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Xbox Series X users starting experience hardware problems

It’s hasn’t been a week yet from the official launch of the Xbox Series X and we’re now seeing reports of technical issues with the production units of the console.

Noisy Disc Drives

Some Xbox Series X users are reporting that their consoles are noisy when reading discs.  Here’s a couple of tweets that have embedded videos to illustrate the problem

Turning off when loading games

An on-going help thread in the Microsoft Xbox forum shows some users experiencing their brand new consoles shutting down at random times when playing games.  Once the console has shut down this way, it needs to be started again using the hardware’s power button, as it no longer starts up automatically when a paired controller powers on.

Right now there’s only a handful of reports but even a GameSpot staff has confirmed that their own console is experiencing said issues.

What other launch issues are you experiencing?  Let us know in the comments


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