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Genshin Impact to get 2FA verification with next patch

Right in time for Eula money to roll in yes?

Dear Traveler,

To further improve your account security, we are adjusting our current security verification functions. After 5/17 18:00 (UTC+8), a new security verification function will take effect when you log in. Once this function is active, a verification code will be sent to your linked email address or mobile number when you log in to a new device to ensure that it is you using that device. In that event, please ensure that all the information is correct.

*You can access and manage your settings through miHoYo Account > Account Management > Login Devices.

*Please remember your linked account information and do not share your password with any other party. Make sure that you are using a secure network to log into the game to avoid possible risks to your account’s security.

*If you have not linked an email address or a mobile number, please do so as soon as possible to help increase your account’s security, Travelers!

This added layer of security should help mitigate the fear of getting your account bamboozled by anyone who manages to get their hands on your account details — of course if they also have access to your email or phone that that defeats the purpose of this entirely but it should still help out with most cases (as long as you don’t have the same password with your email).

source Hoyolab


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