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Winter 2019 Steam Sale is now up

Prepare your wallets folks!  This year’s much awaited Steam Sale is finally out!

This year Steam is adding in Festivity Tokens and The Holiday market and Quests for more interactive fun during your sale shopping spree.

Welcome to Steamville, where the holidays are in full swing! From now ‘til January 2nd*, snap up deals on thousands of your favorite games, while earning festivity tokens and completing holiday quests along the way.

We know shopping this time of year is all about the spirit of giving, but don’t you deserve a little something too? While you’re here, explore our Holiday Market, and use the festivity tokens you earned from your purchases to get a little something for yourself. Which brings us to:


Festivity Tokens & The Holiday Market

Earn Festivity Tokens when you shop on Steam, and use them in the Holiday Market to grab some shiny new items for yourself! Inside the market you’ll find festive goods, like:
  • The Winter Sale Coupon
  • New Chat Stickers
  • New Chat Room Effects
  • Lots of Egg Nog

OK, just kidding about the Egg Nog—Steamville Mayor Carol likes to keep that to herself. But you will find the rest of that list, and more, in our Holiday Market! Oh, and there’s one more way you can earn Festivity Tokens to use in the Market:


Holiday Quests

Complete Holiday Quests and earn more Festivity Tokens! A handful of quests will be available on Day 1 of the Winter Sale; check back throughout the duration of the sale to discover a new Quest each day.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming from all your friends in Steamville! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we must light the Yule Log in preparation for all the fun- and pry Mayor Carol away from her Nog before she has too much of it.

*Discounts end January 2nd at 10am PST, unless otherwise noted.

Take good note of the coupons and how to avail them as there are ones that offer discounts like this one:

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