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Microsoft reveals Xbox One controller and headset pricing

With much of the outlook on the Xbox One starting to look increasingly positive, the company has started sharing more information about it’s upcoming console.


The Xbox One has it’s spare controllers priced at $59.99 while the official wireless headsets will sell for $24.99. For those upgrading from the Xbox 360, a bit of sad news as the current controllers wont work with the new console making even the controller upgrade mandatory. Microsoft has also confirmed that they will not be releasing an Xbox One SKU that includes the headset.

The console itself is $499.99 which might put off a few hopeful switchers as the mandatory Kinect places the Xbox One $100 pricier than the PlayStation 4. In comparison, Sony’s own PlayStation Camera peripheral will cost $59.99 as a separate accessory while the PlayStation 4 controller also costs the same.

Microsoft reveals Xbox One controller and headset pricing

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