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Origin starts Player Appreciation Sale

Now who says Origin doesn’t have sales like Steam?  And right after EA decides to give away free games to SimCity players too — which might leave a nasty aftertaste to those looking forward

EA details freebies to SimCity buyers

EA is compensating current SimCity owners for the troubled launch which was filled with server issues and game crashing bugs. If you bought and registered your copy of SimCity by March 25, you’re entitled to

EA celebrates Mass Effect 3 aniversary with sale

To celebrate the year-old release of Mass Effect 3, EA is putting up all the games in the series as well as the trilogy bundle up on sale. The price of the trilogy is now

New SimCity trailer reveals destruction, mayhem and UFOs

The upcoming installment to the highly addictive SimCity series has a new trailer up featuring the things you see in the title and a whole lot more in terms of wanton destruction. Sim-style physics, check. Demolitions

EA starts pulling games from Steam, props up Origin

It seems like EA wants a piece of the digital distribution pie that Steam currently has a good hold

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