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Cheap, stripped-down 12GB PlayStation 3 set for North America

Previously only available in certain locales — Hong Kong and Europe — the 12 GB PlayStation 3 is now set for release in North America (and Canada) on August 18.


This stripped down variant of the Super Slim PlayStation 3 is priced at $199.99 while makes it the cheapest SKU available (disregarding refurbs of course).   While it’s attractive for the price, with many PlayStation 3 games requiring data installations upon bootup, this thing will fill up pretty quickly especially if you’ve decided to avail of PlayStation Plus.


For those interested in buying a one in the hopes of upgrading it, yes it’s doable.  The only difference with the regular PlayStation 3 Super Slim SKU you just need to pop-in a 2.5″ drive.  The 12GB SKU requires an HDD mounting bracket which is sold separately.

source Engadget

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