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Sony updates digital content policy for PlayStation devices

An update to Sony’s policy for digital content activation has been posted via a Sony HK Press Release.  As of November 18, content (games, videos, etc) bought from with a PlayStation Network account will be available for activation on upto 3 devices (from the previous limit of two devices only).  While not as generous as the first iteration of the limit (which allowed PSN content to be activated on upto five devices), it’s a welcome change for those looking to get a  Vita and a Vita TV to go with their PlayStation 3 (or any combination of those consoles).

The activation limit is now as follows:

Bought timing

Before November 17, 2011

After November 18, 2011



PSP/PS Vita/PS Vita TV


PSP/PS Vita/PS Vita TV


5 units

5 units

2 units

2 units ->3 units


1 unit

3 units


3 units

* PSP includes PSP-1000/2000/3000 series as well as PSP go.

* PS Vita includes PCH-1000/2000 series.

* This rule does not apply to PlayStation®4.

* Video content is not available in Asia

If you need some help with activating or deactivating systems you can follow the video guide above, or read a step-by-step here.

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