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Felyne Kitchen Skills

Felyne Kitchen skills are unlocked by eating at the Felyne Kitchen.

Skill activation is random and the chance to have it activated is increased by vouchers.

Skill Name Description
Felyne Black Belt Slows down Stamina depletion while evading and blocking.
Felyne Blaster Increases the effect time of Felvine Bombs.
Felyne Bombardier Increases cannon, ballista, and Crag Shot (Crag S) damage.
Felyne Bulldozer Increases Sharpness when you strike immediately after an attack is deflected.
Felyne Carver (Lo) Sometimes increases the number of times you can carve. A 25% chance.
Felyne Carver (Hi) Often increases the number of times you can carve. A 50% chance
Felyne Charisma Maximizes the number of times you can talk to the Veggie Elder (6x).
Felyne Climber (Lo) Can take small damage while climbing ivy, and not fall.
Felyne Climber (Hi) Slows Stamina reduction and grants resistance to some attacks when climbing.
Felyne Combiner (Lo) Increases Combination success rate by 10%
Felyne Combiner (Hi) Increases Combination success rate by 20%
Felyne Courage Character will not flinch when spotted by a wyvern or elder dragon
Felyne Defender (Lo) Sometimes decreases damage taken. 1 in 8 chance of taking only 70% damage when attacked.
Felyne Defender (Hi) Often decreases damage taken. 1 in 4 chance of taking only 70% damage when attacked.
Felyne Dungmaster Increases the likelihood of monsters fleeing when hit with a Dung Bomb.
Felyne Escape Artist Stamina consumption halved during panic run.
Felyne Exchanger Increases the number of Hunter Rank Points received for completing a Quest.
Felyne Explorer Ensures you always begin in hidden areas during Quests with random starting points. High Rank only.
Felyne Fighter Increases damage inflicted by the Shadow Box gesture.
Felyne Firewalker Prevents damage received from lava.
Felyne Foodie Causes food effects to remain even after you faint in battle.
Felyne Gatherer Sometimes raises the number of times items can be gathered at Gathering Points.
Felyne Great Break Helps your weapon retain Sharpness when attacks are deflected.
Felyne Groomer Halves the effect durations of lowered Defense and elemental resistance conditions.
Felyne Heroics Greatly increases Attack (1.35x) and Defense (1.5x) when Health is very low (below 10%).
Felyne Hornblower Decreases likelihood of Horns breaking.
Felyne Hurler Stone/Knife damage is 2x stronger.
Felyne Kickboxer Increases kick damage (5x).
Felyne Lander Prevents stumbling when jumping down from high places. Won’t break eggs/powderstones.
Felyne Medic Antidote Herb and Bitterbug success rate become 100%.
Felyne Moxie Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining Health.
Felyne Oracle Displays large monsters on the Map at Quest start for a limited amount of time.
Felyne Polisher Often speeds up sharpening time.
Felyne Pyro Increases damage for small and large Barrel-Bombs.
Felyne Riser (Lo) Extends the invulnerability period (2x) when getting up.
Felyne Riser (Hi) Greatly extends the invulnerability window (3x) when getting up.
Felyne Sharpshooter Increases the power of Normal Shots (Normal S).
Felyne Slider Makes it easier to escape when pinned down by a large monster.
Felyne Slugger Increases the likelihood of stunning monsters. KO values are increased by 10%.
Felyne Specialist Increases potency of Abnormal Status attacks.
Felyne Strongcat Prevents being knocked back when transporting an item.
Felyne Supercarver Prevents knockbacks while carving.
Felyne Supercat While carrying breakable items you are able to take small damage.
Felyne Temper Increases Bowgun damage, but also increases Deviation.
Felyne Woodsman Decreases likelihood of Pickaxes and Bug Nets breaking.
Cool Cat Grants a temporary Attack boost when you use the Kick Back gesture for a while.
Fraidy Cat Increases the likelihood of large monsters encountered in Quests being weak.
Lucky Cat Sometimes increases the number of Reward Items received at the end of a Quest.
Ultra Lucky Cat Increases the number of Reward Items received at the end of a Quest.
Crazy Lucky Cat Doubles the amount of zenny received for main quests and subquests.

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