the box instead.


I stacked the boxes and a drum to reach the Health Bar Increase at the top at said area in Cloud City. Get used to it since you’ll be doing this a lot to reach the item or a ledge leading to the item.

For Holocron Locations, jump to the next page

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