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Monster Hunter World: The Final Stand unveils Fatalis

Yes Monster Hunter fans, you read that right. 

Fatalis the Black Dragon is back.

A new area, a new character and a new end game monster.  

Capcom has ensured that the last free update for Iceborne is memorable as hell – and I thought Alatreon was the biggest updated we’d get.

Final Stand RoadMap
Yes, that’s your Palico lol

And now for quality of life bits

The game system will have update that brings in a new skill called Clutch Claw Boost.  This basically improves all attacks done while grappling onto a monster using the Clutch Claw.

For hunters who love to tinker with the looks of their character, great news – as with the weapons, you can now choose any armor piece as a layered armor.


Here’s a more detailed look at the road map for the Final Stand update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

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