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Final Fantasy XII gets a PlayStation 4 remaster

Praise be Square Enix, now I’m throwing my money at the screen 🙂

Square Enix has just announced theFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for PlayStation 4 set for a 2017 release.

Here’s a teaser trailer for you guys who are like me trying to catch their breath with this announcement:

The HD Remaster will include visual changes like enhanced character models, backgrounds, and cutscenes and gameplay improvements like auto-save and shorter loading times.  Also included (which is a very welcome option) is that the game will have both Japanese and English voiceovers.

Visual Improvements

  • High-resolution upgrades for backgrounds, character models, and all 2D parts including fonts
  • High-resolution upgrades for movie scenes
  • Introduction of current generation visual expression

Sound Improvements

  • 7.1ch surround support
  • High-quality voice support
  • English and Japanese voices (switch between them in the game configuration)
  • Original and newly re-recorded BGMs (switch between them in the game configuration)

Usability Improvements

  • Shorter load times
  • Auto-save functionality added
  • Improved high-speed mode and improved play time operability during high-speed mode

Square Enix, my wallet official hates you again.

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