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Tales of Xillia gets Collector’s Edition, English trailer

With the release date of Tales of Xillia officially confirmed, Namco Bandai has rolled out the the red carpet for merchandise and the bundles that the game will be launching with as well as an English dubbed trailer.

There will be three Collector’s Edition versions available for ToX, one of which will only be available for the US while the other two will be for Europe.

The Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition  will be available for both the US and EU, includes a copy of the game, limited edition packaging (wait, what?), a limited edition 21.5cm Milla Maxwell figure, 100-page art book, and a special music selection CD for $99.99.

The EU-only the  D1 Edition will include a copy of the game, limited edition packaging, art book, and the a special music selection CD for standard price of the game (limited ALA Catherine’s first print version)

Aside from the obvious ToX merchandise, the Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition will have DLC codes for exclusive costumes for Jude and Milla and a custom PlayStation 3 theme.

View the gallery below for hi-res images of the respective Collector’s Editions.

As for gameplay, it’s still the Tales of series that we have learned to love/hate coupled with the new cooperative system called Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System. Tales of Xilla follows the  grand adventures of Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman accompanied by four unseen being

Tales of Xillia will launch in both standard and collector’s editions on August 6 in North America and August 9 in Europe.

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