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Sony clamping down on borrowing PS5 Access for claiming PS5 Plus Collection

Sony has put up the PS5 Plus collection as a nice incentive for people to pre-order the PlayStation 5 (which is a list of PlayStation 4 games made available for free for PlayStation 5 owners) and because the new console is hard to fine, people have been scrambling for a way to claim them without physically having the console.

What’s happening now is that people are selling the ability to login to their PlayStation 5’s to claim said collection — Sony isn’t too pleased with this and have started clamping down on this practice:

Players are having their PSN accounts banned for borrowing PS5s to access the PS Plus Collection, according to several forum posts.
People have been selling access to their PS5s online, wherein you pay to give sellers your account details who will then claim the collection for you, letting you play all the games on the PS4.

Sony seems to be permanently banning the main PSN Account logged into the PlayStation 5 and suspending the accounts of those who have been logged in to just claim the collection for two months.  

As of now, there doesn’t seem to be a way to by pass this without contacting Sony customer support.

That being said, paying someone money and handing them your login credentials is a bad security measure: Please don’t do this — especially if you use  the very same password throughout all your accounts.


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