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Steam holding ‘monster’ summer sale until June 21

It’s that time of the year again folks.  Prepare your wallets, Steam’s annual summer sale is here.

Yes, the daily sales and flash sales are back.  As a reminder, if you see the game as part of a flash sale or a daily deal, it’s usually the best price it’ll get for the whole duration of the sale (unless you’re a lucky son of a gun who just won the lottery) so be sure to pick it up.  Currently part of the daily deal are AAA titles like the Borderlands series, GTA V, Fallout (except Fallout 4 because that’s not yet out) etc


As part of the summer sale tradition, there’s a game-related part of the sale where active Steam users can participate in what’s called the Monster Summer Game.  Be sure to bring your wallets as offering to Gaben.

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