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Tron: Evolution made unplayable by expired DRM license

Tron: Evolution was a game released 9 years ago and you’d think anyone who wants to install and play it for nostalgia would enjoy the experience.  Well apparently not as as of today, players who have retail version trying to play the game are getting a message telling them that the “serial key has expired”.

For people with Steam version (now delisted from the store), they are met with these messages: 

The problem seems to have been caused by Disney not renewing their subscription to the SecuROM activation system for this game.

So until we see a patch for the game that removes SecuROM, this means the Tron: Evolution would be unplayable for the foreseeable future.

Originally posted by Disney Games & Apps Support:

Hello raidebaron,

Our team is aware that the activation site for this game is no longer live and has since been shut down. At this time, if the game was not already previously installed it will no longer be able to be launched. We are looking into this hiccup and hoping to patch this in the future. However, at this time we do not have any current estimated time on when this will be.

Thank you for your patience.


While Tron: Evolution wasn’t a great game, this incident shows the risk of having games with 3rd party DRM that’s controlled by a separate entity from the game studio and the game publisher.  For now it seems the best way to go with Tron: Evolution is stick to the non-official version.

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