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Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Revealed

We haven’t fully recovered from the awesome trailer shown back at TGS and Square Enix is ready to keep our hearts pounding as they released the official Box Art along side a few hi res screenshots.


source PlayStation Blog

The official Box Art for Final Fantasy VII Remake for North America and Europe

Along side this, we also get a few more high res shots from the game.


If you missed the announcements, Square Enix will be adding Classic Mode (turn-based) for people who wish to play the game with the ATB controls scheme again.

When you enter a battle, a gauge (called ATB – a fun nod to the original game’s Active Time Battle system) automatically fills up. Once those gauges have filled up, you can issue commands to spend those charges – for example, do you use a special attack, cast some magic, or use an item? It’s all up to you.


Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PS4 on March 3, 2020

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