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Sony teases Limited Edition 20th anniversary PlayStation 4

To celebrate the 20th year of the PlayStation brand Sony is releasing a limited edition (very limited at that) PlayStation 4 in the original PlayStation color.

The limited edition PS4 is available as a standard bundle which includes the console, the stand, the camera, the headset and a the Dualshock 4 controller — all in PlayStation silver.

This limited run version of the PS4 has the model number CUH-1100A A20 and will be priced as follows: Japan:49,980 Yen+tax, North America: $499, Europe: €499. Japan will be available to preorder it today while North America and the US will be able to avail of a pre-order starting Saturday.

So how limited is the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 console? Sony is only producing 12,300 of these individually numbered consoles (globally) so if nostalgia just hit you, be sure to pony up cash really soon.

For those of us on a limited budget, check out the 20th Anniversary Theme.


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