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Nintendo promises digital purchases via PCs/smartphones for your consoles

One of the more lacking aspects of Nintendo’s consoles and one thing that Sony has done right is the creation of a unified account that holds all your purchases.

While there might be a lot to say how Sony handled the snafu with regards to the PlayStation Network being compromised, they still nailed the concept of the PSN account right. Why? Because even if you manage to lose your PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3, you’ll still be able to retrieve your digital purchases by simply signing in using your account. With a Nintendo console, if your 3DS goes kaput, say goodbye to your purchases.

This year, things are looking forward. According a NicoNico News report, Nintendo is working on a system which will allow consumers to bypass the Wii U and 3DS eShops and pay for games using their smartphones or PCs. Now this might not be the same system as what Sony has in place but it’s certainly a move in the right direction.

The official company statement reads:

By the end of the year, we will launch a system where you can purchase (content) from your computer or smartphone through strict account management.

source Siliconera, Nintendo Everything

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